Dub plushie giveaway!

JayDub plushieWe have another patient from The Asylum that needs a good home, won't you please help us? The JIG offices are just way too busy these days preparing for our latest competition, so no one is available to give the care and comfort to these adorable animal plushies.

We're going to give Dub away to some lucky visitor with a JIG Casual Gameplay account! All you have to do is leave a comment here on this entry by signing into your Casual Gameplay account. If it's a valid comment, our little mascot (the JIGsterJIGster) will appear next to your name. That's all there is to it!

We will draw one lucky name at random this coming Friday (March 7, 2008). Be sure your email address in your profile is up-to-date and valid, as we will be sending you an email to confirm your account and to request a shipping address to send you this cute, little adorable Dub. Good luck! =)

If you're playing the game again (or perhaps even for the first time) and need some help, you might find some helpful hints, tips or even a walkthrough on one of our previous Asylum reviews.



i want him :)

awwww so cute

Dub Dub Dub! These giveaways were a great idea!

woot third

I dub thee mine, Dub! :D

(I hope! So cute.)

dubbbbbb :]

it makes me happy when the plushies finally smile at the end.

So cute :) Me wants!

Whoo! Comment!
Dub is cute, too. Only one I managed to solve so far.

Aah. He is so cute!

too bad, for a moment i thought, there would be a new patient to play!

Hopefully I'll get it, I've always wanted a plushie with psychological problems as a pet.

cool. I would be so lucky if I could get him. :)

awww i want it

Oh! Poor Dub!
I just love him too much!
This game is maybe one of the most sad and yet inspiring game. I can't stop playing it, and I keep telling everyone about this site since I first found it a year ago last month. Especially with this game, I have been telling everyone about it. I still say they should make a movie or something with these adorable characters in it!
I reallly hope I end up getting Dub!

dub is cute! would love to have him.

id like to have that. Would look cool if there reads like last time: "New owner: Godzilla13." LOL

I just seem to traumatise these little fellas in The Asylum. Maybe I could do a better job with the real thing!

ah, cute little dub. i thought at first his problem was he was a suppressed naturist...

I want him! March 7th is my birthday too! (Totally not making that up so I win) The Asylum is the cutest game on this site.

Dub was the first patient I cured in that game, and I would love a Dub plushie.

He's darling and I'm pretty sure my niece needs him. :) I don't think I was able to save him in-game though!

Oh, I thought I could resist...but I can't. \o/

Wow. I'd like this one :D

Again already?! Ah well, I'm not complaining. ;)

Yay Dub. Really sad story...

These soft toys are great, and the game they follow is even better. IF anyone hasn't played this game yet then you should now because your missing out on a great experience.

My wife and kids would love having little Dub for our very own. :D

is there going to be another contest giving away another patient? if so, i really hope sly is next, he's my favorite.

Oooh, he's cute!

awww what a cutie...Thanks for giving away the plushie!

Oooooh, dub is such a sweetheart. *dreams of squishing the dub plushie*

Oh how I love that game.
And Dub is such a cute little turtle.

I'll try again... maybe I've more luck this time

If my username was longer, i would have more chance of winning.

well, let's see how my luck holds up, would love to win him, got a perfect spot for him and everything

I registered for the plushie, but I've been coming to the site for almost 4 years now! I love this website.

I finally decided to sign up, after having been enjoying JIG since the 2nd (I think) competition. I would love to win Dub!

Such a cutie! He wants to come and live with *me*!!

Well I'd rather have sly but Dub is good.

bless he is so cool, I spent a whole fun packed evening with my uni house mates playing the asylum, one of the best games i have played

I luv dub! He's the cutest!

This is one of my favorite games. I replayed several of the characters recently when Dub was added and still found them challenging and interesting. I'm looking forward to future patients as well.

Come to my house dub! I'll turn your shell inside-in again!

Must have dub!!! OMIGOSH!!! Love Dub! Sooooooooo cute!!!

Dub looks rather depressed, but he's cute anyways... I'm sure I could love him...


i love you

Cute little Dub!
He shall be mine.
Oh yes.
He shall be mine


Haha! this is great!

so cute
I think he was the the one patient I never did cure

I hope the give out dolly

I <3 Turtles

*crosses his fingers* Poor little turtle. I'll give you a home.

i loved this game and i think it would be great to have any of these guys.
keep up the good work jay.


Dub was probably the one that took the longest for me.

These little guys are so adorable! I just want to collect them all!

I never cured Dub :-(

I love dub!

Dub is awesome:)

Ooo ooo me me!

Dub is my favorite patient from the asylum!

I could never play the game without feeling terrible :( But this would be an adorable little guy to have :D Great site, btw, Jay!

dubba-dubba-dub-dub! dubba-dubba-doo! dubba-dubba-dub-dub! dubba-dubba-doo!

I love this game!

I like turtles...

:C I wan dub.

Dub is my favorite patient from the asylum! (forgot to sign into JIG)

Great! Great! I want it!

his name is dub? i think i'd forgotten that. Dub sounds more like a duck name to me.

do we have a higher chance of winning if we post more than once?

I adore Dub! I'm just waiting anxiously for more patients to be introduced...

Oooh, a turtle!

Oh, man, I love this guy!

He's even cooler than the last one!

Poor Dub. I think he is my favorite though. I'd love to get him.

I hope I win!

He's the only animal I've been able to cure in the game. You rock Dub!!!!

Oooohhh! Another chance! I hope Dub will be mine!

oooh, i want it i want it i want it!

Ooooh, me, me!!!

While I greatly appreciate the fact The Asylum is updated, I'll always have special place in my heart for the original trio. I recall freaking out when Lilo (the hippo)...

took a pin out of his mouth and stabbed it shut!

I thought that I had failed my duties as a (fake) psychiatrist!

Of course, I'd enjoy having Dub just the same!

(P.S. First-time poster, long-time lurker)

Oh, yet another patient I recall. Wouldn't mind taking Dub home either...

<3 Dub, may as well try for a free one!

That's a cute turtle! =D

comment! would love one of those

Dub is my favorite patient! =D

Plushie!!! Man, Jay, I'd be keeping these for myself. :)

I wants Dub to be my bud. =]

Wow he is so kawaii! ^_^ I wanna hug him and squeeze him and love him forever! <3

Yo, I would so choose dub over lilo anyday.

me want <33

awwwww, he would look so cute on my pillow. he's adorable, and I know he wants to come live with me.

Ooh, turtle! That looks spectacular.

Cute little guy. He should come home with me.

If I get this I'm... uhh...
Well here's my entry anyway.

*fingers crossed*

I love this game.

he's my second favourite.

Although all of the characters on Back to the Asylum are powerful, Dub just makes me cry! Please let me adopt Dub...pweez?

I want!

Hi there Dub! Ever been to Singapore? Its the Most Vibrant City in Asia! Come here for avant-garde medical facilities to cure any problems you might have!

pick me pick me!!

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