Mirror's Edge 2D beta

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mirrorsedge2d.gifJohnBFrom The Fancy Pants Adventure creator Brad Borne comes another fast-paced acrobatic platformer that has just entered beta! Mirror's Edge 2D is a re-imagining of the recently-released Xbox 360/PS3 first person action-adventure game Mirror's Edge. Using a modified version of the Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 engine, Mirror's Edge 2D adds a ton of new climbing/leaping moves that mimic the abilities of the main character in the original title. With the help of a few talented artists, Brad is transforming the game into a fluid climbing adventure that translates the look and feel of its 3D brother surprisingly well.

Mirror's Edge 2D is still in beta, so the team is looking for feedback to help polish up the final version. This release only has one short demo level, but you'll have a lot of fun running, climbing, leaping and scrambling over ledges. Also, check out the Mirror's Edge 2D forum thread for more details.

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Note: The full version of Mirror's Edge 2D is out! Read our thoughts on it here, and

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Very interesting, I hope that they make a full game of it.

I am incredibly impressed with this game. The animations are superb, the gameplay is great fun.

My only qualm with it is that there is too many places to go to, and I can't rest until I have seen all the secrets.
Thankfully I got all the things in the first level!

How on earth do you get the satchel underneath the crane cab at the end?

Bornegames isn't working anymore.

I got it to work by doing a search in google.

The game doesn't seem to be loading. All I get is a blank space between the info at the top and the controls at the bottom.


I think I got to the satchel by the crane cab by

jumping up towards the red girder to the right of the crane from the right hand side, and grabbing it from underneath. You can then 'monkey bar' all the way along the girders to the satchel


Looks like a great game, but the server is getting hammered at the moment.

Looks like the server is still down.

Great game!
I just wish I could look beyond the edge of the screen sometimes...

Also, I have no idea how to get to the very first satchel!?

Nevermind. It works and it's awesome!
I wish I could play Mirror's Edge, but my PC stinks and I don't have an X-Box 360.

Delightfully fun! Incredibly fluid movement, once you get a hang of the controls. Mastery rewarded me with several routes (mainly in backtracking) that were not initially apparent, and which saved me significant time in my quest to pick up all the pick-ups.

I've been wasting too much time on this game today, and I have to know-- do you get anything for collecting all the satchels or is that a final-product only feature? I need to know before I close the tab! XD

This version is a proud cover of the real one, very nicely done, me and my freind were playing this in our spare time, and we got all the messenger bags, he was really good, though.

This is a very fun game, and it looks incredibly polished.

Question though, I think I've gotten everything I can, but there doesn't seem to be an indicator of that. Am I missing something?

No, there is no indicator, same as the fpa2 beta

Man this is a good game :D i really like how very flowing the movement is and the music XD good job!!


Nice, but I would prefer they didn't use signs for instructions. I have to stop and read them, which kinda kills my momentum, and it'd be so much better if the instructions just scrolled across the top or something.

To me this just seems like a souped up Prince of Persia. It was okay for a quick game.

this is excellent, after playing to get all 9 bags and 198 collectibles i still think its fun. cant wait to see the full version and the possibility of combat/races

This game is fantastic, can't wait to get the 3D version.

This reminds me of Portal 2D. Does anyone know if there are other games like that, 2D versions of current 3D games?

great game i timed it and i can run through the entire level and be teleported back in 1:10

There is a new version online now with a total of 9 bags and 214 ME logo's. The whole game is awesome.
Movement is very fluid and the music (from the original game) fits perfectly.

My only issue is that the controls seem a little laggish. I suffer from the control delay I suffer with many of Brad Borne's games, much to my dismay, as Brad Borne's work is incredible. Even after I release a key, it keeps registering as though I'm holding down the key. I find it a little bothersome.

This has to be one of the greatest games I have ever played for free on the internet!!!


This is bothering me immensely.
I think it's the second bag...after a parcel tells you how to climb there is a bag above you. But I can't get there by jumping. So when you get to the gray wall and then you use that to jump onto the white platforms and then there are the swings, and, assuming, if you follow them you get to the bag. HOW do you jump up from the second swing?!?! I keep trying and trying but I just can't get it!!


Love this - it reminds me of an old arcade game called Strider. Same smooth, flowing motion and monkey swings.

Wow. Awesome game! I wonder if the real Mirror's Edge really will be like this except 3-D.

Oh, and, I know this is just a beta, pre-first level thing, but it was pretty disappointing to spend all that time getting everything and not even getting a "Congratulations!" message or anything.

Made me sad. :(

PS - My fastest time was 66.20. Could probably go even quicker, but I'm done trying.

I love Brad Borne

His games make me very content

i know this is crazy but I've gotten everthing but the first satchel. i feel like a complete idiot. wtf am i supposed to do?

Great game and well designed level. There is so much to explore. I just ran it 59.27 with a few little hiccups.

For people having trouble with that satchel right after the sign that tells you about climbing:

Right after that sign there's a low, light grey pipe that you can climb up on. As you are running towards it, press up and you will automatically hop up onto it. DON'T JUMP ONTO IT, just press up and it will automatically happen. As your character is hopping up, THEN press jump. You'll get a little more air and grab the bag. You might need a couple tries, but once I figured it out, it was easy. Took me forever, though.

New time! 57.83, but I know I can still do better!

Wow, this is almost as good as FPA! ^^
It's excellent, but what else can you expect from Brad Borne? 5/5

Oh, and my best time is 55.30!

I got all 214 arrow thingys and all 9 satchels. Has anyone else been able to do that?

This beta version is awesome. The developers of this beta should team up with the makers of mirrors edge. The wall climb is genius. XD

i got all the satchels and all but one thingamabob. Then I went for speed and got it down to 58.98.

This is an excelent game. At first you're kinda confused, but after a couple of times through I knew that city like the back of my hand and never stopped for a breath or an injured shin. Awesome :)

My best time is 54.80.

very good game,

very fluid, very fun

best track is 57,23

still can't get my hands on the first bag though

Managed to do a 53.33 as well as collecting everything, I bought the actual game and I still find this thing eating up all my time when I'm not at home, really simple fun game.

Great Game. Wish it had more levels. I've got all the bags and all the stars and there really ain't much else to do! As far as the person asking about the first bag. Use the lower piping as a springboard.

The first bag is really hard to get it took me a while, you need to jump just as you hit the edge of the low grey pipe as well as pressing up and the direction key, either left or right which ever way you're attempting it.

As you jump up keep holding up and either left or right, and use the same jump once to get the bag, you dont need to jump onto the pipe and then jump again.

There's another collectable about half way through the level at the bottom that you need to do this to collect as well, but its a bit higher so just press up I think!

My new record is 52.77. I keep trying. It's an obsession. I can't stop...

This is the best game ever, except for the fact that my computer makes it run really slow.

Best time is 61.05, but i'm obsessed with getting faster!!
Also, the website said this version is a test to get rid of some bugs. So this will be a full game soon, right?

got everything and passed on 59 seconds =)

the link isnt working, it has a blank page with the text

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_headerb() in /usr/www/users/drnerocf/blog/wp-content/themes/k2/Snarfer.php on line 7

That's a PHP error. The server encountered an error rendering the information for the page.

Come back to this one later once the author gets his site fixed.

i cant get the bag underneath the crane at the end how do you get it?

okay, if u really want to know how to get the last satchel, look here:

go right next to the finish, run left then jump at edge to grab onto bottom of crane and shift down to the satchel

Great game. beta completed 100% then ran through it in 51.34

I cannot for the life of me reach the second satchel. I realize the red hooks are the way to reach it, but after the first two, I can't get to the third one that is slightly higher.
This is driving me insane.
Pleaseeee help.

This game is incredible. Brad Borne and team have certainly outdone themselves. The sense of speed is almost unreal, and the game mechanics are just amazing. It goes to show that a little Faith goes a long way. ^_^

Am I the only one here who thinks this is a lot like the classic sonic the hedgehog games?

50.43 thats my best i want to know the record

i don't know how, but i pulled off 49.97 on the runthrough

Thats a good time. Passed with 50.22. The game is great, even if it is a demo. Now I will flush my eyes, they sting from 2 hours+ of gameplay.

i have gotten everything in beta level. if you need any help, ask me. spoiler ahead!!!! I think a new update is the folder.if you see any red glass fall through it and you can try grabing it without being shot.

I am missing the last collectible. Have found 211 from 212 -.-

how do you get the red thingy next to the the hole where the red glass is and thers the boss?

I'm stumped on that 'red thingy' as well... I've been knocking down my time and it's down to 52.9. Overall, brilliant game, can't wait for the full thing (and a copy of the 3D one)

ok....i search the internet for a high score or something....becouse i have finished the game in 49.83 seconds.

53.87 is the best time that I've gotten but I did have a tough time collecting them all, it was sad when I didn't even get a "good job" or "congratulations" after all that work :P. Great game though, I cant wait for the full!

great game
can't wait for the full version
anyone know when thats? comin out

This game is really addicting, but sadly I can't figure out how to go any further. I collected all the items in level 1, now I want to know how to get to level 2. I see on my pause screen that there is a place for recording the level 2 time, but nothing is there and I have nothing left to do on this level. Does anyone know how to progress?

man, this is fun! My best time is 57:83 and I grabbed all 10 bags and all but two tattoos, along with the folder

Went through again, got everything and set a new time of 55.8 seconds! WHOO!!

Full Vesion Beta is out. Check the home page.

Full Version has been released. Find it here, http://mirrorsedge2d.com/

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