063 xobX Puzzle

Update: This game is no longer available.

Xbox 360 PuzzleWith the hype for Microsoft's brand new console in full swing, a new site has popped onto the Web games scene promoting the March, 2006, launch of the Xbox 360 in Australia and New Zealand.

063 xobX is a mostly HTML-based puzzle game of ten (10) levels that also includes some Flash-based elements. As with other games like this, you play the game by using the clues provided with each level to make it to the next, sometimes by manually changing the URL. You will need to know how to manipulate images, RGB values, and HTML source code to make it through the game. Other Web-related skills may also be helpful or necessary. Use the comments if you get stuck, someone is sure to help out.

One of the nice things about this puzzle is that it contains three (3) rewards that it doles out as you progress through the game. Granted, these prizes are more fuel for the 360's marketing hype engine, and yet they are rewards just the same.

By making it through the puzzle, the site gives a chance to enter the XBox 360 VIP Premier Club by downloading the Destop Alerts widget, which will keep the buzz going up to the release of the console. It is no doubt a contest that is open to Australians and New Zealanders only. The rest of the world is still free to play the game anyway. Click.

Thanks to Jeremy for suggesting this one. =)


What a cool game!
The first 3 levels were pretty easy, but I have no idea what to do for level 4...

Is this a screenshot for a game that I don't recognize? I can't find any screenshot like it. It kinda looks like Quake or Halo or something, but I wouldn't know, because those sorts of games aren't popular for macs... Help?

Level 4:

Yes, it is a screenshot for one of the 360's launch games

It is *not* Halo

It is a game made by Rare

Try Perfect Dark Zero

Who's that guy on level 5? I'm not nerdy enough...Or maybe I'm too nerdy...

That would be J. Allard, corporate VP and chief XNA architect.

First four I figured out on my own. Fifth level is driving me insane. I just see some guy's face flashing on and off.

Very good, Jay, but now...Where can one find the password for level 6?

Great site by the way, I made this a favorite over a year ago. Much love from one gamer to another, holmes.

So what's the username and pw for level 5?

Seems like the user name must be J.A. No?

Okay then what's the password?

I don't know, seems like the URL has something to do with it.

Level 5 - Stuck

Well, damn. So we know the guy's name, but when we hit the picture...

We get sent to /level6/youdontbelong.htm. The picture is titled nothingtoseehereok.gif. The URL for this different from the prior, which makes me believe that it has something to do with the next stage.

The url for the page has jellyapples and jollyasteroid in it. This has to be a clue to something.

maybe i'm just stupid, but i dont know how to pass level 3. I press the start button but i dont know which combination of button to press (x,y,a,b,) (y,a,b,x) I DONT KNOW!!!!

Bryan for level 2:

At the bottom of the page is a SEQUENCE of 4 number sets, they are hex code for colors, html uses hex code colors to set background colors and text colors and such. Use this hint and google.

Hmm. level 6 just came up for me. I didn't get a password? Anyone else?

I figured out Level 5 if anyone is interested...

If you Google "J. Allard" and look at his bio you'll realize that the picture is backwards. (The backwards logo in the corner might also be a clue)
Anyway, the answer is just his name backwards.
Username: dralla
Password: j

oh yeah, it just worked for me too, odd, cos i tried a few user/pass earlier that didnt work

Me too, now to figure out the next page titled "V dont belong"...

No way! How?

Oh I got it too.

All of the words on level 6 seem to come from Halo... once i roll over a word, it disappears...

I guess the question is to figure out which five words are not from any Halo game? Suggestions?

I don't know. It shows the level 5 icon up top but the url is for level 6. The puzzle is a bunch of Halo words and 5 don't belong.

I tried a bunch of combinations of jellyapples and jollyasteroid but I always got the forbidden message, then I clicked on the image and up came this puzzle, not sure how.

i found the password.
its not as hard as you think...
on level six now, anyone lend a hand?

im not a big halo fan, but i recognize the names. im guessing the objective is to find the five words not related to the game...but i dont know what those words are : )any big halo fans out there?

K thanks for the help on level 2 and i've managed to make it to level jollyasteroids/jellyapples.html but all i see is J.A and then when i scroll down i see a pcture of a guy (J.Allard) and then i click on it and it sends me to level6/youdontbelong.html with a bunch of random words on it!!! when i move my mouse over the words I up to 6 disappear!! I M SOO LOST!!!!

While I'm not sure about it, I'm guessing they took the password off of level 6 because it was just too obscure? It seemed to be released for everyone about the same time.

And as for the words of level 6:

I believe 'column of doom' is one of them that does not belong

Yeah I don't know anything about Halo. It gives me a headache.

im pretty sure another word for 6 is


i went to gamefaqs.com and started doing searchbox finds through faq/walkthroughs for halo and halo 2. unfortunately more than five words werent found...i thought it was a good idea though

Another Level 6 word:


have you passed 6 jay, of are you still ruling out words along with the rest of us?

Level 6:

The words that don't belong are: Major Jones, BFG, Column of Doom, Zorga, Summit Strike

Level 6 words

Zorga, Summit strike, Major Jones, The column of doom, BFG

im fairly sure that

major jones

is another word that doesnt fit

Level 7 is pretty easy

look closely at the image, the gamertag is in there

Level 8

Just click the balls below the line. You need to score 360

Ok, I'm lost on level 9. I think it is where you end up if you start on the Music icon in the dashboard, but I am not sure. Anyone?

Clicks are not necessary for Level 8

And yes, garrett, I'm doing this right along with you. =)

Thanks for the level 4 tip, jay. Any way I (who never play video games) would have gotten it without extensive searching?

im with danio. i dont own an exbox, but it seems that following that order should reveal the answer:

on music A A down A right

any one own an xbox and want to tell us where that ends up?

MatrixFrog - I didn't recognize the game either, so I took a look at the list of games the 360 is launching with, and chose one. My first guess was a lucky one. =)

i would have been clueless on level 4, but to my fortune just friday night i went to my friend's house and he had the game in question : ). i recognized the scope from multiplayer.

level 9 is not fair, I dont have an xbox :(

Ok, so i'm most likely pretty dense and suck at these games so i'm putting it out...what is levle 6 (teh real one not the words) i see gamertage 360blades but when i put "leve7/whatisthegamertag/name/360blades.html" ITS NOT WORKING :(...am i putting it in wrong???

Level 7

replace the word "name" in the url with the gamertag in the picture

level 6

put it in where it says names

Here is a suspicious thing, for lvl 9

Theres a background, no page had a background until now whatsup with that?!?!?

oh just figured it out...put it in instead of "name" srry

Level 7:

Replace "name" with the gamer tag.

yeah, you have to put the gamertag in the /name/ part

k im probably getting quite annoying but now i need some1 wiht an xbox...what happens if you press aa down a right in music?

desperate for help with level 9... never even owned an X Box either... have no idea

Okay for level 9 it's:

select all

I love puzzles like this, but I'm afraid I'm not very skilled at the game on Level 8.

Is it possible to get to Level 9 by just changing the URL? If it is, would someone please post the URL for Level 9? Thanks!

GODDARN, another "you have to have one" questionm at lvl 10...

WOAH LEVEL 10 IS INSANE THERE IS LIKE 1000000000000000 places you could click!!!

hmm, now to find out which of the many (!) imagemaps we need to click on...

"doyouownone" ?

on the right "sticker" it has a

label part number that begins with x, but when i tried to enter iot in the url it didnt work :(

"Made in china"
XD Whats NOT made in china XD

Level 10:

I'm thinking maybe something inserted into the picture that does not belong? I am too lazy to go unplug mine and bring it up, anyone else up for it?

Also, the photo name is "thebase.jpg" if that helps anyone.

Arg! That game on level 8 is too hard! I've gotten 350 before, but I can't beat it! Any tips?

I dunno the title is 063 xobX (Xbox 360 backwards.. that might have somthing 2 do wiht it) Have u solved it yet jay?

The 063 xboX has been there for awhile though...

if you juggle them in to one of the corners then it will be kind of easy juggling them by hitting them against the walling,letting them fall, and then touching them with the mouse...also it might be faster if you count (i waited every time i hit all three then i said "1", all the way up to "24", it seemed to work)

omg, i hate this..... the top-right sticker says "find"


Well then help me...I need to study.

any hints? was i on the right track b4?

ya plz help Steve...i also need to study, algebra test tomorrow, lol

i dont own an xbox.....someone check the bottom!

got it too! i didnt have to look on an xbox either.


If i wanted to send my game in for repairs, what would i need to know?

use google : )

um///i dont see the word "find" in the top right sticker!!!???

Come on! I told you the answer to level 9. Tell us the answer for level 10. Please. =D

I dont get it please give a little more of an obvious test!!!

Finally... thanks for all the tips!

ok, ok, ill let you in...

search for the address of microsoft corporation on google. compare it to the address on the game.

if you're still too lazy to do that...

click the second zero in the street address numbers

much love!

I mean hint

please... got anymore hints??

(gotta work in 4 hours and wish to get some sleep :-D)

Tada! Thank you! =)


I need help on four

Thanx BJ!!!

now i can sleep in peace, good nite ;)

this was a fun game, much easier than other similar games. this is an excellent site jay, expect a lot of activity from me ;)

helping people is fun!

I couldn't find a street address, and what second 0???

then help me! lol, oh so hard..

That was a great game. I like the games that are kind of short and still make you stretch your mind. These kind of games help when you are a college student that is overworked!!!!

if you want to go straight to leve l7 go to

Okay, so I've been "lurking" playing games here forever and never posted, so first Jay, Thank you for such a great place to come and escape.

Second, I need help. I'm having a brain fart. I can't even do level one. I've tried everything. I truley suck. Any help out there?

Darned Level 8! I got to 355 points before failing!

Cheers, Heather. =)

There are actually two ways to do Level 1. You can look at the source code and just type in the URL for Level 2 in your browser's address bar.

Or, you can find something in the picture that's clickable. It's quite logical really if you think about it.

Well damn guys, level ten wasn't too bad.

I didn't bother googling the Microsoft address or anything. Only reason I clicked it was because that was the only place that "063" was.

These games are so much better than point and click adventures. Point and clicks are all the same. You wake up in a dark room! Find the mysterious items for no reason and do weird things with them. These are so much better cause look how many of us come together as a community to help each other out. Good luck on your tests all :)

2 hrs in already, level 3 help anyone

still about lvl 2! i know the order of code but mouse is uncontrolable!!!! in mirror/reverse and time keeps running out.

shiZnit - Level 3 says "Something is wrong" and then in the image it says "That number is not correct". What number can it be referring to? Look at the URL.

mish - turn your mouse upside down. =)

Of course thanx jay

Or, Mish, just move your mouse to the oppisite button you want to click (left/right and up/down).

I have no appreciation for these types of games! Way too vague for me.

I need help on level Three! Its sooo hard... =(

Brandi - it's really easy if you just think about the clues it's giving you:

Level 3:

(1) Something is wrong
(2) That number is not correct
(3) URL = 359.html
Now think: What product is this game advertising?

heres the url for lvl9 if any of you who can't beat it...took me a while...phew..glad thats over

i got through the end. wasn't that great, i had already downloaded that prog with is a bit of a let down.

They're making a big deal of this premier pack, i don't want pdz so thats turning me off, but if i sold it, its a great deal! plus i'd rather get it all together and not just this pack on dec 8

beat it.

here's the whole walkthrough for it.


click on the start button of the xbox, use tab to find it


blue, green, yellow, red


change the url where it says 359 to 360

looks like halo but its not

Perfect Dark Zero


user: dralla
pass: j

just mouse over the words

Zorga, Summit strike, Major Jones, The column of doom, BFG

lvl 7

at the place where they have whatisthegamertag/name/dashboard.html
replace "name" with 360blades

just put in the url if u dont want to play the game

lvl 9

select all

lvl 10

click on the second zero where it says
98050-6399 USA.

thats pretty much the whole thing right there..
if u come up with any problems, let me know

How do I get past level 2? I'm dumb.

hey level three is this


this has nothin to do with the number changin i am so lost

if some1 can plz help

Ryan - that URL is not Level 3, it is the reward you get for getting up to Level 3. Click on the "next" link near the bottom of the page to get to the Level 3 puzzle.

Level 8 is imposible.. How are you supposed to get 360 points...i can't get any...i'm clicking them but nothings happening...What do i do?

You have to place your cursor below the dotted line, no need to click, the balls bounce of your cursor.

level 2:
i tryed

blue, green, yellow, red, i tryed to click the buttons, i tryed entering it in the url

how do i solve this?????

on level four type 360 instead of 359

9 please? Everyone keeps saying select all but I don't get it! I do select all but it does nothing! Help please! Step by step, also please! Thank you1

Sonic, if you are still playing this game, everyone is saying "select all" because that is what you have to type into the box. When you do those commands on a xbox, it selects all songs stored on the xbox. Type "select all" in the box on the game and enjoy the rest ;-)

Is there supposed to be a picture on level 5?

i cant figure out how to do lvl 2 i know that the numbers stand for the colors of the letters on the controller but what do i do with that?

lvl 1 please!!!???

i gt to lvl 5 and all there is is this a.j? wat do i do from here

how do i beat level five

to beat level 5,

you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and then click on the top and the center of the white space, this takes you to a sign in page where the username is dralla and the password is j, theres level 5

how do i beat lvl 3

wow i loved this game, although i had to use the complete walkthrough apart from levels one and two whick i completed on my own using google for the second one.

I LOVE THIS GAME! I've never come acroos a game like this before, that has you interfering with URL's and whatnot. It's really good and i've been unsuccessfully trying to find similar games. If somebody could tell me where i'd find some, i would really appreciate that.

i know your probably going to think i'm a complete idiot, but can somebody tell me what a URL is!

somebody posted a spoiler saying that on the first level you could

locate the 'on' button using tab. In my case this is not true

is it just me or doesn't it work at all?

I didn't get the game thing wher you had to score 360

I didn't get the game thing wher you had to score 360

the last time anybody posted anything on here was May. no wonder i'm not getting any answers! don't count victoria; we're the same person! i used that name to post before i got a typekey account.

LEVEL 4...

You can find it in the official page of XBOX... The game is... "Perfect Dark Zero"...

Ok... I finished the whole game... I clicked on the link to the 'secret' and ... KABOOM!

"This Page Cannot Be Found"

what is lvl 3? It shows a bunch of 0s and 1s what is the username and pass for it?

Er, what's with level 2? The Ghost is after you. I established that your cursor can't go outside the box and you can't get hit by the purple thing, but other thatn that.....??????????

i clicked on the link and i ended up in 063xobx 2!!!!

but im completely lost

Game is dead. Any help jay?
I just get redirected to the xbox360 website.

Huh. Is it just me or has this... changed since last time? It's got webkudos~s now, and it has different puzzles. Interesting.

i dont know wat lvl im on but the lvl is called find the hidden face so plz help me

how do you pass the ones and zeros page?

I've been trying to get through version 2 of this game and I wish there was a walkthrough.

Right now I'm stuck on the page that says "Explore the Image"
I think having never played Gears of War, I just dont know enough to answer it.

I've found that if you highlight the last image, Sonic the Hedgehog shows up. That's as far as I've gotten. I don't know how he fits with Gears, or what Space + Ear = Gears of War means.
I've also noticed the last picture is called level8.jpg but I don't think Gears has a level 8.

Anyways, I give up til I have help.

To get past the ones and zeros you must decode the binary. Use a decoder like the one on this page.

Game died ~'_'~

Bryan, you REPLACE 'name' with 360blade ok?

Can anyone help me with the find-marcus-fenix-face one? It's level one, but the walkthrough is for the black pill.

...Perhaps we can fix this, the game appears to be nowhere to be found.

[Edit: The game is no longer available. I've removed it from the recommended section, and removed all tags. Fixed. -Jay]

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