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JayGrow TributeGrow Tribute is, exactly as the name implies, a tribute to the Grow series of games. It was created exclusively for AlbinoBlacksheep by IndustrialZombie.

For those familiar with Grow games, this one will feel like putting on an old favorite shoe or shirt again. The gameplay is the same and yet it presents an all-new puzzle to challenge and delight you with.

If you've never played a 'recipe' game before, it's really very easy to play, though the solution requires some puzzle solving to get right. Each of the elements along the sides are added, one by one, by clicking on them. There exist relationships of interdependence between some of the elements that will ultimately affect their growth. The objective is to find the correct order in which to add each element such that all elements reach their maximum level.

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Analysis: IndustrialZombie has done an excellent job at capturing much of the same magic that has made the Eyezmaze Grow series of games so engaging and rewarding, though without some of the charm that On is famous for. But the difference is quite small.

I particularly liked that solving this game seemed to progress logically for me, relying less on trial and error than with some other Grow games and clones I've played. Grow Tribute succeeds at giving a well-deserved nod to the series while establishing itself as a worthy addition to the relatively new genre. Highly recommended.

Cheers to Madpeon for the link. =)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Walkthrough order:

Pink Blob
Yellow Blob


i just want to say that the grow games are some of the best games on the internet.

Walkthrough order:

Pink Blob
Yellow Blob

I came up with a different solution than justdig's walkthrough:

  1. pink blob

  2. yellow blob

  3. stonehenge

  4. tent

  5. rocket

  6. electric

  7. sun

  8. ice

  9. nut

  10. fountain

  11. lighthouse

  12. hole

Well, got 7 by myself. Then it was time for the walkthrough. It was more logical than the real Grow series, but not quite the same, as you said Jay. Still, a lot of fun.

Uff, these games are over so quickly, and then it's, what, a couple of months until a new one's out? I've played all those on, the Spanish one that refers to some political scandal, the ugly-simple-city one (commerce, industry, etc. as drop-ins)... What else is out there? Unfortunately, this genre hasn't a name yet, so the best I cann google for is "like eyezmaze". Links, anyone?

ahh...for some reason my computer wont allow me to get to any other links or is that it?

It says the game was made exclusively for them, so yes, I guess you're out of luck. =/

oh...bummer...well it seems like a good game. I've always been a fan of the Grow games. Well, anyways, great site, Jay. I come here at least once a day and it never ceases to amaze me. Keep at it!

Cheers, Evan! =D

You might try hitting it from a proxy server, have you tried a site like Sometimes that works, but if games sites are being blocked by your place of work, then chances are the proxy sites are blocked as well. It's worth a try.

the genre is called "grow". that's the only thing it can be called.

I didn't quite like this one actually. With it's typical "computer game lifeless-and-dark-for-no-reason" sort of music, it doesn't make me feel anything at all, as opposed to eyezmaze's games, which are full of life and emotion.

I don't dislike sad or dark music in general, but it must have emotion and some kind of beauty.

The game is skillfully programmed though.

I have to agree about the music, Nifflas. Maybe it was just me filtering it out, but I hardly even noticed it. Maybe I didn't want to notice since I enjoyed every other aspect of the game very much. Good point; and yet I still think this is the closest thing we've seen to a new grow game since Grow Cube last year.

I played this so hard, my FACE fell off.

I found a different system from the two walkthroughs already posted. It is also possible to win with the evil yellow blob as the dominant one, although it is a little bit trickier since the yellow blob's children will wreak havoc if you aren't careful.

Build the tent first, then yellow blob, then pink. Then continue on similar to the 2nd walkthrough above.

(could it be the sign-in through TypeKey doesn't work anymore? I get a 404 when returning to jig)

The first grow type game I solved without even one glance at the comments :D (except the christmas one)
Then start to read here and notice there are several solutions... *rolleyes*

The solution I found:

one Blob
the other blob
or, to put a bit more general: the first 4 plus the 6th are interchangable, as long as the blobs are placed after each other and, if the yellow blob is placed first, the tent has to be placed earlier, so that it can evolve enough to built the shield, unless you place the yellow blob as the first item, and the tent as the 6th :)

Thank you, Nathanyel, for the bug report. I changed something recently and broke the TypeKey sign-in process. It should be fixed now. Cheers! =)

I humbly suggest they be called permutation games.

How odd!

The order I came up with:


Nathanyel - your solution doesn't quite work if you place the yellow blob first, only if you place the pink one first

odd, zxo is right... however,

if you place the electricity before the tent, then the yellow offspring will go over... I guess the tent is too developed by then and/or the little yellow one is afraid...
So, additional general rule: if you decide to place the yellow blob before the other blob, don't place the tent first :)

took hours to play this, I didn't get the solution either until i have to look through the spoiler for the answer.

pink yellow sun stonehenge rocket tent pole snowflake nut fountain lighthouse hole


yellow pink sun stonehenge rocket tent pole snowflake nut fountain lighthouse hole

Another solution, stonehenge first:

stonehenge rocket pole sun tent yellow pink (snowflake nut or nut snowflake) fountain lighthouse hole

pink blob, yellow blob,roket, electricx, sun, house, stone hendge, ice,fountain, nut, lighthouse ,hole

what is the correct order, becuase the one above me isnt right

Hmmmm. Yeah, the music brought down the entire game. The blobs were....a little odd, but humorous nonetheless. I think the GROW games themselves were at least 1,000,000,000,000,000,000x better. But this was still good. MUSIC: TOO DARK!


lol dunno if anybody else found this but...
if you are at eyezmaze's home page and click on that weird thing not related to any of the games... YOU GET TO GO THROUGH A MAZE! and the girl at the end changes if you look away and look back. sometimes it might take awhile though.

i know something:

if you put in one of the blobs and not the other then put in the tent, the blob dies for no reason

The maze smarm420 found is actually the 1st ever version of the Eyezmaze site

THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY REAL ONE !!!!! so dont need to scroll down cause this is it :) i found it out the other ones got 1 MISTAKE !!! THE STONEHENGE NEVER WAS AT HIGHEST LEVEL so i searched it out and saw if u do this it is: pink-blob yellow-blob stonehenge tent rocket pole snowflake nut fountain lighthouse hole

Stonehenge, house, three eyes, two eyes, rocket, pole, sun, ice, nut, water thing, lighthouse, hole

I love the grow games, but unfortunately I don't think this even close to par. As a few have mentioned earlier it just lacks all the charm of the eye-maze games, and that is what makes them great in my opinion.

why does no one talk anymore is it because they dont want or they forgot about this site and jay make more games pls i waited for 3 months already!!

Not very cool or cute, the best ones are Grow Cube, Grow (help the little sick guy! CUTE) and best of all, GROW ISLAND. Chinese grow is a tuffy but after seeing the part that is (fortunatley) blurry.. your a little sicked out anyways. This is cool, but I think it's a wannabe-grow-game. It's not as close to as fun as the games I listed (besides Chinese grow that's not even fun)

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