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Fashion Solitaire

For a style-less nerd, I have some pretty intense feelings about fashion. Stripes with plaid? Socks with sandals? Bring me my pitchfork and flaming torch! So when I'm forced to match not only socks with sandals, but fluoro green socks with tan sandals, just so I can complete a level of a Golf-like solitaire game, it causes me to break out in hives.

fashionsolitaire.jpgFashion Solitaire is a surprisingly challenging blend of solitaire and dress-ups, almost in the same way Fairway Solitaire pairs golf with a card game. You must dress a certain number of models with at least a hairstyle, top and bottom garment and shoes before you can progress, and there may be conditions attached, such as including a red item. You can earn more dollars by designing your own clothes and adding them to the solitaire deck. On the solitaire side, each card represents a garment type (i.e. shoes, jewelry, skirts, etc) and features particular colors and patterns. They are stacked in piles with only the top card exposed, and you use the exposed cards to dress your model. You can stack cards of similar type (but not color or pattern) and remove unwanted cards to the reserve pile, or to a blank deck. Earn more dollars by picking up a group of cards of different types, i.e. a skirt, top and jewelry, to dress your model with one click. It's easy and fun! Well, up until you have 8 models to dress and no reserve stacks and for some reason you have four different garment cards exposed, none of which are the one you need to meet the conditions criteria, and model A is demanding a plaid dress that you've already used on the model that wanted brown a couple of screens ago.

The game seems to be aimed at people who like fashion rather than gaming, and as such, takes a little while to ramp up the difficulty. Once it does, though, it's challenging enough for any solitaire enthusiast. The feature of being able to design your own clothes is a nice touch. You can't design the shape or pattern — you unlock them as you progress — but you can match shapes with patterns and colors and swap the resulting card with one in the default deck. Strategically, you should try to keep a variety of colors so you don't end up struggling to meet that last compulsory condition before you can progress to the next round. At the end of each section, you have a fashion parade with the best garment designed in each round, as chosen by you, giving you the option to take photos and send them to friends!

fashionsolitaire2.jpgAnalysis: I have a few quibbles with the presentation. It's hard not to compare this game with JoJo's Fashion Show, and even though the gameplay is much richer, the artwork is kind of bland. The colours and patterns offered in the design screen range from OK to awful and the images are sharp and choppy. It can still look good, but the unfair tendency is to think "JoJo's fashions are so much prettier" if you've ever played that game, and of course a lot of this game's audience will have done so. There's also a fairly pointless "Buy Clothes" feature which I really haven't used — there's no scoring bonus the way there is with designing your own clothes, and you still have to swap the item with an item in the default deck. You can't turn hints off. In terms of gameplay, however, none of these are show-stoppers, just things that it would be nice to see developed further.

Long story short, this is a fun, addictive game that will have fashionistas screaming when they have to match fluoro pink with flouro green just to get a model off the screen... wait, we're in the middle of an 80s revival, it's all OK!

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I don't mean to be rude, but this is the third normal game review on something that you have to pay to play. What is up with this, Jay? :(

[Edit: Lots of new releases this week. :) -Jay]

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Greenbunny45 Author Profile Page March 30, 2008 12:08 PM

I really like this site, but I wish you could keep to the freeware games. I hate reading a review and getting interested (except for this one), and then find out its not free.

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Most of the games we feature on JIG are free (over 90%). Enough said.

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I too have a very strong feeling about fashion, and it is one of bewilderment. What is the problem with wearing socks with sandals? Certainly it makes more sense than wearing sandals without socks on a cold day.

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Oh man, I played this game. It's a blast, but you on occasion (okay, often) get some very strange, very unattractive combinations. Overall, though, it's a fun game, and it actually can get hard (sometimes you can't find some necessary article, like shoes). :) And I have no basis for comparison, because JoJo's never worked on my computer, which may account for my positive response here.

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I would appreciate the added strategy if they eliminated the "buy" feature and made you pay to design clothing (or limited it in some other way.) As it stands, it pays to immediately replace the default deck with your own, using an inevitably hideous but lucrative wide variety of patterns and colors.

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SmileyRiley Author Profile Page April 2, 2008 12:51 PM

I'm afraid I'm with the first 2 weekends I know it's going to need downloading, but I hope for the other 5 days that you can play online...
Still...more than enough other games to keep me happy.

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