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Jaysling.jpgIf someone were to have told me that I'd be spending the next several hours flinging, flicking, snapping, bouncing, dropping and shooting a green gob of gooey slime around 50 levels of a unique new Flash platform puzzle game, I'd probably have expected to see an exceptional piece of work. Well, Sling is exactly that: an amazing new physics-based platform game and I have been playing and enjoying it for hours.

Sling is also an animated creature with a single hand and a head connected by a long stretchy piece of springy slime. You control it with the mouse by clicking on its head to grab and pull it around, or snap it like a sling shot. Sling can attach only to small round spheres, or "grabs", that are placed around each level. It can also bounce off of walls, ceiling and floor provided they are free from hazard. A realistic physics model is used to give Sling its behavior and its springy, sling shot properties.

The objective (for most levels) is to visit all the grey grabs to turn them green. That will open up a portal that will take you to the next level.

Some levels will require you to flip switches and avoid enemies as well as visiting all the grabs, and every fifth level introduces you to a 'boss' level to complete. To create an added incentive, you play against the clock to beat the "gold time" set for each level. Although gold time performance is not required to advance, if you do achieve gold on all 50 levels a special bonus game is unlocked as a reward.

Analysis: There is much to enjoy from this beautiful piece of work: The opening introduction and animated tutorial, the cut scenes after the boss levels, the graphics, the sound design, as well as the unlockable levels and bonus game, Sling has all the features of a commercial game product. It is a gorgeous Web game with an exceptional physics implementation. That in itself is quite remarkable considering the usual Flash performance bottleneck we're used to seeing with action-oriented games.

In terms of gameplay, Sling plays as smooth and fluid as it looks. The levels start off fairly basic and gradually introduce new concepts and complexities as you make your way through the game. Each new level presents a puzzle with a little something added here or there. Just enough to keep you interested and challenged the whole way through. At first I wasn't as concerned with making gold times as I was with simply making it through each level; but now that I have acquired new skills and tricks from the later levels, back tracking to get those missed gold times is simultaneously enjoyable and gratifying.

Sling was created by two brothers from Australia, Jamie Edis and Simon Edis, who together have created over 200 Web games and animations between them. The game is available to play for free from their ezone website.

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I couldn't get the game to load. Disappointing, since it looks like a great game!

Lovely game.

At first I was enraged about the erratic behaviour at the edges of game area, but then I realized you SHOULDN't use the edge area. The levels are so beautifully designed there is always a way around that restriction. But still, game cursor exiting the area is a wee bit frustrating.

That said, the game is really a wonderful and relaxing experience. The levels never get too complicated and it should take you about an hour and a half to finish it. Oh, one other small complaint - the times needed for GOLD status are waaay too forgiving. I got gold the first time I solved the level about 95% of the time, and on those levels I didn't one more try usually did the trick. Also, final 5 levels are ridicilously easy

All in all, a very fine and goofy (or better said squishy) game.

I'd argue that the interface could use some more work, but other than that, a nice game. Play the first few levels, u might stick to it ;)

The only problem I run into, and it's very small, is it's hard to do small rebounds off the ground and you usually end up going the other way...though that sort of makes sense...
But yeah, fun game and I like the silly cutscenes xD
It gives you another little reward for getting through the levels.

i really enjoyed this game....even though the reward at the end for the gold is i dunno not as great as i was expecting maybe...i dunno its an awesome game though, good find

Indeed, an excellent game.

I'm still currently playing this. It's pretty darn addictive.
I am expecting something good for all gold levels- will I be let down?

Am I missing something on the bonus level?
All I get is a "Zzzzzzzzz..."

i used to play "lenny in space" on for hours.

this is a great game. frustrating but wonderful.

awesome game! im about to give it a second play through just for kicks!

I suck so bad at this game, XD.

All the levels were pretty easy until "multipul grab grabbers",any suggestions?

haha, what a nice way to spend a couple hours. The game is LONG enough to make it lasting, but SO easy that you don't get frustrated or bored trying to get there! It's reasonably frustrating to get the trick to some levels some times and to get used to the bouncing, but when you catch on, the whole thing's a relative breeze, and it's fun in the process. The cutscenes were somewhat amusing, though usually pretty pointless, and the bonus stage you get for the gold times was actually a pretty fun little reward. This game's definitely a winner

The physics here are very good, though it might be nice if the maximum length were a bit shorter. The graphics, as well, are also quite good. Great game!

Call me crazy, but I don't love this game. I got totally stuck on level 4 (almos 400 seconds, and I didn't pass!), and, because of homework, quit it.

Love this game! Thanks, Jay. It's a very smooth game to play. I love how simple, yet inventive the premise is.
Can't wait to finish playing it. It'll have to wait until I have an couple hours!

Yay for the Edis brothers! The Lenny Loosejocks Walkabout game was my favorite game years ago...
I've always liked the ezone games. They're easy to learn how to play, but most are long enough to be enjoyable much longer than other webgames. Plus they're less frustrating and seem to have better replayability (did I just make up a word?) than others.
Thanks Jay, now I'll never get to sleep...

fun game ! although my cpu usage is at or near 100% whenever i play it , it is making windows media player stutter which never happens when i play lots of other games and listen to music at the same time - anyone else have this happen ?

I've gotten gold on all the levels up until level 38...i can't pass it at all. any pointers from anyone?

cool. i got gold up until the very last level, which i haven't yet tried. i hope i can beat it!

cool. all gold for all levels.

there doesn't seem to be much to the bonus level...

I also was hopelessly stuck on multiple grab grabbers!! I just passed it here's some help

to get to the right side,..when you are hanging on the red spikey thing, shoot from ABOVE and ricochet off the floor you should have enough power to hop over the wall - do not shoot from below at an angle or you will hit the permanent red spikey thing

Addiction is an ugly thing... this game has me hooked and I love it!

i can't seem to finish level 31. I can't get from the slime cannon thing to the last slime covered grab in time

grrr... and as soon as i posted that, i managed it, tho, i need to get a gold time

Pretty fun, this one. :)

I like how well-polished this game is. Being able to play from the main menu to the credits screen is a nice touch, and it gets better from there. I'm surprized at the amount of new elements they've managed to introduce during the whole game, and how easy these are to understand. Some levels are a bit 'frustrating', but overall, it's fun to play, lasting relatively long. I like how each level or level set has different characteristics.

The only thing(s) I'd like to see are some different level themes and perhaps some different enemies or different behaviour from these - the endboss was a bit too standard for my taste.

Nonetheless, a fine game.

I love this game! Please make more levels =)

i can't figure out, what the bonus level is about... after i get all 100 coins, i'm back at the old guy's place and he's sleeping ... any ideas what you have to do there?

Multiple Grab Grabbers has me stumped. I can't seem to find an agle to get back off the lever to the red spike so I can get to the other side. What am I missing??

well I finally found it though I doubt if I could do it again. really tricky finding that one little spot. after that I finished all the levels without the same difficulty. cute game. frustrating .. but cute

Why does

apple key and w skip levels? i only wanted to close the window

useful though

I'm stuck on level 31, with the slime cannon - there seems to be no way I can get to the final white grab before my slime wears off! Any suggestions?

I wonder how people score over 1 billion points..? I can go a far as 80.000 if im doing my best. Anything do to with the bonus level with I really dont get. I see others have posted question about this ZZZZZZZzzzzzz
but would anyone mind to answer? Is it useful?
Great game though!

im so stuck on level 18 anyone no any cheats or an someone help me?
please...? lol

I really can't pass level 22 'climbing' Please Help! I can't get out of the first bit... can you give me a cheat, or some instructions?

Ok... been playing this game for hours and can't get past level 38 Goo-Mazing! Can anyone help me with this as I'm going insane here!

I feel pathetic, I cannt get past level 18. Ive tried more than a milion times and I want to throw the computer out of the window(ha ha not really).....anybody have any tips? All in all I love this game-highly addictive-good graphics-I give it five stars. *****

hi this game is highly addictive, but i am stuck on level 38 anyone know any pointers or cheats that might help???? PLEASE...I AM GOING CRAZY!!!

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! I got to level 32 the first time i tried it, but i want to smash my laptop repeatedly into a brick wall because i cant get pass level 32 and ive been trying for hours. Can anybody give me tips to help before i give my self a concossion by hitting my head against the wall?!?!?!?

hey i am on the level called: Climbing and i wish someone would walk me through it so i could get gold time Thanks

I love this 'game'
I am playing medium level stage 17 ... and cant for the lfie of me figure it out
PLEASE can somebody help me out

I can't get past level 17...i've tried a million zillion times and about to destroy my computer. I can't get from the lever back to the red spiky ball. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

I'm stuck on level 22 as well! Please help!!! I just can never get out of the first bit! :( Please help!

Im very stuck!!
On 'multiple grab grabbers' how do you get from the lever, back to the red spiky thing?
Help Please!!

i am totally stuck on lev 18 red spikey grabs any tips

please help me on 20 im sooo annoyed i cant do it help me asap plz lol xxx kim

lvl 17 multi grabers is really easy you need to stretch it on the oposite side and then it'll rebound to the red spiky ball

^^^^^^^ for all you guys who keep getting stuck, stop being nooby about it and wailing all the time, just practice and you will get there in the end......

Level 1:

Should be obvious. If you grab in the right order, you should never have to fling yourself. Avoid landing on the floor, as it is hard to get up. rab the vortex like you hooked onto the grabbers.

Level 2:

Fling yourself over. Angle your shot upwards a LITTLE bit. Then, to get to the vortex, pull the apprentice toward the right wall, a little lower than the menu button.

Level 3:

Fling yourself down so you bounce on the floor and under the barrier. Either rebound yourself on the floor to the next grab, or (if you're lucky) your first fling will have bounced you tyo the second grab. Pull down and fling yourself over the wall to the next grab. Then, pull down and fling back to center grab. Fling down under the barrier to the left grab. Pull up to the vortex.

More to come once my fingers don't ache anymore!

Didn't catch this the first time through... but when featured in best games of 06, i had to try it. Brilliant!

As for Ezone... Fat Boy raids the cookie factory was the first internet game i truly loved.

same here i played it for hours but could never beat it.

i need help with level 17- the level with the multi grabber grabbers. i have been trying for soo long! and usually i can jsut come back to it and i will get it, but i cant do that!! i cant get from the lever back to the red spiky ball. someone PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think the game is great it wasnt that hard to figure out the things though without using the spoiler button i didnt think so many people would be interested in this game well it is pretty addictive xxx

ok dudes i no im cheating...BUT I NEED HELP
after i get to the first lever i cant get back to the red spikey ball... i no some of you tried to explain earlier but it didnt really work...btw if you need help with any of the levels b4 17 i can help...anyways thanks if you can post somthing that would be great!

I can't past level 40 plz help me. I also can't get gold time on level 38. If anyone has any tips tell me!!

i Beat the game and did the bonus level but i came back and all I got was ZZZZZZzzzzzzz! If anyone Knows if it is the end of the game or not. Please Tell Me!!!

Please tell me how you get past the dog as i just started the game and i love it but i cant get past that part. can any1 tell me how?

Not a terrible way to kill an hour.

please...please...can anyone tell me what the reward at the end is???

this game is a great game for a online game if I were a teacher i would give it a A+. Although some levels are too hard!

cant beat level 38 need help

I have been playing this game for hours on end... And I love the version of slingette, a girl sling. to beat her game, you have to beat the original sling. Pretty awesome, i must say!

Hey, for you guys there. Any ideas in how to get past level 43?

Level 22 is not that hard to do:

I First take the first bullet (a) and get yourself in the corner (b)
II Bounce against the corner to get on the first level (c)
III Get yourself at the furthest end of it (d)
From there, it's easy to jump over the middle part to the far end of the level (e) by dragging your mouse to (*) (the corner from the second level and the wall) and releasing
IV Do the same thing as described before (get yourself on the end of the first level, but don't jump too far! -the * from the first part has to be lower here-) to get in the middle part of the game.
V The rest should be clear.

| e |
| |
|*-- | f | ---|
| | - | |
|c-d | | ---|
| a | ° | |

I just completed the whole game, and I was about to write the spoilers about the levels asked, but it's not worth it. The end of the game sucks. (Is there an end anyway?)
Game: 8/10
Story: 2/10

How do you pass level 31?? OMG! i'm stuck! there is like no time to get back to the slime cannon then touch the last grab! HELP!

The explanation for level 22 does not make sense at all! I could not pass it! Could you ore someone else please explain how to beat level 22! This would be greatly appreciated!

i cant figure out level 38 im not fast enough!!!

I't get past Level 31! It's driving me crazy! Please please please please PLEASE help!

I know this is really sad, but I cannot beat 11. HELP ME! Please. :(:(:(:(

i cant get through level 38: goo-mazing!!!! i need some help, PLEASE!!

seen it posted so many times... but no answers... is that Zzzz bit the end of the game? and if so... why is the gold rewarding? its all very well being able to collect the gold over and over and over again whilst the old guy sleeps.... but what can you do with it?

I need help with level 11

hey guys!! im real stuck on level 31 its too hard im not quick enough ive tried for hours somebody please help me!!!!

Lvl 17 is simple rebound on the coner of the wall to get to the red ball... also how do I get past lvl 19???

im kinda stuck on 36, if u could help me, i have a reward!!!

This is general help for the past few entries:

Level 11:

Staying on the grab, pull your sling a little below the top left hand corner (call this 'distance x'). This will bounce under the center columb, onto the lever. Pull your sling 'distance x' from the top right hand corner, this will bounce you onto the first grab again. Then, pull your sling 'distance x' from the corner made on the left of the center columb. This will bring you to the yellow grap in the lower half of the screen. Pull yourself across, then sling your way to the portal.

Level 31: This took me ages as well. You just have to keep on trying.
Level 19:

Drop to get the grab below, and bring yourself up. Then, pull your sling, to the left and a little below the grab you just fell onto. This will bring you to the grab in the second column. Fall onto the red spiked grab when it's safe, and fall again onto the floor. Get under the second column by trial and error. Bounce up to the grab above, and then the one above that, then pull your sling to the same position you did before, to the left. When you're on the new grab, drop when it's safe, until you are on the floor. Get yourself to the right again, then jump up onto that grab. Jump for the lever, then just use the same positions as before to get back to the portal.

Level 36:

When it's safe, go onto the wobbly grab, and bring yourself up onto the grab above. Drop down, and cross the vertical-moving grab.When you're on the yellow one, pull your sling onto the second life mark from the left. This will get you into the goo machine, onto the grab above. You can get the others by just moving your sling. To get back to the yellow grab, pull your sling about half-way between the two grabs on the right. Move onto the jumping grab, and catch onto the one above that.

Level 38:

This is tricky. Move around so you can sling yourself onto the firtst red spikey grab. Move yourself onto the next one, then the one after that. When it's safe, move onto the second red spikey grab, then sling yourself from there, which will get you into the slime cannon, and onto the grab above. For timing purposes to make it easier later, drop yourself into the cannon when the red spikes have just come out. As soon as you are gunked up, pull your sling a little to the right of the slime cannon, and release. This will get you near the edge of the horizontal platform. Pull the sling to your right, getting you nearer to the red spiky grab. Then, move yourself onto it, and bring yourself to the slimy grab at the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible. Do the same for the other grab.

for gods sake i have been trying for hours, nearly all the day. i tried million times. but i cant get past level 18. plz someone help me. i am going crazy. and by the way when you press w or the apple key it doesent skip levels who ever posted that! but plz someone help me on lvl 18. but apart from being stuck on lvl 18 this game is good.

I'm 11 and I beat the entire game on GOLD!

O.K. I'll reveal my name (I'm the 11 year old): Samuel

17 anyone?

Ooee! I used to love this game...until they introduced the Pointer of Eville! (PoE for future reference.) It would be so much more fun if they didn't show you where your bounce would land. Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose?

woah, I turned up the brightness on my computer, and saw there was a line telling you where you would land :o and to think I beat the game without even seeing it

I am really stuck on the level multiple grap grabbers or whatever the purple things are called. i get to the red spiky ball then get on the lever to lower the wall but then i cant get back to the red spiky ball as there is no room behind me for me to sling myself over to it. CAN SOMEONE WHOS PASSED IT TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO!

After I got used handling the little freak I spend my free time completing all 3 sling games.

Very addicting, I hope the forthcoming "sling metal" will introduce new elements in gameplay.

If you have time to play, try it.
If u don't don't even think starting, you'll stick to it

AAAAAAAH! They updated it so that it shows the little helper thing! Eville...Eville...Does anyone know if there's a not-updated version?

The way to beat multiple grab grabbers is:

once you get onto the lever rebound off the wall to your right and then you'll bounce onto the lever. Then shoot up to the grab on the left otherwise you'll lose two lifes becuase the grab grabber won't put back the grab for a while once you're on the grab on the left stretch to the grab the grab grabber takes then sling to the spikey grab when it's off then go to the other grab the grab grabber takes and a portal will appeatr beneath you let the grab grabber grab you and you'll fall into the portal and win the level

Hope this helped.

plz help me on 17!!! i am stuck!!!! ive tried the level a million times and cant beat it! HELP ME!!!

level 6?

I really enjoy this game. Right now, I'm at Level 8 (all gold so far) and playing right now. When I first played it, I found it a little frustrating. If that's you, play Sling Junior a couple times and then come back to this, and you'll do much better.

Just so you know, there's an easter egg on the main menu:

Grab all of the grabs on the main menu. Then enter the vortex and you'll see a secret room. There's nothing to do there, so just bounce around and click on Menu to go back when you're ready

This might sound stupid...
But I'm stuck on level 12....
I keep getting spiked by the red spike balls.

Good god please help me on level 7 "Multiple Grab Grabbers.". Iv'e been stuck on there because I can't get from the lever to the red spikey ball. Please help me on there on I will be much gratful.

Happy gaming!


Nevermind. I got it.

You fling yourself to the wall beside you and then you bounce off it to the red spikey ball.

Happy gaming!


Everything was all well and good until... Level 29. How do you get from the grab ball above the pit back on the floor with the white/green spike ball above it(depending whenever you grabbed that spike ball or not... it dosn't matter). Also btw if you need a walkthrough from level 1 - 28 then just call me:).

Happy gaming!


Nevermind again... Iv'e got it.

You grab the upper spike ball, go back down, grab the downer spike ball then you go to the edge of the platform you are on(after you let go of that spike ball), grab the ball then the vortex appears and then you grab yourself and then move yourself to the portal in a glitchy way. Here's an example.





o| o


See what I mean (it maybe probably wrong but if its right and you don't get it; then I really don't blame you because even I think its a stupid example)? If you dont then just look the walkthrough up on youtube (unless you have parental controls like me).

Happy gaming!


P.S. I won't post another comment because I don't want to be spamming. So make the use of my walkthroughs for levels. Like my one. Bye-bye.

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