Kroko plushie giveaway!

JayKroko plushieWe have another patient from The Asylum that needs a good home, won't you please help us? The JIG offices are buzzing with activity as we ready all the entries for CGDC #5 on Monday, so no one is available to give the care and comfort to these adorable animal plushies.

As before, we will give away Kroko to some lucky visitor with a JIG Casual Gameplay account! All you have to do is leave a comment here on this entry by signing into your Casual Gameplay account. If it's a valid comment, our little mascot (the JIGsterJIGster) will appear next to your name. That's all there is to it!

We will draw one lucky name at random this coming Friday (March 21, 2008). Be sure your email address in your profile is up-to-date and valid, as we will be sending you an email to confirm your account and to request a shipping address to send you this cute, adorable, paranoid little Kroko. Good luck! =)

If you're playing the game again (or perhaps even for the first time) and need some help, you might find some helpful hints, tips or even a walkthrough on one of our previous Asylum reviews.


Yeah Kroko!! May you find a good home :-)

These plushies are really nice. I love seeing these toys being given away every week or so.

I would love a Kroko!

He looks like he could use a good home and I am the person to give it to him!!

Would make a good gift for my sister :D

I love Kroko most out of all those poor lil guys at the Asylum! Glad he's getting rescued by someone!

Aw. All these animals from the Asylum are too cute.

I wish there were more games like this.

Awww. He's adorable!

The entries are coming tomorrow??? Yay!!! Ok, there goes my plans for productivity.

Kroko is my favorite story and he's so cute! I hope I win!

Yay for Kroko!!!

Oh my god meee. xD <3 Kroko is my favorite. <3

Roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch, knock off a coconut and win a Kroko!

You've not glued them down, have you?

Awesome another giveaway! I can't wait for the competition entries to be released.

Kroko is definitely my favorite!

3rd time lucky?

Is it also available overseas, in Europe?

Ahh, Krocko needs a good home...I can take care of him.

Woohoo! I want a little asylum stuffie :-]

This is nice, but I still like Dolly more.

Aw, Kroko! I loved his case (okay, I loved them all). I wish there were more games like The Asylum out there.

Cute little neurotic guy!

After being a fan of JIG for at least a year, trying to get one of these plushies has actually gotten me to register!

I can already imagine my wife and daughters fighting over Kroko (The asylum is one of the few casual games I got my wife to play for a little while).



Kroko, as a Floridian, I know how to take care of crocs! You will love it here with me!

Try 3 holds the key!

My twins would love this!


Yay I won!

*wakes up*


He may very well be the cutest one of them. I'm no stuffed animal aficionado, but man, I would love a Kroko plushie!

This one looks cool :)

Kroko is my favourite!! look at his little face!!

I hope I win

This will be the first win in my entire life...(LOL)

Kroco's story touched me the most. I just want to curl up with him!

these guys are adorable!!!!

animal shelters should sell them for fundraising!

It would be a great birthday present for my girlfriend... or for me. We both love the Asylum. :D

Yay! He must be mine.

At last! My absolute favourite patient (I was aquaphobic, too).

I hope this is open to non-USA people too.

He is only the best plushie ever!!!!

Just looking at him gives me insomnia...

KROKO!!! My first and most favourite patient EVER!!!

meep meep
aww hes cute lol


OMG!!! MEE!!!


awww i love kroko there should be more games like this (although i wonder how he knows egyptian??)

Oh man!
its freakin awesome!
Every week a new patient of the asylum...
They seem to be overcrowded in there^^
Maybe Kroko shoud get a new home at my place...

This guy is so adorable, I wonder is going to get to take him home?

(9^.)-o(X_Xv) [TKO]

Kroko! Kroko! Kroko!


Maybe I'll win this time :)

I love Kroko and his pillow!

he's so cuddly!

If you become mine, I promise I won't use you as a mop. :D

Hello there Kroko. You're an awesome one.

MINE! lol, pleeeease!

does it come with cop badge and cereal box?

I <3 Kroko!


This little guy was so frustrating, I made him hurt

via defibrillator under bed, of course


huzzah, my second favorite patient.

Oh dear god I want Kroko.

kroko is awesome.

Does he come with motivational cassette tapes?

Have i done something unacceptable or has myearlier comment just disappear?

Another one? I thought you'd be done with this ;D

Gha! The want is killing me! The giveaways of much cuteness must stop before my head explodes! I propose the best solution for everyone: Give them all to me, and the mass cuteness suffering will stop. :D

Still crossing my fingers ^^

I want to be part of this raffle this time around! Because I was too lazy to think of stuff to type last time around. <_<

My guess is that one of each will be givin away.

But who's complaining?

This cute guy has me finally signing up after years...

the wife would love that

Aw! I want this guy so bad! Pick me puh-leeeeez!!!! Kroko is so cute! And he looks so plush! I am a stuffed animal collector so Kroko will be loved. Pleeeeease?!



I love all these guys, they are so... squishie.

Oooooh! I want him! pick me! pick me!

Oh how I wish I could be picked!
Come home with me, Kroko! I won't bite!

Kroko has always been my favourite asylum patient!

Third time's a charm!

Kroko is defiantly one of the cutest.

come on home Kroko

awwwww this was a cute one. nice backstory.

I got an account purely for Kroko. My girlfriend loves him. I hope I win it for her. :-)

Ah! It's Kroko!
I take it Kroko comes with it's pillow, too.
This one was my favorite.

Yeah! I've been waiting for him. Hope he gets a good home!

hehe yay another one lol.... btw i was unable to get to the page where i could purchase one if i wanted to.. how much do they cost???

I WANT HIM SO not in that way

I must still try! Kroko was one of my favorites!!!

I would like a kroko =]

I would like a Kroko doll, please.

I've got to give it a try - Kroko is so adorably disturbed.

I never was very good at Asylum...

Me wants Kroko. :)


I really really REALLY like JIG. I mean really!

Awww, can i keep him? Pleassssssssee?

I have a home for Kroko!

Hey! Kroko is so cute! I want him so bad!

late entry, mbeh. i can haz kroko plz?

Oh noes! My last one didn't go through...
Hope it's not too late... Kroko's pillow FTW!

Kroko, I'll look after you. I promise.

I want D:

I've signed in anon before, because I was too busy clutching my pillow tightly the way Kroko is. Now, I'm not guarenteeing you that the two of us, Kroko and I that is, won't be too paranoid to return to jayisgames for some mindless, some thought provoking entertainment, but I can assure you that we will both be benefitting from the copious amounts of therapy and valiums I take.

Oooo he is just sooo cute! I'm in love with this game again =D

lulz i want that

awww kroko is soo cute

I would totally do this, if I didn't already own one :P

... come on kroko

Me want.

I loved this game when I first played it. Kroko is awesome!

one kroko please!!!!

Wow, I just really like Kroko, it was weird how about halfway through his therapy I started to feel so heavily invested in his progress. I got a little choked up when he finally got his wish...

I want him....................................

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