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Frappr map of Jayisgames visitorsWhile I have been enjoying all of the wonderful comments and gifts that are pouring in from all corners of the globe, Bob reminds me about the Frappr page he has set up to display the locations of visitors of this site.

Frappr, which is short for Friend Mapper, is a new Google Maps powered site that lets you map the zip codes for locations of anything you like, even a group of people.

So, why don't you add your zip code, and a nickname that you go by here, to the Jayisgames map and we'll see how many different countries are represented and where everyone who visits is from, hmm? Click.

Cheers to BobSmith for setting up the map. =)


Awesome, jay!

now you can admire all your fans across the globe!

Look for me in Texas. have you added yourself yet?

Oh yes, I'm in there. You can find me in New York State.

Booya! Canadian over here! So far it's mostly people from the U.S... woo! Go being somewhere else!

Happy birthday, Jay!

Cheers, Julia! =)
And it has indeed been a happy one!

Just stopping by to wish a (belated)Happy Birthday Jay. I would also like to thank you for all the dedication to this site....it brings me hours of fun (sometimes frustrations ;-)when i come home after very long working days.

Thank you, Lysette. It makes me happy to facilitate fun. =D

Added me. Look for me in Germany.

What a fun idea :) Now we can get an idea of just how far the help we share on puzzles extends.

Of course, you might warn us that we need to scrounge for a picture too :P

Wow, that list grew quickly. I was the third person on there, now there's 216. (Also, there's no need for a picture, I never bother).

Hmmm... I'm not sure what I did, but it posted me twice. I didn't click sumbit twice. =o/

Unless... OMG... maybe there are TWO zoles in Boyertown, Pa!! :::THUD:::

Great idea with the map... it's cool seeing where everyone is. =o)

I'm Hirukaki on the Map, South Oklahoma City

I love these things. Haven't entered myself yet.

Also: why come I can't say "Frappr" without giggling?

Neat! Really enjoying clicking around on people! You can find me as the sole (so far) little tag in Peoria! (That's in the middle of Illinois for you unedumucated types.)

Yay Jay!
I'm sure you can fine me now, in my yittle hometown of Alexandria. :D

I'm really enjoying this. =D

You're audience is somewhat lacking in Asia and South Americs. (Not to mention Antarctica).

Hi, Jay. I was just wondering if you have a MySpace. That seems to be the big thing these days, hehe.

:o Someone else lives in Vegas. And is only a couple blocks away! lolstalking.

I have a MySpace, it's called Jayisgames.com =D

Seriously, though, I did create an account over there, but the truth is that I spend all my time maintaining this site that I don't have much time for MySpace.

It's amazing to me how small the world becomes on the Web.

Hi, Jay!
Many happy returns,(not to late for that, I hope) and may the fountain of your wit and creativity never run dry!

Hey Jay Awesome Idea finding out who uses the site...look for me in toronto canada...ps: happy belated birthday...did you know that you share the same b-day as britney spears??? mines in 3 days i cant wait

Awww, thank you, Babs! =)

Thank you, too, Bryan. Hope you have a great birthday! I see you up there, just across the pond. I see lots of other Torontonians as well, excellent! And as far as Britney having the same birthday, well, I had it first! =p

Since my last post, you've got several Asians, one South African and a few South Americans. That said, you still haven't reached the hallowed shores of Antarctica.

Woohoo, just added myself to the Frappr.

Look for me.... Here's a hint - *I'm the only one in Wales :D*

I'm the lone South African (even African) on that map! Are there no there African's accessing your site?

wow this is great jay! you can find me in the united kingdom. just used my origanal name morgan. i live in exeter! add me people! dont got no friends...:'(

Wulfo - it may be too cold down there in Antarctica for hard drives to spin properly. Yeah, I think that's it. =P

Marcog - if that's you down there Cape Town, then the only other African I see by zooming into the map is some guy in Cairo.

I hereby make you an official Jayisgames evangelist with a mission, should you decide to accept it, to recruit at least 2 others from Africa to become visitors of Jayisgames. =D

Yes, that's me all way down there in Cape Town all by myself! :)

I missed that guy in Cairo, being so close to Europe. Someone else (Dino) has just added himself now too. So that makes 3!!

Oh wait, there's also another Capetonian, just overlapping with my balloon - (Helen (BigTiny)).

I'm sure there are many others that visit your site, but just haven't added themselves to the map.

Groningen (netherlands) is on the map baby!!!!

Wow. There have been some very cool photos uploaded to the Frappr! page as well.

Jonas - I LOVE that picture! What is it? CG? And did you take that photo yourself?

So many awesome folks visit here! I'm overwhelmed.


Champaign, Illinois...

I'll drink to that! =D

Jay, greetings from Berkeley, CA!

Greetings, Jay. Look for me in Spain ;-)

I just did... and I feel so small! :-)

Right, so I am a few weeks late in getting around to this, but you now have a wonderful entry from the great Nacogdoches, Texas. Yeehaw. ^_^

Hi Jay! Southern California is represented! :-)

Hi, Jay... A big hello from Brazil!!!!

Hey, ho. Another Canadian joining up! The first one in Oakville, Ontario. Heh, no surprise. ^^

Hey! This is from Turkey!! Look for Zeynep in Ankara!

"Wulfo - it may be too cold down there in Antarctica for hard drives to spin properly. Yeah, I think that's it. =P"

Thats not right, the cold makes computers more efficent,

i must be the only KID on the map! look in United Kingdom

Hi Jay,
Looks like I'm the first from Maine and for the new year of 2007. Yay for me!

Dude, you have some seriously hot fans out there, Jay.

Yes maisy_242, I'm talking about your cat.

Hi, jay, I am Korean(probably the only one!)

I added myself to the map :) You can find me in California.

I added myself.I'm the only one in Ireland! ;)

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