Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

KarmenYou might be familiar with this scene: You walk into the living room, looking for the phone. You see the cat, the goldfish, and a set of weights. Some candles, a chip, an old corn dog (ew!) Ok, so, it's a little messy. Still, with a bit of effort, you soon see the phone sitting in plain sight, near the chess set and the coffin. Wait... a coffin? Perhaps this isn't your regular living room. In fact, you're inside Ravenhearst Manor.

ravenhearst.jpgMystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is a game of "hunt the item" similar to Hidden Expedition: Titanic and the previous Mystery Case Files games. The Queen of England (affectionately known as "Queenie") has sent you to investigate the mystery behind this creepy cluttered mansion. But beware. Not only is this house abandoned, and likely haunted, but it is also filled with strange twists, puzzling locks and hidden clues. Unlike other games of this genre, which have you search for the essential magic pixel, Ravenhearst will frustrate you by hiding objects in plain sight. While the clock ticks down (her majesty is waiting!) you might find yourself in a bathroom crying out "where is that tuba?"

Much of the game play is similar to the "I Spy" book series or the "Hidden Pictures" game from the children's magazine, Highlights — just a bit creepier. Explore the manor, room-by-room, looking for the objects listed on the right hand side of the screen. Search carefully, as random, rapid-fire clicking may cause you to lose time. Some objects may seem a bit obscure. If you have trouble finding a particular item, a limited number of hints are available.

Don't despair, because this game is as beautiful as it is maddening. The delightful graphics and various sounds will keep your senses sharp, while the clever puzzles are sure to please. To enter some rooms, you'll have to solve strange and wonderful locks, reminiscent of Rube Goldberg contraptions. Find the right combination of oddities, and you'll find passage into the next room. When you gather enough clues (the recovered objects), piece them together to reveal a diary page. The diary, kept by the Lady of the Manor, Emma, will begin to reveal the dark mystery behind Ravenhearst Manor.

Analysis: Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is a perfect addition to any puzzle collection. A few notable features set it apart from other games. For one, the sound options offer three separate dials to control the music, background noise, and sound effects. This allows you to set the creaks and moans to your preferred volume, without drowning out other sounds. You have some control over the passage of time, as well. The regular "Detective Mode" is fast-paced enough to keep you on your toes, while the "Relaxed Mode" is still timed, but at a much slower rate.

Be sure to check out the other installments in the Mystery Case Files series, Huntsville and Prime Suspects, Madame Fate, as well as Travelogue 360 and Hidden Expedition series, both of which introduce additional gameplay elements.

The creators of this game consider it appropriate for all ages, but the creepy objects and sounds might be a little much for small children. (There is a small fright in the ending sequence as well.) Parents, use caution, or play alongside your child for reassurance.

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Yay! I love these kinds of games. I just play them while letting my mind wander...

It is indeed a nice game! Let's hope there will be a few more clones available soon :-)

This is a third in a series by the same creator.

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects

They all have the same principle minus the door lock mechanism that is new this time around.

Please help. I can't get past the clocks. Hand up with 5 fingers and the number 5 on the keypad is where I get stuck. I need a hint on the hint. Thanks

If you're on the stage that I think you're on, then

you need to move the hands of the big clock to match the time on one of the other clocks, then press the button.
If you've done this right, the clock that you were matching the time of should start spinning, and a door at the bottom will open. Repeat this until all of the clocks are spinning and all of the doors are open.
Now, there are also some movable objects scattered around the room which you need to put into the doors. You need to place the opposite of the thing that's already in there for each door. For example, for the door that has the moon, you would put the sun.
For each of those, a correct placement will make the door close again, but this time with a symbol. Each symbol will have an obvious number associated with it (eg, an open palm with FIVE fingers, a FOUR-leat clover, etc.) Reading these numbers from left to right on each of the doors, that it the code that you need to input.

Please help. In the last scene, I found all skeleton keys, but I can't solve the puzzle there I need to unlock door. I tried different combinations of words (like Charles; Dalimar; england and etc.) but I don't know the right word...

help on the stage where all the clocks are i have turned the clock to 9.10 and pressed button. i have the matched the picture then i dont know what to press on the key pad help driving me mad

hi! i need help with the last stage. i found all the keys but im stuck on the puzzle. i just cant seem to find the right word please help

I need some help with the last door puzzle. Found all the keys but can't figure out the way to use them with the necklace...............someone, please...........HELP!

There is one that I just can't get past! It's the workshop door that just cannot get opened. If anybody has any spoilers please please please please help!

Each key has a symbol its end that corresponds to the symbol etched into the door near each of the circular displays. Drag each key into the screen in the top middle of the door, and the screen will display a letter. Click the red button next to the symbol that corresponds to the key so that it turns green, and use the rotating dial at the bottom of the door to rotate to the corresponding letter. Repeat for each key until you've spelled out the word.

Need help on the "locked-door" puzzle with chicken and colored chicken eggs. I can't figure out how to solve it.

I'm stuck on the second door...

...that's the one with the doll in the bath, the Bunsen burner. etc.
I have:
* opened the bottle
* poured the liquid out of the bottle
* made the doll drop the duck (I'm not sure why I need to do this, if at all)
* set the dial to the time given on the wall
but the car doesn't light the Bunsen burner yet. What else do I need to do?
Inflating the balloon doesn't seem to do anything, and the scissors just wobble if I click on them.


HELP!! I am on the first door that needs to be unlocked and I don't have a clue

Having trouble with the door with the flies. How do I get the nickle? Have tried everything. It's making me crazy. Ok, obviously not everything, but everything I could think of! Help!

Help. Stuck on the door where you need to put the flies in the circuit. Stuck after that.

does anyone know how to find a walkthru for ravenhearst? Please help me :]

Hi there...
I have also a problem with the last door. Has anyone a clue? Thanks a lot...

I have the game Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst and I love it. However, I am stumped on one of the puzzle scenes and I haven't been able to break it. It is the one with all the clocks and you have to match the time in order for the slide boxes below opens up to insert the opposite sign in it. I am stuck at the last clock where you have the left hand and the number 5 over the keypad. I have tried everything that I can think of to unlock this and haven't been able to. Do you have any clues to help me out?

Can somebody tell me how to get to the cellar once I have found the seven skeleton keys please?

I'm having the same problem, Chris. I've collected all 7 keys and when I go back to the map to go to the cellar, the "basement" tab is greyed out so I can't get in. Either there's some glitch, or there's something that I've missed. I even got 3 extra keys because those rooms were still "lit up," yet I still can't access the cellar :( Any help?


I cannot get past the lock where you have to light all the lights on the board. Anyone know how to do it?

I cannot solve the puzzle to open the workshop door. Anyone have any helpful hints?

I'm having the same problem like Chris and Sebby. I've also collected all 7 keys and when I go back to the map to go to the cellar, the "basement" tab is greyed out so I can't get in. Either there's some glitch, or there's something that I've missed. I also got 3 extra keys because those rooms were still "lit up," yet I still can't access the cellar :( Any help?


me too, I have all the keys but didnt the diary say something about bricks? I still cant find a way to the celler Help please.

I had a great time with this game. I was able to solve the various puzzles to get the doors open. I found the items. I got through all of it and then collected all 7 keys. I was able to go to the cellar. I have matched up the 7 keys with the symbols on each of the keys to the sybols on each og the locks. Then I have tried several 7 letter words to unlock the door but none are working....I feel really stupid. Where am I going wrong? Any hints? Thanks.


On the bottom of the "lock" there is a dial which you can spin, which turns on letters for each circle. After placing all the keys and seeing all the letters, just make the word the letters spell out.

If that's not enough

The word is ENDLESS.

I am stuck...spent three days trying to figure this out...I can't go to's bothering me so much...

I am stuck on the puzzle where you get three drop downs and you have to match the items that are randomly spun into the boxes and in order. No problem there. The next step is where I'm lost. The "hint" shows a turtle and the empty box. I've tried dragging the turtle to the box, with no luck. In fact, I've tried dragging EVERY item from the boxes into the boxes at the bottom. What am I missing?

If anyone can help, I'd surely appreciate it. Thank you, Morrigan

I'm in need of some serious help here. My sanity is at stake.
I'm stuck on the stage with the chicken and the chicken eggs. I have 3 eggs and have matched the patterns in the bit with the lever, but it won't unlock the door. Any hints on what I do next?
Thanks, Steph

to unlock the door with the chicken and eggs:
1) click the toaster: the toasted bread will display
3 1/2".

2)position the pointer in the ruler at 3 1/2 in. click the button.

3) follow the recipes(spade, diamond, moon). located at the lower middle and lower left of the screen for the chicken feed.

4) shot the apple with the gun.

5) type the code in the typewriter.

6) make the recipe then kick the chicken. there should be an egg if the recipe is correct.

7) put the battery in the lower right slot for the lever.

9) use the gauge to enter the color of the 4 eggs respectively.

10) pull the lever.

If you've found all 7 keys and can't gain entry to
the basement...

Just let the time pass! when it's done you will be
rewarded 50 extra minutes to try and find the keys.


Im stuck on the very last puzzle. I have been trying to find out what to do i have been trying for about 3 weeks now, and its really bugging me. =(

if anyone could give me some clues or tips i would be very grateful. Aimee says something about matching symbols up with the keys -- what do you mean? if any one could help, thanks Emily x

Ok I have a question. I have played this game twice to get to the end. You know where you have to get seven keys. Well I get them and it tells you to go to the celler. Well the tab isnt lit up and I cant and the only thing I can do is look in the other rooms and find extra keys but that doesnt do anything. Any suggestions?

i need help on on the door with the lock where u turn on the thing that opens and shows dice then the hint says to click the thing so it lights up all the way up i did all that but i have no idea wot to do next im soo lost plz help!

hiya all finally completed it fantastic 8) it took me a month to complete the very last puzzle, it is very hard. i spelled out


you have to drag the keys into the box and it gives you a letter. i wrote them down on a piece of paper and just try and work it out it was very hard but im so glad that i have completed it if any one needs any help just give me a call or something and i will try and help you. Cant wait for another one to come out cya soon Emily X

How to end mystery case files ravenhearst?

hi i'm having a problem i cant find where the door is?? i had already found all the 7 keys how can i get to open the door on cellar?? please help me!!!! please

Ok, I have found all 7 keys 3 times. I can't get into the basement. The tab is not lit up. Do you have to do something to gain access to the basement besides find all 7 keys? This is killing me!

I've tried 5 times finding all the 7 keys but the basement is blocked, so I can't get into the cellar.
What can I do?
I even tried finding more keys but even I get -3 keys the basement is still blocked.

hi i need help finding all the keys have 3
any help would be appreciated

I found 10 keys and I still can't go in the basment. I need help please help me.

I found the last puzzle to be the easiest for some reason and here is a hint: the tops of the keys and the symbols go together. Have fun.

i am having trouble getting past guest bathroom on the 2nd floor when i played it before i bought the game i was able to get it but have forgotten what idid to make it work thank you

Need help with the light game; have all lit but one then stuck.

I also can't get through the clocks room. I made it through to the end, only to try starting over an am at the clocks again - never to go any further without help. HELP?!

How did it end? I played the hour-long demo and I'm too cheap to buy the full version, and I was just curious as to how the story ended. :)

Please help with the finding of the keys, i have all but two and its killing me!! If you could just tell me what rooms maybe that would help a lot! Thanx!!

hey forget about my past post I got them all, but I have to say I thought the ending was kinda dull, but hey thats just me!!

for those who can't get pass the 7 keys puzzle...
find the 7 keys in any floor except the basement...
why? because if all the keys in a certain floor was found, the tab for that floor turns gray... since there are more than 7 keys in the manor, find the keys elsewhere before going to the basement...
make sure that you have seven keys... it's just a minor bug in the game...
hope it helps...

I am stuck on the puzzle where you put the fish in the meat grinder. I've clicked everything and nothing helps. The snake does nothing, and the ballerina dolls just wiggle when you click them. How do I solve this puzzle?

I am at the tic tac toe door with the fish in the grinder etc. I know that I am supposed to play tic tac toe, but I can't. Do I have a game glitch or am I missing something here?? I already have the fish in the grinder and the fortune teller exposed. Please help!

I'm also having trouble with the Tic Toe Game. I have went in/out of the game to see if I'm doing something wrong? For all you who are looking for a

You can find a walk through at Gamezebo. Although word of advice, you don't want to print unless you want an addition 50 pages along with it!

if you have found all the 7 keys and you have problems with the necklace that's the solution: all the keys are on some take each one of them and put it in that thind that is above the necklace...and you'll see that for every key it will be shown a letter....than you combine the letters....and you find the word....i played the game twice and i found the words "beloved" and "forever"

you have to drag the keys into the thing above the necklace. then you'll see a letter. thats the letter you have to fill in.

i need help on the chicken and the egg, which code goes 1st and do i need to use the ruler for this? why dont the eggs come out its maken me mad.

Please Help, I am on the door wher there is a buzzng bee flying around! I thinkthe typewriter has something to do with it, but i can't figure it out! Please Help...

im stuck on the grounds.... green house how do you connect the hoes to the other thing?

I am stuck on the door with the games you have to play..Im on some falling heart game and i cant figure out what to do? Please Help

dear have to avoid the hearts and collect those diamonds...the game is over when you will have collected enough diamonds....but don't touch any heart cause you will have to restart the game...good luck

this is my first experience of playing a game of any kind and I hate violence so this mystery is perfect. because of my inexperence and lack of rules I am stuck on the page with the fisherman, fish and cat skeleton. the clue says play tic tac toe...but how. Help anybody! maybe after i figure out how this puzzle works, i can continue. thanks. WDEE

Are you familiar with tic tac toe, a.k.a. noughts and crosses? You are X and you have to get 3 X's in a row before O does. Once you beat it, something else will happen.

Hi I am having a lot of trouble figuring out the tic tac toe level as well, does anyone have an idea on how to solve it? thanks Carol

jan.jan--thanks for the help but i stillcanot write an x. am i supposed to find one in the room and drag it or what? WDEE

You only need to click on an available space and an X should appear.

jan-jan--you are very helpful. Another question, my husband and i ,working together, have managed to avoid every hard puzzle by choosing another room. we are about to run out of rooms. is there something major(or simple) that i need to still paddling blind WDEE

Its good to see that you are still plugging away. If you've already figured out some of these bizarre locks you will know that some of the things included in the lock screens are complete red herrings i.e. just included for the fun of it, and others are part of the puzzle, however seemingly impossible when you start each one. You will have to unlock every one sooner or later. I can help you with more specifics, if you like, as you get to each one.

You also might like to get yourself a TypeKey. With that your comments will be posted much quicker :D

What is a walkthrough? WDEE

i don't know what to do with the seven keys..
any help??

Are you up to the part where you have collected the seven keys and are attempting to open the cellar door?

Drag each key onto the thing at the top-middle. A letter will show up. Go to the part of the chain (?) that that key matches up with e.g. if the key has a sun on the top of it, go to the part of the chain that has a sun above it, and click on its button. Use the little lever thingie at the bottom to change that letter to the one that you got before. Do that with the six others.

i played the game for seven hours straight and I realized i have just been playing it because of the story. What is the ending? i was only able to get 20 diary entries.


Just wanted to thank RJ for the wonderful clue on solving the last puzzle. Thanks so much.

can't get the chicken lock on guest quaters

Have you made 3 eggs?

got that door stuck on the gorilla

hey everybody just a quick heads up, i have beat all three mystery case files game and waiting on the fourth...but if you absolutely need a walkthrough just google mystery case files ravenhearst walkthrough and it should pop up with one by gameboomers...good luck

I am stuck at the last room whith all the keys in the cellar, mystery case files ravenhurst

pls help me, i can't unlock the door with the water and the flowers with pictures dunno what to do

The flowers have to be watered. Take the tape off the spool and place it over the hose. Then water the plants one by one. Tear off the petals to match the correponding photo. If you make a mistake kill your plant by choosing poison to give it. Make sure to change color button to reflect the flower color of the pot it is on.

ok about the cellar bug, i found out the basement tab worked randomly.
--> after finding the seventh/tenth key (doesn't really matter if you clicked on the skeleton or the regular key.. both of them works..)let your time run out.
i tried like 6 times and looked for the keys again, after that the basement tab finally worked.
i got inside the cellar and did manage to solve the puzzle. my word was REVERED.
after long frustrating hours, i finally finished the game at 7:38:40. i thought i never finished it. phew.. thank god!!!
it was really a nice game. had exercise my eyes for a bit. but over all, i'm just disappointed about the the basement glitch. that drove me insane! i'm soo glad i did not pay for this. got the game for free (full version+cracked).
anyway, am looking forward for the next MCF version. i'm hoping i would not encounter anymore bugs and glitches.. seriously, big fish should test out their games before releasing it.

btw, thanks a bunch for the walkthroughs!

I am on the guest bathroom. I have looked up the walkthrough information for this and it has not helped. I get to the part where you are supposed to just click on the box and an x will fill in. I have tried making an x with the mouse and double clicking. What else do you need to do in order to have the x show up? HELP!!!

Hi, I don't mind about all the puzzles and things, can anyone just tell me how the diary ends? that's the reason I was playing..

For those wondering about the last entry and the story:


The woman is writing in her diary while the maid is packing her bags and they're preparing to flee. However, they don't get that far... The entry ends mid-sentence, with the picture strongly implying the man killed her with an axe.


After finding the last clues, she appears as a ghost to ask you to free her spirit. By solving the last puzzle you succeed, and she happily returns home.

Has anyone had any technical glitches with this game? I get weird graphic screw ups frequently, and then the first time I click on a hidden item in the game it crashes. It crashes so badly I have to reboot the computer.

I've not had nor heard of that problem, fnord3125.

You might try looking up the drivers for your video card and update them if possible.

Also, you might try updating the DirectX drivers, too.

Well I updated my video card drivers and DirectX and I'm still having the same problem. I wasn't really finding anything on the Big Fish support website, so I guess I'll have to try emailing them. I guess I should have downloaded the game as a demo first even with the awesome sale! :)

If you find all 7 keys, then you will have to wait for the time to run out. Once it does, you will go back into finding the keys and the basement tab will no longer be greyed out.
The 7 letter word depends on which 7 keys you collected. Simply match the key to the symbol on the door. Drag the key to the box and it will tell you what letter goes in the box. Put that key back and grab another, keep doing this until you have all 7 letters.

How do you get into the dining room? I have played this game lots of times clear to the end but have not been able to get into the dining room.

HELP!! I have guessed the 3,4 and 5 boxes correctly but can't figure hout what to do with the one with the sheep, dog, turtle, bird and snake. Can anyone help me??? Thanks in advance Diana

I am stuck on what to do with the pieces at the Crime Computer. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i don't see where anyone answered chases's question on 5/21/07, how do you get thru the locked door where you make all the lights light up?

I love this game. Having trouble with the last seven keys. I will be old when I finish this game.


ok i have 10 keys and the basement STILL isn't lit up what do I do

I'm having the same problem, Chris. I've collected all 7 keys and when I go back to the map to go to the cellar, the "basement" tab is greyed out so I can't get in. Either there's some glitch, or there's something that I've missed. I even got 3 extra keys because those rooms were still "lit up," yet I still can't access the cellar :( Any help?


This is literally driving me insane! I can't seem to get all the light bulbs lit up, as soon as I think I have then I loose it!! I would dearly appreciate any clues/advice/help.

I would really appreciate any advice/help/clues on a particular section of this game that is driving me stark raving mad! I cannot for the life of me get all the lights on the switchboard to light up at the same time!!!!

i just finished the game,took me a while to get the last one with the 7 keys right!!couldnt get the work!!i got beloved danielle

Please, I have read threw all post, but still didn't find help I needed. On the tic-tac-toe puzzle, do you need to get three fish, do you need chalk for the game. I have played all the way through, this is my third time and still can't get the tic tac toe to work.
any clues would be great. I have done everything in all the puzzle, and even click on the board to make the x and o's appear. Thanks, Cajun

Finally!! after 3 times trying and not being able to open the basement..I finished the game. You really have to watch the last few times you collect objects tward the end of the game. Try not to go in the basement. The last puzzle isn't that hard..its getting there.

I have found all 7 keys plus 3 extras, but when I try to get to the basement, it is greyed out, how do I get there to complete the game

Ok here let me help you all at least what i can tell you are all having promblems with

on the clock secret door use the big clock and make that be the time of each clock one at a time this will help you move to the next step, as for the egg door there are 2 clues on the wall 1 that says 1 part this 1 part that and 2 part something else there is one more that say 3 parts one 2 parts one and 2 parts of the last one this will display your two eggs you need . as for the very last door i think the reason it is blacked out on you guys is because you collected more keys then you needed to i only collected the 7 and had no promblem getting back into the cellar the key word i had was cherish good luck

me stuck on the 7 (10) keys replayed 5 times now .i'm thinking ...ok, just collect skeleton keys, tried that didnt work.basement still greyed out. replayed again, didnt play basement first.

still nothing. i been playing this last level for 2 days now. today replayed 5 times, i am typing now and letting the time run out again for the 6th time, what to do ..this sure is a serious glitch, that really need to be fixed, esp after purchasing and get so far and can't finish mystery.

oh that sux.

what is a typekey, how you get one?

[Edit: You don't need a TypeKey account if you're already registered with us, Casual Gameplay. :) -Jay]

help guys!...i found all the keys on the las puzzle...i dont know where the CELLAR is!!...

in the last stage, what should i do after i have found all the 7 key????plssss i need help,....badly!!!

Here's how you solve the last puzzle

This really is a spoiler and I actually wrote down the password for the last door so if you don't want to solve it yourself, please skip this spoiler
You have to get 8 keys so that the cellar would appear in the map. If this doesn't work, just let the time clock end and just repeat finding the 8 (or 7 keys). afterwards, go to the cellar (located at the basement) and click on the highlited door. Supposedly, all you have to do is just click on a symbol (like a heart, or a moon) then put the key at the center and click the button to see the letter that corresponds to that key. Anyway, actually the password is BELOVED. Hope this helps

Everyone, on the last level, once you found all the keys, go the cellar. It's in the basement on the same floor as the control room. A door will appear that wasn't there before. The cellar has a staircase and a bookshelf in it.

If you can't figure out what to do with the keys when you get to the locked door, this is what you do. Notice the symbols by the red (buttons turn green when clicked) buttons. Notice the keys have matching symbols. Take a key and put it on the mini screen between the roses with the loarge green circle under it. It will give you a letter. Go to the button it matches and click on it (til it's green). Go to the dial at the bottom of the screen. Turn it and notice letters pop up by the button you pressed. Choose the letter that was just given to you. Do this to all of the buttons and keys.

The door will open up. Click on the coffin until the lid pops off. Congratulations! Emma's soul is set free and the game is over!

Also, the strategy I used throughout the game is to find as many things as you can in the locked rooms. Then use your hints for the remaining things you can't find. THEN go to the locked door. If you can't figure it out easily, call help. Don't spend forever trying to figure it out.

Got the keys? Here is the solution! Place each key (one at a time) in the area above the green light and it will show you each key's letter of the alphabet! adjust each letter to each symbol and your done! Then release Emma from her coffin... Game over

Judy, if you look carefully at the background you should be able to see some sort of picture, get a piece of the puzzle from the bottom, and match it to the background, (You may have to rotate the piece to make it fit.) Repeat the process until the entry is complete.

I find all the seven keys but i cant go to the cellar,anybody help me.......

NEED HELP on the puzzle where you get three drop downs and you have to match the items that are randomly spun into the boxes. no problem with that. but after that it showed a picture of a turle, bird, snake, etc. i tried dragging the items to match the picture but it doesnt work. help me

guyz, can you tell me where can I find all 7 skeleton keys? pls tell me where are they....
I will really appreciate it...

What is the final word in the game?

The answer to the last stage is endless

Ok, so I've got the keys plus one, I'm in the cellar, in front of the cellar door with the lock on it. I click on the door and all I hear is some knocking. I don't see the keys I have to insert to get the letters, I don't see a lock puzzle like all the others. Just the cellar, the yellow door and someone knocking when I click on it. Help! It's driving me insane!

I finally got it! I got just 7 keys, not more and was able to get to the crypt door puzzle! Finally! I think the game has a bit of a glitch there because I tried god knows how many times to get the basement tab to light up after 7 keys.'s done...moving on to another Mystery Case File!!

can anyone help me on the music room lock? i really dont get it, and im going insane over what to do.

hey all...i'm stuck on the Workshop door where you know the one with the guitar, monkey and the key in the speaker...well its not letting me grab the key...Help!! Its really driving me nuts!!


  • You first have to bring the square block down in the slider puzzle

  • To start this one all over again, you have to go to the map and then back. This will reset the game to the original state

  • When you are done with it, click the switch below the puzzle to activate the fan

  • Click two time the white button of the fan, so it will go down

  • Click the sign with the 03 and you see a red button. Click it

  • This makes a chainreaction, which will give you at the a battery on the shelf left side, which you have to drag to the panel left above

  • Lower left side you see a paper, showing +8 and -3. Press the black buttons above the battery,till they show this numbers in the display
    Take the guitar pick, that's left down at the guitar and move it once over the guitar strings

  • This will scare away the monkey and at the place where he was sitting you see a card in the box

  • Drag the card on the card reader at the right side of the door and the door opens

Greetings, Kayleigh

Hey guys I need some help. I have just got out of the theatre and I don't know what to do. I'm not able to find my way back into the house using the ram. Where is the ram?

For those having probs with the seven keys in the last level, I found the solution to it! Do not take keys from rooms in the BASEMENT LEVEL. It's a glitch of some sort. I've discovered that every time you get all the keys in a certain level/floor, the map greys out that floor. So if you take all keys from the Basement, the map greys that out along with the CELLAR. Stupid glitch huh?

Not to worry, there are enough keys in the other rooms of other floors! :)

Im stuck!! I think im in the "garden" where there's a door and you have to solve the puzzle to open it. It looks like a skeleton that you have to shape in to the shape that was found in the kitchen on the wall. I put it into the shape....but nothing. Im dead in the water right now!!

[Edit: You are playing Return to Ravenhearst (#2), but this is the Ravenhearst (#1) page. As for the skeleton, the proper configuration for it is recorded in your log book. Have a look there to make sure you've got it right. Please post questions about that game on the Return to Ravenhearst page. You will even find a walkthrough over there to help you. Thank you! -Jay]

Hi, I have to say something for those who get more than 7 keys at the final stage. As you can see the basement has put gray and you cannot enter in it. Well, let the time expires and find ONLY 7 keys in the different floors except the basement, you do not even touch this place while you are seeking the keys. Once you have the keys, click basement-->cellar and open the final door... luck!!

Hi there, I have gotten into the Cellar with the keys, and I see everybody talking about dragging the keys to the thing on the door, but where are the keys?
I dont see them anywhere for me to be able to drag them, is there something you have to do to them after you collect them all or something? Im completely confused and would appreciate any help I can get.


Well now I feel stupid, I never did see the message about only getting 7 keys before I asked my question.
I did that and was able to finish it up and free her spirit...that has bugged me for days now LOL
Thanks so much.

Yeah, during the last door, in the basement, after finding all the keys. The word probably changes for everyone, so yeah, if you think that word is endless, it is not because mine was worship, so yeah. Just put the keys in the little box up above where the letters are and you will get your letters, but make sure that you go in order that they little pictures are or you are lost!!

i need help almost done but i placed all the hearts where they belong and have the center one but it never opened what do i do to get the door to open???!!! help please

actually if youre looking for a spoiler about the last puzzle, the best you can do is find out HOW to do it, because, if youve read the comments, youll find that, like the items in each room, the word to the room (or shrine, actually) changes each time. There's BELOVED, DEAREST, FOREVER, ENDLESS..the list goes on...

I'm stuck. Can't find the scissors to cut the teddy open. They're not in the kitchen. Do I have to start again? I used plier things to cut the flower at the beginning, but then I could reuse them. Please help.

In the Final Level, click on the symbol for the key you want to find the letter for, then drag the key into the center lock and it will tell you what letter to enter.

After finding the 7 keys you must take
each key, place it into the circle which
spells out an individual letter for each
key. Write each letter down on paper, do a
word scramble to come up with the right word.
That is how I solved it. Have fun!

I played this whole game over a 3 week period without using cheats or walkthroughs and enjoyed it. I am at the end, all hearts are in place and I can't find the control panel panel to kill Charles!

Hey all. For anybody who is still having trouble on the last puzzle,

Put one key on the screen that has the bright light under it. After it gives you a letter,enter that where you see the symbol at the top of the key on the necklace. Put that key back, and then repeat the process.

Does any one know where the second paddle lock can be found in the game room -- hint shows it to be on the left near the beer stein /koala bear / lamp... [chair with pillows...?] help!

the well, how do I loosen the rope at the well? I turn the handle still won't turn

once you get the keys go to the cellar. at the door the keys will be hung on nails around a black box above circular letter 'fields' arranged in an arc (like a smiley face). take each key and individually place them on the black box. each key (whose heads correspond to a circle in the arc i.e. the sun key goes with the sun emblem, eye key to the eye, etc.) will give you a letter. click the red button of the letter field to turn it green, then move the circular dial at the bottom the change the letters. i think it each game will give you a different word, so what worked for me might not necessarily work for you.

the clocks
5 means 5 fingers on the hand
go to the next square and count whats there
and press that number you see ect.

please help!!!! i just bought this game and went to the walkthrough. I can't get the balloon to rise. I clicked the valve, changed the time, opened the bottle clicked wheel 2x and the air keeps going out of the balloon it won't rise!! GRRRRRRR

For The Last Door for those who haven't solved it yet...

it's a 7 letter word and it rhymes with perish.

Give up?

the word is CHERISH.


Hi i have finished the game like 5 times and the last door i have found changes the word each time so it can be really confusing. Just thought it would b a idea to mention that now before people get frustrted when the one word you have doesnt work.

i've been playing this game for 7 hours & 3o minutes. WHEN DOES IT END?

hola, aca dejo mi consejo, en el ultimo puzzle de las llaves, buscar solamente 7 llaves, cuando las encontras te dice que vayas a cellar, que es la bodega y esta dentro de la habitación Basement. no entres a la bodega antes de tener las 7 llaves. una vez que entrastes a la bodega, aparece un puzzle, el final. ahi pones cada una de las llaves en el centro y te da una letra, en un papel anota el simbolito de arriba de la llave y la letra que le toca a cada llave, despues abajo en la palabra, en cada casillero hay un simbolo arriba te fijas en el papel cual le corresponde a cada letra. y asi lo resolves. espero que ayude

[Translated (using Google Translate): hello, here I leave my advice, the last puzzle of the keys, searching only 7 keys, when we find tells you to go to cellar, which is the winery and is in the room Basement. do not go to the winery before having the 7 keys. once you entered the warehouse, there is a puzzle, the end. there you put each of the keys in the center and gives you a letter on paper records the small symbol top of the key and the letter that it's up to each key, then down the word in each box is a symbol above you look at the role that corresponds to each letter. and so it resolves. hope that helps.]

In order to get a free download of Fairway Solitaire simply put freefairway. It's a really fun game and you even have the options to change the style of your deck, which i totally enjoy!

Anyone know how to find the scalpel anywhere????

The solution to opening the Door after collecting all the keys is - look for the head portion of all the keys...If it is showing a star then activate the Star button by watching the icons above the word places...and then follow the proces..

My word came out to Cherish and idolize for my friend

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