Double Wires

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JayDouble WiresAnother unique new game appeared recently on the amazing blog of DofI, a Japanese game developer that generally uses Processing to cast his magic, however this game is in Flash.

Imagine being like Spiderman and able to shoot sticky strands of web out from your hands. Using those elastic strands you just might be able to attach to surfaces and propel yourself forward.

Well, that is just what playing Double Wires is like, and it's a lot fun, too.

Simply click the mouse to shoot a wire straight towards the mouse pointer. If close enough to a colored surface, it will adhere to it temporarily and yank you toward it from the elasticity of the string. You can have two wires in use simultaneously, hence the name of the game. Use them to keep moving forward because the game window doesn't stop scrolling. If you go too far outside the game window (in any direction) the game ends.

This side-scrolling, arcade physics game has a very simple objective: make it as far as you can. I managed 185 yds. What's your record?

Play Double Wires

Cheers to Wistan and Evan for the heads-up about DofI's new game. =)


Awsome game love it.


This reminds me of Extreme Climbing from TeaGames.

I wish there was more to the game than just gaining yards, other than that, very very cool.

Fun game; it's a bit like String Theory from the Experimental Gameplay Project website, or Pendulumeca... both excellent games.

You might also like Tri-Arachnid. The web-spinning takes a while to get used to, but it's rather neat.

I love the concept, and the implimentation... just wish the levels were more randomized. The first 4 or 5 levels get rather monotonous when they stay in that order time after time after time.

Does it have an end? i got to 140 on my third try... quite fun :)

238.37 yards

Good game, but the buggy wires lead me to many, MANY deaths. I also died because the next area wasn't loaded when I went to shoot something.

Hey this is awsome. i saw this game and thought i should recommend this. Yea i agree with brandon teagames made a better one.

java? it's flash for me...

Nice game though!!

Anyone got any word on how to make it pass 100 yd? When I get to the verts with the crack through the middle I just can't get past.

> "java? it's flash for me..."

Oye. My bad. It is, of course, Flash for me, too. With all his other work being in Processing, I just assumed.

It was late when I posted that. So...tired. =)

309.76 great game..very challenging the trick is to slingshot your self up and over most opsticals so you get more time to grab

It'd be nice if the wire didn't detach until the next one was connected, maybe doubleclick to disengage. Actually, the best implementation might be involved drawing from and improving teagames design; have each wire controlled by a key (I'm thinking the [ .] keys; fairly neutral on the keyboard for lefties and righties alike). Pressing either key disengages its wire, and clicking while holding that key down slings the wire in the direction of the click. It should make for a nice rhythm of rocking back and forth on the keys, mimicking the rhythm of left-arm right-arm you'd feel actually webslinging.

Jay, whenever you post personal scores, I always try to beat them to make me feel better about myself. :) heh, anyway I got 184.83 yards, ALMOST beat you! I feel like a failure. Heh.

I've been playing this game for a while. It's simple, and incredibly fun and addicting (just like everything from Dofi).

309ish as well. I don't think I'll ever be able to top that XD

this looks like a good game to have user created levels. very addicting.

223.04 YD Haha

The most i ever got on it was about not that good

Isn't this a copy of another game already released?

double wires + line rider = win.

someone should suggest that to the author.

LOL I got out of the "trap" when you die!

I've got nothing of importance to add here, just wanted to note that I beat Jay's score by an astonishing 3.08 yd's. Satisfaction has been achieved.

258.67 yds

ouch my hand hurts.

306.24 yards


It's not the highest but I'm proud of myself. =P

Finally something to write about: 319.31

Great game! Way too addicting.

yuck 105 >_>


A good trick early on is to double-click, sending both wires at the same point. Acts like a slingshot, can whip you right out of a fall.

For some reason, your link opens up to just a blank white page. I'm using IE.

It seems I've had a lot of troubles with DofI's games doing the same thing. Do his games not play well with IE?


213 =)
I don't really like the parts with a lot of dots >_>

Holy crap, I just shot myself so fast that I went though a wall XD


I'd print screen, but I don't feel like the trouble.

After 500, it seems like the autoscrolling moves fast enough that one simple misake is enough to bone you.

Also, some of the transitions in the 450+ range are mean - a lot of the sections I would go low on and then it would transition me to something where the nearest anchor was at the top of the screen. Requires some quick clicking.

304. There were like 3 pink levels in a row once o_O
and another time a pink section was loading... but it wasn't there yet, and it loaded when I was under it >_>


I need to stop playing this game.

this game was alright but i cant help mention the likenss to a game called umm... i forget sumthing to do with monkye thoughand way in that one you are trying to go up and the water is rising and the screen move with you so the only way to die is fallign dwon . BUT i must mention some of the other games in dolfis blog . i perticuly liked sand sand sand it didnt relly have a point but they way so many diffenrt things reacted togeterh made it quite enjoyable . and i played if for quite a while

New personal record: 504 :0

I got 360 yards because the computors at this school are so slow!!! :)

I am always amazed at what DofI produces. This game is spectacular because the concept and goal is simle, yet the actual gameplay is just challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. I simply cannot stop playing this game and trying to beat my best record. As Jay said the game is unique, and I think it is very original. DofI always seems to be a step ahead to come up with something that no one has done before.

hey i love the game nd im sooooo addicted to it

GREAT GAME! yes,it should be more randomized....when you get around the 350 range it begins repeating....anyway my best is 387.91 yd.

Great game..
Personal Record: 510.15 YD

To get between the verticals, shoot the wires alternately to either side, until you arte high enough to shoot the ceiling

My highest score is a 658.11 yards. I could keep going but after like 550 yards or so, the scrolling seems to speed up and even if i make the slightest mistake i get sucked off the screen! oh well.

i got to 520 ft!!



Really good game
17yds I'm rubbish at it

ive made a personal record of 545

I got over 2000 yards. no joke.
my next best is 827ish.

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