Sky Blocs

dancemonkeySkyBlocsDominoes are those rare brilliant artifacts whose secondary use is far better than their intended use. Why play a game of dominoes when you can line them up and watch them knock each other down? Developer Tom Methven may have been in that exact frame of mind when he created the puzzle game Sky Blocs, the lovechild of youthful domino play and The Incredible Machine (and likely influenced by Pushover, circa 1992). Each level presents you with a starting block (bloc?) and an inventory of pieces to the left-hand side of the screen. Place the items, flick the domino, and watch everything come tumbling down.

Arrange your elements so that the initial toppling of the starting block causes a chain reaction that triggers the raising of a flag at the other end of the screen. After laying everything out press the "Play" button and then click the first block to set your Goldbergian contraption in motion. You have more blocks, balloons, bowling balls, and even a nuclear blast at your disposal to complete each stage.

There's a good handful of default stages included in the game, but a level editor with cut and paste codes allows you to create and share your custom stages for a real sadistic challenge.

Analysis: Sky Blocs is a great puzzle game in the tradition of The Incredible Machine, and it's just as addictive. The domino-like blocks being the main element makes the game that much more intuitive, since the physics of toppling dominoes is almost universal knowledge. It's very easy to look at the stage, look at the elements you have at your disposal, and begin to imagine a successful layout.

Easy to imagine, but not always easy to accomplish. The included levels are suitably difficult, though some I found relied more on size and repetition for their challenge rather than cleverness in design. Hey, that's what the custom levels are for, right?

One minor problem I had was the counter-intuitiveness of the starting block. Rather than clicking on the opposite side of the direction in which you want it to go (simulating the "flick" of a finger on a domino) you click on the the same side. It's small but annoying, something I kept occasionally doing wrong even after 9 levels or so. Maybe I'm just not that bright!

I also felt that for a game based on toppling dominoes, Tom missed the mark on one major design choice: speed. Most of the fun of watching a string of dominoes fall is the combination of the blur of motion and "clackety clack" of the bones hitting each other. What Sky Blocs really needed was to be greatly sped up, or at least offer a speed option.

Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed wracking my brain over each increasingly more challenging stage.

Play Sky Blocs

An updated version of the game is available to play at Tom's The First Door site.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

To load any of the levels posted here:

  1. Click the spoiler (if present) to reveal the long line of characters.

  2. NOTE: the line is longer than will display on the page, but rest assured they are all there.

  3. Position your mouse on the left edge of the line, click and DRAG DOWN TO SELECT THE ENTIRE LINE.

  4. Copy the text to the clipboard in the usual way you're used to doing for your OS/browser.

  5. Click on Load Level from the Sky Blocs main menu.

  6. Then click on Load Level in the tool palette on the left.

  7. Click Load in the white dialog box that appears.

  8. Right-click and select Paste.

  9. Click the "Open" button at the top right of the dialog.

  10. Voilà!


Not bad at all...then again...i'm sucker for chain reaction games.

ohhhh.... so beautiful... im stuck on lvl. 6 ;]

:) i'm on level 9 and i can't quite get it! D:

If I find another solution to the puzzle it's not fair I can not pass on. I have to find the exact solution to the problem or I'm not continuing. That peeves me.

I do like chain reaction games, and this one seems quite clever... but I have to say, the physics don't quite feel "natural." It's a bit awkward. Good concepts in place, though.

i LOVE chain reaction games! :B i wonder if i can find more games like it...*wanders off to do so*

Hi guys, thanks for your comments so far.
Jess, actually many of the levels have lots of solutions, there is no one 'set' solution. Just remember you must knock down all the dominoes BEFORE triggering the last flag piece!

I am on level 4, and I am greatly frustrated at the fact that I can't choose which way my dominoe falls. I found one solution, only to find I need a different one to make the dominoe fall the right way. I would greatly appreciate a direction choice when you choose what to start the chain reaction with.
Otherwise, however, This is a great game which is probably one of the few in the competition that I will play all the way through.

sorry for the double post, but I figured out how to solve the problem I mentioned. The dominoe will move to the square the cursor was one before moving to the starting dominoe. I am not sure if this was mentioned in the directions, but if not then now everybody knows.

Hi, Gryphon. The direction the domino falls is determined by clicking in the left or right half of the square the domino is in!

You can choose which direction the domino falls by clicking on the right or left side of the cell in whih the domino is located.


Another terrific game, and up there with some of my other favorites of the competition. I'm being frustrated by Detour at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get through it (or at least I hope so -- this is a pretty early level).

good game, although "ball physics" aren't real

Very very cool game. I really enjoy it. This is one of my favorite games in the competition I think.

I'm impressed with this game. I love puzzle games. I will echo that some of the physics feel a little clunky (the ball falls straight down and bounces before moving for example) but I can see how it's necessary for the gameplay. The sound effects are good, and the option to turn off music and effects separately is always appreciated. I would speed up the action a bit. Once you've set your pieces in place, you should have a pretty good idea of how things are going to go, and the leisurely pace of the game can feel amazingly slow.

On a personal note, I'm stuck on level 7. I can't figure out what the yellow box is for.

Never mind. I got it.

Tried hitting it with the balls, tried hitting it with a ball on top, tried dropping a ball onto it. Took me a bazillion tries to figure out you just have to

hit it with a domino.

I really enjoy this game, it can get a little slow, but never-the-less, still enjoyable! I have been stuck on level 10 since it was first posted, any help?

yah, im totally stuck on level 9. i thought of a couple of ways it might work, but theres just something that screws it up

any help???

if you want to skip levels, beat a level and then click next level as fast as you can when the new level shows up

Yes it took me a while to find out what the yellow box with the arrow was for.

maybe it should have those red buttons at the sides like the flag-box, so you know it has to be hit with a domino

I'm stuck on level 9, how are all those boxes going to help me? :)

level 10

use a single tile to trigger a waterfall which hits two tiles
get those two tiles to hit an air arrow
the air arrow's target is the upper ledge tiles
along the way up to those tiles, put a tile in the way on that single ledge so the balloon will hit it on the way up
those single tiles that fall down, put a bouncer next to it so you can bounce back towards your targets on the second level ledges
to hit those second level ledges, use a water thingie on either side
the water thingie will hit the second level switches and also have a tile on the other side which fall to the first level triggering the last two switches
hint: you need to add those two blocks somewhere to extend the levels so you can add either tiles or bounce thingies

level 15 password


Isn't the music (when you win, and make the flag go up and such) from that game tower blaster?
I do like chain reaction games though, however just like everyone else has said, the ball physics is not real.

I can't get past lvl 9

level 33

password: jayisgames

lvl 9:

First I was hung up on trying to make everything start with the ball. Don't forget that you can start dominoes too.

You may be stuck because it seems like you can't get the left-hand domino to go far enough to the right to get the balloon in the useful place (to get the ball going) -- it just falls flat. There is actually a way to do this.

Think slinky.

for 9

treat the domino like a slinky, and use the blocks to make that possible

Fun chain reaction stuff. It would be nice if the play motion went a little faster.

Music is quite relaxing for the kind of game this is. I'm surprised no one even mentioned about the level editor too :D

for all those who are having trouble with level 9:

make stares that the block will go down, (remember, it can still fall any distance and keep moving when it hits ground) till you can place the mystery box, and then, make sure there is room for the ball to role to hit the block so you can win!

Great game!! Very creative in the use of different building blocks. I thought the levels would all be simple once I learned the 'trick' but the new piece types keep me thinking.

As a side note, I feel that it is more important for a game to be fun and enjoyable than it is to strictly follow the theme.

I see the theme as a way to inspire ideas not to restrict them.

This is definetly one of my top picks.

Well I finally got through lvl 9, but I couldn't get level ten at all, even with the walk through type thing up there, that might have confused me even more actually lol. I shall try again in a moment

Really nice game! I like the idea of turning a level editor into a playable game in and of itself. One tiny suggestion: I'd make the domino fall opposite the direction you click, to simulate tapping the first domino with your finger. That's more intuitive to me.

Woo I got level 10, I'm so proud of me now =D

Thanks danfox! Just the first line helped me out a whole lot. Anyone know how to just start 14?

Anyone beat level 24?

A pleasant, relaxing game to unwind with, or play before bedtime. I've only played to level 8 so far but will return tomorrow. I think this game would benefit from better graphics, and I found the "Fanfare" at the end of each level to be annoying and contradictory to the relaxing new age background music. But all in all, I enjoyed it. Thank you Tom.

Also, I want to thank Jay for hosting this competition and bringing all these great free games to the public.

I'm a big fan of this game. Nice, gradual rollout of the pieces. The water one is quite clever.

Grid-based puzzle games are generally antithetical to realistic kinematics, so it's not too disappointing that the physics here are absurd. I don't think Tom was expecting to win the theme prize with this one.

Excellent level design. Oftentimes introductory levels feel slapped together, but it's clear here that the designer really thought about his pieces before making the puzzles. It's very satisfying, too, when everything clicks into place and you find a use for what you thought was going to be an extraneous piece. I've only found one level where I can use fewer pieces than the "intended" solution. (13, maybe? I don't remember.)

Great work, Tom. Welcome to the competitions!

re: zeke,

the fanfare music at the end is similar to what is found at the games spiritwars and tower blaster

For #12 the game doesn't seem to like my solution and I can't figure out why. I used every domino, they're all down, none lost or destroyed, and a domino hit the only target.

Any advice?


You need to hit the target only after you knock down all of the dominos.

HBar: The domino hitting the goal needs to be the last one to go down. (in this level its just a timing issue, but later it makes things really tricky, such as level 21 where I'm stuck right now.)

Try putting the balloon launcher on the middle level as far to the right as possible to make it take longer.

(Also, you don't need to use all the dominoes, only all the ones placed on the board.)

HBar, be sure that the target doesn't get hit until after every domino is down. Given your setup, it looks like the top few on the right don't get knocked over until after you hit the button.

Hbar, you cant destroy a domino and continue,

lasa, kgr, Hanoj, thanks for the advice! I didn't realize timing was an issue. I'll try again, I'm sure I can get it now.

any help on 14?

same here, I have been stuck on 14 for over an hour and a half. I have tried everything, I can see anyway. Please help!

I am hopelessly stuck on level 18. Help? (At this point I'd even just take the password for level 19 even, I just want to get on with the game!)

someone is on level 33? wow... I'm stuck on level 16 at the moment.

I was going to suggest a sequel, thinking I was almost done... I guess I was wrong :P

For some reason, this game just doesn't "work" for me. It felt like every level was obvious for a while, and the pacing was so slow that by the time I hit a level that had some real challenge to it, I was too bored to figure it out.

Part of it was that the "Figure out how it works" for the pool ball and bouncer (and even the mysterious box, to some extent) just seemed patronizing, since they were pretty obvious. And then it hit the water trough, which could have any of several mechanics, and the lack of explanation annoyed me.

Also, once you've already figured out how to get it to work, you have to sit there and wait while it ever-so-slowly advances towards conclusion. Part of the allure of dominoes is that while it takes a long time to set them up, the payoff is fast-paced. It's a careful, well-thought-out exercise with blazingly fast consequences.

It's probably a good strategy game, but those two issues killed it for me.


In the solution I got, you have to use all your available pieces plus those on the board.
It's all a question of how to make two different things happen at the same place but at different times. First you plug the gap, then you cross it.
I used two different pathways to send a ball to the lower right.
My reflector block was used twice.
One ball bouncing into another will transfer its momentum.

To HBar:
Those were my thoughts exactly. But doing it was a different thing. I just couldnt see how to activate both balls, at different times. Quite difficult.

Interesting idea, but the pace just kills it for me. Once you click the initial domino, you just sit back and watch, and everything moves so slowly. Speeding up the play would make this much more enjoyable, I think.

I'll agree that the fanfare is quite jarring. Something more relaxing would be in order.

#16 is clever.

More on 14:

Use one balloon to activate two different things.
Once you see how to do that and the two different paths to take, everything else falls into place. I didn't run into any timing issues, the two paths finished at different times without any tweaking.

I agree that the pace could be sped up a lot. Coming up with the plan should be the part that takes up time, not watching the plan unfold. Given that the game encourages experimentation, it should not take so long to try things out.

That said, I love this game anyway. The level design is mind-bending but logical, and the toys are fun. It's not a perfect fit for this competition, due to the almost complete lack of physics, but it's still one of the few games that has really hooked me.

Now somebody please help me with level 16. For the love of Mike, I can not figure it out.

And three seconds later, I get it. Go go gadget brain!

anybody got 24 yet?

Just got there, maddjak. I'm as clueless as you are.

level 14 on request:

- place ball right of the domino (next to it)
- place domino at end of ledge where ball would fall off. (this domino will start the balloon)
- place ball at top of "stairs"
- place red arrow thingy at the bottom right edge of the level. The ball will roll down the "stairs" and bounce to the left.
- place UFO left of the red thingy, but put two empty spaces in between them
- place domino on the same position as the first domino , but a ledge higher.
- Put a ball on the right side of it that domino, the balloon will hit this.
- put the balloon thing left of the domino, the 2nd balloon will hit the ball all the way at the top.

For anyone who dares to take a look, the password to 24 is


No luck yet. I'm done for the night.

Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your constructive feedback!
Level 32 and Level 33 are secret levels which both have passwords which are something to do with the competition. The main game ends at level 30.
I actually agree with you about the speed, it is a problem with Flash not playing at the 30 FPS it should do in the browser and I couldn't get any of the workarounds to work!
I'll try to get a simple website up later where you can submit levels for others to play.

Thanks again to you all, and thanks to Jay for hosting the competition.

Beat it! Not too hard, though the later levels could be quite tricky. Some of them took me a while.

30 levels. Password for the ending (so much as it is) is "anighend".

The slow speed and badly clipped, too-loud trumpet were the major annoyances. Oddly, setting flash quality to low significantly sped up the game (from painfully slow to merely slow) with no visible impact on the graphics - it may have no effect for those with newer computers, however.
Regarding level 24:

Start with the domino in the upper-right corner. It's not so hard... I beat it with a mere 12 pieces, out of 27 - only one balloon and no water thingamabobbers!
Or, to be exact...

All five walls, all two balls, two bombs, one balloon, and two dominos.

Can anyone do it with fewer pieces?

For future reference, level 18:


Still stuck on level 10 :(

Right now it looks like this (link) , what am I missing?

Whoops! Turns out there was a block that I had placed and then thought I hadn't. On to level 11!

"help" with level 32


Ok, I finally got 24 after taking a break from it for a few hours. Hope this makes sense, it is a complicated board:

This solution uses all the pieces. Start in the upper right, and have a domino fall into a water device on the small triangular platform below the stairs. This splits the flow to the left and right.
The righthand path:

Over here the goal is to get an explosive to drop onto the red brick in the lower middle (this will be blocking the path to the flag). A little tricky but not too hard. Launch a balloon that will trigger an explosive and a domino with some timers. The explosive is on the top ledge and knocks a hole near the red brick on the right. The domino/timer setup puts a domino through the hole that is just made. This domino should bounce off the red brick and start a ball to the left. Put an explosive where this ball can hit it, and fill in the corner there so the explosive falls on the red brick.

The left-hand path:

The goal is to deal with that domino and set a ball to hit the lower two dominos and the flag. Do this by launching a balloon just from the left of the platform with the water -- you need to add your own support for it (it will be a brick with the diagonal facing to the lower right). Use the three diagonals of the other direction to guide the balloon to hit the corners of both ledges in the upper left. Put an explosive on the top ledge, and a domino/timer setup ending in a ball on the lower one. The explosive makes a hole, and the ball then goes through heading left. It knocks over the domino on the bottom and bounces to the right. By now, the other lower red brick is destroyed, so the ball heads to the finish.

Brilliant! so simple but devious at the same time. Reminds me of the old Amiga game Pushover. Although i am slightly stuckon level 10 even after looking at the walkthrough any other help with it please?

I really enjoy this type of game...
Got up to the last level, but i'm stuck...

Passwords for 25 to 30

Are you sure??

There's no turning back once you look...

You get less satisfaction by cheating and looking up the passwords, but it's your choice...










wabbiteh, for level 10:

You need one of those water troughs near the bottom of each side, to split the path so you can hit both the flags on each side. I'll leave the exact positioning up to you. Remember, you can make a bit of extra space with those two blocks you have!

One of my 1/2 dozen favourites so far. I love puzzle games, and whoever made this has spent his/her time wisely, building plenty of well thought out levels rather than concentrating on producing polished graphics. i love nice graphics and style too (e.g Teh Kitteh), but if it's a choice of one or t'other then gameplay wins every time.

I like that you can start from any domino, meaning you can just test out part of your solution, or try out new blocks separate from your chain reaction. if you had to start from the beginning on every attempt then the pace of the game would have been too slow.

It was nice that i could keep the sound effects on when i turned off the music.

Real ball physics may be lacking, but it gets a thumbs up from me nevertheless.

Wheee, I managed to find another solution to level 24, shorter than my previous 12-piece one: this one only uses 11 pieces!

Three blocks, one ball, one bomb, two dominoes, one balloon, and three timers.

Can anyone figure it out? Or beat it?

Sorry if this turns out to be a double post... but... I posted too soon. ^^;

I now have a 10-piece solution to level 24!

Five blocks, two balls, one domino, one balloon, and one bomb.

Can you figure it out? I think this may well be the shortest possible... but I'd love to see if anyone can come up with a better one!

im stuck on level 8! arghh! i don't see any help for it. can't somebody post a full walkthrough? i really love this game but i get stuck on some levels.

Would've been a whole lot more interesting with actual physics, but fun nonetheless.

This game would be fantastic, but as it has been said, it is entirely too slow. For me, this slowed-to-a-crawl gameplay completely ruins the otherwise enjoyable experience for me. It would be an easy fix, because otherwise it's a fun game!

Can someone please help me on level 16!

I like this game and find it ideal to play whilst working....have managed to get through so far but come over all Monday afternoon-ish regarding level 16.

I've been stuck for a while on level 13. Could someone please give me some help?

i'm stuck on level 8.
anyone help? =/

nevermind. i got 8


I am sooo stuck on 18. NO IDEA!!! Can someone help me or tell me the level code for 19?
Level code 18:


Dah! I was working on 16, took a break then came back, and still can't get it. It seems like many people who have gotten that far had problems before or after, so I'm not quite sure what I am missing. Any pushes in the right direction would be helpful.

Password is XMARKSTHESPOT if you already solved it and didn't write down the password to get back to it.

Wow... great concept and great physics... Too difficult for me though... bombed on level 3!

The ability to fast forward would be great as others have noted. The only other issue I have so far is that when you launch a balloon, it stops you from being able to erase parts of the level as the game thinks the level is still in action. Instead, you have to "wrecking ball" the whole thing and start again.

Still, this is a fun and challenging game for sure!

I haven't read every comment so sorry of this is already mentioned.. I'm really enjoying this game especially as I loved Domino Rally as a kid - what ever happened to that? However, it's frustrating me that I have to 'rub out' the unwanted dominoes &c when I balls up. I'd prefer to be able to select a different tool and replace the unwanted one just by clicking on it.
On a final note.. love the music. I'm gently swaying and might even go for a nap.

I too am stuck on 16. I can't figure out how

to use the mini a bomb to keep the chain going

nm. finally got 16.

I love this game as i loved the original versions with that cute little ant running to and fro with those pieces :)

Three little remarks:

- the graphix is... well... I guess we've passed the Commodore C64-era :)

- The dominoes fall way to slow sometimes it takes eons for one to fall from a higher platform to a lower one.

- I coulkdn't find out what determines which way the first, clicked piece will fall. It either started to the left or the roght - I just dunno why this or that way... It seemed random altho i don't think it is.

Otherwise it's a fun little addition to the contest.

Hi bioLarzen, thanks for your feedback!
How to start the domino off in the right direction has been mentioned above. If you click the left half of the cell, it will fall left, if you click the right half of the cell it will fall right!

Got 16, now 18 is stumping me (as it seems to do to others, as well.) I know I need to

knock the a bombs to clear the path to the flag boxes but I just can't seem to figure out how to trigger both sides at once.

Aha! Got it! 18 officially = my favorite level so far. Thinking outside of the box, always a good way to go

I like this game! Great puzzles, and some very sneaky, unexpected bits - like using some of the pieces as building blocks.

I also appreciate the 'reset' button so that when your set up is playing through and you see it's not going to work you can click on that and it stops the play and sets the board up again. Extremely handy piece.

I LOVE the bombs. The way the board shakes when the bomb goes off is a nice touch.

Yes, it runs a bit slow, but I find that a small price to pay for such an interesting and challenging game.

Favourite levels? 19 and 29 I think.

Thanks FD (Tom), overall a really great game.

Thanks for the help on 16.

Am now staring helplessly at level 17 and thinking my brain just can't handle this! Gawd I feel thick!!

Still a cracking game though!

And then I did the classic 'post and solve':)

Night night, level 18 can wait until tomorrow!

Sorry to say, but too slow for my tastes.


You can also start the sequence off with a ball instead of a domino. I have yet to use this discovery though.

cant get level 11

level 9 please! people just give hints. can't we have like a screenshot or something?

Can nobody really give me a hint for level 13? :( I've stared myself blind on that level, it just doesn't seem possible. All I've managed to put down is a domino, a white block, and a pool ball.

TFD please put me out of my misery and give me the solution to the Walled In level on your website! My head is aching!!

Joolz, for the Walled In level:


I don't think it was what the author intended as I had bits left over, but it works.

Thanks Lady B! I'd been kinda going the same way though had been obsessed with having a fountain next to the already placed timer. You made me re-think a litle!

Have just come up with this as a solution:


I wonder what the 'real' solution is.

Joolz, I like your solution better, much neater than mine. Well done.

Hi all! Lady B has just sent me a new level for the site.

Jay, I think this one is specially for you!

Two small comments. First of all, the domino falling animations should be made faster. Maybe as much as 5x as fast. Waiting for them to fall is unbelievably boring. The toppling might be okay, however.

Second - a bug. When it's time to click 'next level', it's possible to click it at twice and skip a level that way - I just skipped from 8 to 10.

Euphemism - I would disagree only in that sometimes, that falling time is part of the timing required for things to work properly. If the dominoes fell that much faster, some timed actions that are needed to successfully do some levels (especially some of the customs) would be broken. However, a little faster would be nice. :P

Please help with level 16

Here's a PART solution to level 16, cc. You can finish it off from there, I think. If not, just holler and I'll post the whole solution.



Ok, so I made a fairly easy one just because I was bored at work.


As I said, it's actually pretty simply, at least I thought, and was just something to pass time while waiting for reports to print.

Hi, DJBlayde. Took a look at your level. It's not too hard, but it's a nice level. My solution is below:


Would you like it on the website? Do you have a name for it?


Hehe, as I said, it was simply something to pass time. And sure, if you wanna pop it up there. It's was designed mostly because I liked the symmetry of it, so just call it Symmetry.

im stuck at level one, the block falls into the wrong direction

Nice level, DJBlayde. Reminds me of the Olympic Cauldron from 2000 Sydney. Good design.

Thanks Lady B :) I started to go for something more, but then decided I liked the simplicity of it.

bert - Try clicking the domino from the other side. It's semi-counterintuitive in that the side you click is the way it's going to go.

I found a site with screenshots to most of the solutions

Just thought I'd post it.

This game was addicting and fun. The sound track, although repetitive, was calming and pretty, and therefore I didn't mind. Well done and best wishes for your game,Tom Methven!

I like the fact that you can turn the soundtrack OFF!! A very much appreciated feature. Something game developers should do well to incorporate. I'm sure I'm not alone in preferring to listen to my own choice of music or even silence.

Level 14 is easy

knock the domino tha is always there onto the black ball to the left of it

Please post a screenshot!

I couldn't have done it without you!!!

For level 12, you must knock down all the blocks before the flag is triggered.

i need help for the level 14
please post a screenshot

just found a glitch!

keep pressing next level when you complete a level and you skip through!

i thought there were only 32 - 33 levels...

im on level 34 :) password:


NO kidding!

ooooo *strokes imaginative beard, thinking*

oh snap 3 in a row
a TRILLION apologies

this level 34 is a glitch level! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

ps: i just want to try this out =):

keep pressing.

just testing. Sorry.

try it


can anybody help me with level 8?

I have no idea how to do it

If you enjoy this game, check out Pushover, a old DOS game (so you'll need DOXBox to play it) that is likely the inspiration for this game. One of the few food-sponsored games that's really good.

Please help me with

level 8


Im trying to play other peoples levels posted on here but I cant just copy and paste the codes in and I havent got the patience to sit and type the code in. Can anyone help?


Oh well done me. What an idiot. I've got it now (pasting codes) sorry for the double pointless posts.


To load any of the levels posted here:

  1. Click the spoiler (if present) to reveal the long line of characters.

  2. NOTE: the line is longer than will display on the page, but rest assured they are all there.

  3. Position your mouse on the left edge of the line, click and DRAG DOWN TO SELECT THE ENTIRE LINE.

  4. Copy the text to the clipboard in the usual way you're used to doing for your OS/browser.

  5. Click on Load Level from the Sky Blocs main menu.

  6. Then click on Load Level in the tool palette on the left.

  7. Click Load in the white dialog box that appears.

  8. Right-click and select Paste.

  9. Click the "Open" button at the top right of the dialog.

  10. Voilà!

I felt like I was playing Domino's on the Moon! Speed it up, or at least give me an option to make them fall faster.

Other than that and the weird click thing, not a bad entry.

Done me own. Very easy but I enjoyed making it. Perhaps one for a tutorial stage or something. Hmmmm I think I'll call it "Starting Point?".


anyone else just leaving this window open to listen to the music? :p

Any help on level 13? I think I got the right part, but I have no clue how to connect left and right. I tried it for hours now, piling up stuff at different places.... I just can't get it. :(

Bert, don't worry, I had your problem, too. Same level. I know a way to make the block fall the right way. Just click a little to it's left or right, depending on which way you want it to go. Don't worry, I had your problem, too. Same level.

I'm stuck on level ALOADOFHOTAIR, could someone please offer me some help?

any help for level 7? password "themachine"? i cant even figure out how the heck the up arrow works.

okay, so funny story. i just did the same exact thing ive been doing FOREVER!!! and it finally released the balloon. so im not stupid, the game is . anyway, i dont need help with level 7 anymore.

A few useless balloons, but not a bad one for my first. Start at the bottom right.


i need help w/ level 8. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my level; and i hope it works:


put your pointer in front of the first 0 and drag down to select the whole thing

I'm stuck on level 9. any help?

I'm stuck on 28...and I can`t get the link that was posted for it to work

Ok for aj there stuck on 8

what you have to do is set all of the little half blocks up one and left one space from the dominos (all except for the first one). Then you have to set the ballons underneath these. so stack two mystery boxes on top of eachother underneath the first two. Then one underneath the third one. Then for the 4th and 5th one`s you have to put one underneath the triangles and then one on the step b4 that one so that the domino can land on it and it the box you set underneath it. Finally put a box on the step b4 the flag box and let it go.


Please try my level.

got level 11:


level 19?!? can anybody help? thanks

i love the music and i need help with level 3 please

Never mind. I'm the one who wanted to know how to pass level 3, but I got it. Thanks.

I'm stuck on lvl 9 but I can't even make a spoiler to tell what I did do and what I can't do!


here is a difficult level i made called bomb city.

very difficult level:


I love the game a lot. I usually don't have much dominoes at home, but this game gives me a good chance for domino fun!

Somewhat hard level try try!!


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