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PenanceCreated by Paul Wagstaff of Australia during his education in multimedia and interactive design, Penance is an escape-the-room type point-and-click adventure set in a purgatorial train station. The object of the game is to figure out why you are there and how to leave.

As with other games of this type, navigate by moving the mouse toward the edges of the game window. The cursor will change to an arrow indicating movement in that direction is possible.

As you explore the boundaries of the station, you will find items to examine when the cursor changes to a magnifying glass. Other items can only be found by solving a puzzle. Some puzzles require you to type on the keyboard, using all lowercase. Look around for clues that can provide you with answers to the questions asked of you.

Penance is a gloomy game, one that deals with mature themes such as drugs and murder. It is not for everyone, and yet it is indeed fun and challenging to play. It is a critical thinking person's game about suffering and atonement, and one in which your answers will ultimately affect the outcome. Click.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Complete walkthrough:

  1. Grab chewed FINGER from room 2.

  2. Grab PORN from the mens bathroom trashcan.

  3. Grab TROPHY from room 3 at the top of the screen.

  4. Grab COINS from room 1 under the bench.

  5. In the hallway by rooms 1 and 2 click on the vent in the ceiling a head

  6. will fall. Grab KNIFE from head.

  7. Go to room 1 click on right button on board and answer questions as

  8. follows. "gnihsif" , "sey" , "efiw eht si erehw"

  9. Go to room 4 and tell the man "heaven" and "no" -- He gives you MONEY

  10. Grab CONTRACT from the ceiling, next to the exit sign, in the hallway

  11. with the information poster.

  12. Go forward one screen and reverse direction to be looking at a garbage

  13. bin.

  14. Click on the garbage bin and enter '3941" into the cell phone.

  15. Search from "brian" in the cell phone copy the number "0429783521"

  16. Reverse screen again and click on the telephone receiver.

  17. Insert CHANGE and enter the telephone number.

  18. Type "no" and "im sorry"

  19. Grab PHOTOS beside the phone.

  20. Go to room 1 and click on the pentagon.

  21. Put items in this order, clockwise starting from the bottom. Money,

  22. Porn, Fingers, Porno, Contract- -Middle Top Trophy, Middle Bottom Knife.

  23. Receive SATAN'S HAIR

  24. Go to main hallway switch board.

  25. Insert SATAN'S HAIR between the top and bottom fuse box to complete the

  26. circuit.

  27. Complete the circuit puzzle by getting all white and all black on

  28. opposite sides.

  29. Pull switch on the top box.

  30. Go to the information desk and tell the man "hello", "purgatory", and

  31. "envy and wrath".

  32. Go through gates. Done


Ahhh! Great! :D Can't wait to start playing! Happy Halloween, Jay. (:

w00t beat it ^^

Anyone want to point me in the right direction? So far I got (put under spoiler to be very, very safe):

The porno from the bathroom, the first four rooms, I've seen the two first newspapers, I touched the light and the demon thing came, and I fixed the circut puzzle with the circles.

Help? Hints? Suggestions?

Did I lose an item?

I picked up the coins, and it seems to be missing from my inventory when I go to the inverted pentagram. So far, I'm guessing the other items are as follows:
Trophy - Pride
Contract - Sloth
Knife - Wrath
Photos - Envy
Finger - Gluttony
Porn - Lust
And I thought Greed would be the coins, bu t they don't appear.

Thanks for any help you can offer ^^

How do you access items? Or when you need them, do they automatically come into play?

David - about the coins...

the coins you picked up are for the telephone. You're right that you need money for one of the sins, it just comes from someplace else.

Cris - when you need the items in your inventory, they will become available to you.

Julia - you will need to find seven items total. Keep looking. =)

Question about circuit breaker:

When trying to fix the circuit plugs, do just four (black) have to be on the far right, because I cannot get more than four on that side.

Tyno - yes, you need to light all 6 plugs on the left, which will make all 6 on the right black.

how do you fix the breaker I've got the dot puzzle solved but can't fix the wire thing

Matt - you need something very thin like a wire. Have you solved the pentagram puzzle? That should provide you with something you need.

Augh! Can't find the seventh item, or solve one of the puzzles:

The text puzzle in the first room -- I type in a childhood memory and it asks me to just describe memories in general. What? I must have tried literally every word used in the game...
Also have no idea where to find that seventh 'money' item that David was asking about

I can'figure out where the last item is, the one for greed. I think it has to do with the button you push in the room with the pentagram puzzle. But I don;t understand what the question is asking. please help.

Ken - hint about the childhood memory

in the hallway where you find the finger, there is something there that brings back a childhood memory

Need more?

make sure you spell it backwards

Solve this puzzle to get the money you seek

Ah, never mind, I got it

I have to answer the same way the question is asked.

About the questions written backwards

This puzzle is a rather difficult one. Make sure you answer backwards. The childhood memory should be familiar if you've examined everything.

If you still need help here are the three answers you need...



efiw eht si erehw

hey i need lots of help with the pentagram puzzle, i cant seem to solve it. i think the finger and knife go in the middle, is that right?

pentagram solution:

center-top: trophy

center-bottom: knife

1 o'clock: photos

4 o'clock: contract

6 o'clock: money

8 o'clock: porn

11 o'clock: finger

hmmm. i don't understand the questions you guys are talking about. where is tt puzzle?~

dabee - in room 1 with the pentagram, there is a board with a button on it. If you have already talked to the man who lost his wife, then you should be able to push the button and receive an input box where 3 questions are asked of you.

noooooo, i have 5 full dots on the left side of the circuit but the sixth just isnt cooperating

What i have to say to husband? I have tried to say where the wife the fourth room said. An where do i find the fingers?

You know what's annoying? (very minor possible spoiler):

This is. Bah! Had to kill it.

Where is more money?

Long time player, first time caller... poster.

Anyway, I have everything else, but I can't find the photos. And I have no idea about either phone's numbers or code or super secret password.

Right, well I completed the bad ending!

erm, has anyone got the good ending yet? I dont see how you have a chance to repent...

where is that photos??

i cannot find it or them..

i got all the other items but the photos.

I'm dieing

It was an alright game... I haven't finished it yet because of the Clerk.

I always seem to get the "Your answer displeases me" - or something along those lines.

I'm stuck at the clerk too ugggh! I am at "you would greet me better...but I can't seem to illicit any other response

HELP! I can find those photos! Could you please tell me where to find them?

I can't seem to find the coins or the photos. I have everything else. I've completed the qustions asked in the pentagram room, but I can't find these. Also...

when I try to use the cell phone with the pin number I got from the bag of cocaine in the toilet, it says that I'm out of credits.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Right, I've reached the clerk...

I keep getting "You would greet me better if you knew who I was" no matter what I write. Any hints?

okay, I need help with finding the photos and the coins. I have everything else that I need to complete the pentegram. Also...

When I try to use the cell phone after finding the pin number in the toilet attached to the cocaine, it says that I'm out of credits. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks for any help!

Forget it!

I completed the bad ending ;)

okay, found the coins, now just the photos...


get the phone, enter the PIN and click the middle (longer) key. Then search for BRIAN. It will give you a number. Go to platform 1 and get the coins under the bloddy bench. Go to the pay phone and dial the numbers given.

Dont forget to take pictures!


I got the cell phone-pay phone thing worked out, but what do I type to reply to Brian? He said "Answer me friend... best buddy... they all hunger for you down here."

help! Also, I still need those darned photos... grrr...

Okay, I've done the advice that Cherlyta posted for me, but still no pictures... I'm getting super aggrivated.. someone please help!

I got it. But the ending says "you have completed the bad ending". Is there a better ending?

what is the clerks name?

OK, I hope this helps

when Brian talks to you on the phone, you can answer pretty much whatever you want. Just make sure everything is in lower cases. The photos are hidden in the right side lower conner of the pay phone (but first you need to complete your conversation with Brian)


I can't get him to respond to anything after the second sentence he says pops up (the one I said above). I don't know what to say or do to make it go past that point and no pictures are showing up. I hope you can help me, I'm about to go crazy! I've even gone completely through it again to see if it was a browser problem, but it's still stopping right there. Thanks!

ok, I'll try my best to help you.

Are you typing back to Brian? Once you got him on the pay phone, he will ask a series of questions. You need to click in the box and respond to his questions. There is no fixed answer. You can say whatever you'd like. After you finish talking with him, a box will pop up to tell you that the pictures are next to the phone. Only after this will you be able to find the pictures.The photos are really well hidden. Look on the lower right side conner of the pay phone. It looks like a shadow, but once your mouse is close you will see it. Advice: don't start getting crazy. Its just a game. Instead of ending on a mental institution, you might end up in a pulgatory ;)

Cherlayta is wrong...

When he asks if you killed him say yes. If you don't say yes then you get the "answer me script until you do"
The next question:

There are two ways to answer this, for the good ending remember the title.

Anybody know the right sin to type?

What can i say to husband who asks about his wife? and where i find the other coins to star?

i answered only 'no' to brian at phone and i got pictures.

Zengief - to the clerk, the sins to type are...

envy and wrath

Mirkku - sounds like you still need to answer the backwards questions at the board near the pentagram. You can find out information there that the husband needs to know.

Got it!
it is:

two of the 7 sins
symbolized by

knife and photos

Jay, thanks but i have done that earlier and got answer

'the wife did not kill the baby and thus they are both in chawn'

I have tried to put that line in different ways..what i do wrong?

Thank you all so much for your help! I was going crazy. Too bad the answer was so simple that I feel stupid now... haha!

Where do you find the "second" money used for the pentagram? I got everything else but I am ramming my head into the monitor looking for the money the second time.

I am sorry. i didn't know I was giving the wrong answer.

I just did the game again and I sti;; got the same ending (the bad one).

I was never asked for my sins.

What am I doing wrong?

I cant find the contracts, can anyone help me?

I am talking to the clerk and

He asks if I know where I am. I have said no, hell, yes, penance, and still he says my answer angers him.

any help?

someone said earlier that if you

typed "penance" in response to brian on the phone when he said he wanted revenge that it would take you to the good ending. I don't know, I'm still not there yet...

I have found everything but

the contract

Can someone help?

finished it. the answer to where you are is


and cherlyta, that doesn't work cause it said bad ending on mine too... i dont know.


look very closely at the ceiling

AHHH! Thanks Saje!

does anyone know how to complete the "good ending?"

you're welcome boothand

pen·ance n. 1. An act of self-mortification or devotion performed voluntarily to show sorrow for a sin or other wrongdoing.

The keyword there is sorrow. Try expressing sorrow to Brian and you will receive the good ending

either "sorry" or "forgive" will work

question about ending...
when talking to the clerk...

first i said hello. then when he asked if i knew where i was i said 'purgatory'. he said yes and said because i didn't seek to repent i was going to the city of 'din' or something like that. then i got on the hellbound train. is there any other way to answer the clerk that would lead to another ending, or is all of it tied up with brian and the phone conversation?

Mirkku - maybe this translation makes more sense...

"the wife did not kill the baby and thus they are both in heaven"

Since they are both in heaven, then the wife didn't kill the baby

I've been playing it a couple of times and keep getting the bad ending.
I believe it's the conversations that hold the key to the good ending.

You can tell the husband that his wife is in

'heaven' or 'hell'

But I don't know if it has a consequence either way?
But what do you tell Brian, so he won't be mad?
first time you can answer

'yes' or 'no'

second time everything seems to upset him.
To the clerk I just said

the first time, and next time I said


Is this right?

Never mind! I just realised what you say to an angry person!

I saw the bright light!!!

hey i just finished the good ending great game jay!! i look forward to more!!

What do I have to do to get the good ending?

wheres the trophey?

If your best friend is mad at you, and you know its your fault... what would you say to him?

How about an appology?

This is how the good ending happens i believe.

Ugh, I can't seam to get past the horribly written dialog and barely legible font size of the game.

It makes it very hard to get into the game when you have to pause and translate the text into readable English. Doesn't help for the game to refer to the player as both "You" and "I" in the same sentence either...

It was an ok game, overall. I have to agree that the incredibly small font made it so hard to read. I had to put my face very close to the monitor to read stuff like the newspapers, the questions, etc. What's made it even harder was that the letters were narrow, so they tended to squish together.

I got the bad ending because I didn't give Brian the right replies. I'll play it again next time, but not too soon since it took me forever to get the stupid circuit puzzle.

What am I supposed to do with the cell phone? I don't have any idea what I'm supposed to type for the password.

Where do I even begin to look?

I'm assuming the cell phone and pay phone have something to do with getting the photos.

How you do you the payphone to work?

Grrr...where be the circut?

Code for cell phone:

After solving the "3 Questions" puzzle and telling the man of his wife's fate,

re-visit the tunnel with the fishing pole in it. Read the newspaper clipping on the floor, then

check the toilet in the bathroom.

No one else has asked for help with this, so I assume it's embarrassingly easy, but I can't solve the circuit puzzle.

I've repaired the cable with the hair

, but I can't do the rest. Help!

Hmm.. this is my first comment thus far.. Well, I got the bad ending too but I don't understand what did I answer wrong during the game..


I've been doing okay but I just can't solve the curcuit board - what do I use to fix the wire? And where do I find it?

i'm stuck! how the hell do you get the circuit breaker to get all the circles to the right side? i've been at it for an hour. lol

Circuit puzzle solution:

bottom left
top right
bottom left
top right

what do i do after solving the pentagram puzzle? i'm done with the circuit, and i don't know where to go.

ok im so annoyed!!

I have found the knife, contract, porn, trophy, and finger. I cannot find anything else for the life of me and i just want to know where to get the last two things so i can complete the circle. thank you

woot, just completed the good ending!!!

can someone please spoiler the finger or hint me in the right direction, i cant believe i dont have it yet

i am having a real problem with finding the finger, if anyone can hint me it would be greatly appreciated.

what do i say to the box next to the bench?

i still cant find the

Can anyone give a walkthrough?

How do i get the bar or wire or whatever to fix the circuit???

ive talked to the husband, i did the dotthing, i found the knife finger photos porn cept not the wire thingy, help!!

I got the good ending........

I just said "Hello" to the clerk.
He asked if i knew where I was? "Purgatory"
He said confess you sins. "Envy and Wrath"
He said Heaven has accepted to penance and opened it's gates to you. Just turn around and click the lock on the gate. See white light.


Ken...You get what you need to fix wiring when you have found all 7 items and placed them in proper position on the pentagram.

Help! Can't seem to find the contract, have done everything else ( I think) But no luck. UGH Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Please can someone tell me where to find the finger? It's the only thing I have left to find!

Steph - the finger can be found here:

In the hallway, where the footprints come towards you, the finger is located up on the right wall near a light fixture.

A few hints on how to figure out where you are (think Dante):

The quote at the front gates when you first start the game.

Then the books on the floor of one of the hallways. When you click on each, you get a description of all the circles of Hell, plus Limbo and Purgatory.

Finally, there is a subway map where each stop appears to be one of the circles.

Ok, I keep getting the bad ending. Does it have to do with the conversation with Brian? Someone who has gotten the good ending, Please help us out!

I don't know HOW you guys get so hooked on this game! After seeing that horrible nightmare with the footsteps in that dreaded hallway after clicking the light, that sent me running! I didn't stay long after that not only because it was scary, but becasue it was GOD STINKING HARD! So I exited.

To anyone who gets stuck in the same spot I did, at the end...

When talking to the clerk, if you get the "if you knew who I was" routine, don't try to figure out who he is, just say "Hello" and you'll get put to the same spot as if you'd said Hello at the start.

I found out the circuit breaker sequence.

Top right arrow once, bottom right arrow twice, middle left arrow once, top left arrow twice, and bottom left arrow once.

If you keep getting the bad ending, remember the name of this game. You are a murderer. You have comitted sins. If you don't repent, you will go to Hell (the bad ending). If you need more, here be specifics:

To get the good ending (go to Heaven (the white light)), you need to repent (say you're sorry) and ask forgiveness (these you do when Brian, your victim, confronts you), and acknowledge your sins (to the ticket man, when he asks you your sins (envy and greed).

okay i got the freaky devil dream now what

omg that blocked toilet bit is soooo freaky .. i turned off straight after it

I just figured two things out.

1. Don't guess the clerk's answers if you have no clue at all. After so many times wrong, the game has an error and you have to close the game.

2. A lot of people are heaving trouble with the text parts. So here:

3 button one: read it backwards and answer backwards; still stuck?

I'm not telling you them backwards, but forwards they are 1. fishing 2. yes 3. where is the wife

man: the backwards answer from the 3 button one; write it forwards

backwards it is nevaeh even though it looks like neweh

phone: Say anything at the first two. At the third part which is about vengence...well, what do you say when you do something wrong? I'm not telling you this one, it's easy.
clerk (probably is God since he expects you to know who he is): how do you greet someone? (clue: where Satan lives, add an 'o'); next is where are you; did you look at the map? you're not in heaven yet, but you're not in hell either; then when asked about your sins (only if you did the phone part right), well, this is where mine messed up, but I believe that you tell him what it is called when you want more (no 'y') the word 'and' then how you feel about people with stuff you want

hello; purgatory; greed and envy

YES!!!! I beat in it in a DAY!!! SWEET! i love this game its so addicting!

on the 3 questions, im stuck on the second one? help? give me an answer i can put in please

where is the porn I cant find it!!

I have only found 6 of the 7 things - the finger, the trophy, the knife, the money, the porn and the photos - where is the last thing? i think its a contract right?

I got the good ending without having a slightest idea there's a bad one too... Only after finishing the game I read your posts above and realized how accidently I reached heaven.

Feeling like a saint now ;)

do you dial 3194? nothing happens at phone after i dial :(

yes! i went to heaven.
i kind of cheated and used the spoilers.
oh well.

WHERE is the contract?! I have searched and searched...I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Everything is done but that...any hints? Thanks

Apparently I'm the only one who can't find the trophy? Someone please help.. I just want to be done with this one!

Kristin, the trophy is:

on the rafters (top right of the screen) in the room with all the excerpts from Dante's Inferno

Perhaps it is just me, but the pentagram seems to require a pattern to be solved, but no one else seems to have had a problem discovering it...

Anyone care to clue me in? Thanks.

Dana - it's an excellent question. I have to admit that I relied on a spoiler for help with that part of the puzzle, and I believe I even remember reading somewhere that Paul admitted that the solution to that one was indeed a bit vague and might have been developed a bit better than it was.

Clues about the pentagram can be found if you click left of it. They are vague, but there they are.

I got the good ending saying this to Brian at the phone:

first I answer: YES
and then I say: FORGIVE ME and Brian tells me that he forgives me as he has also did horrible sins and he does not want me to suffer the same fate as he did

Aw, I got the good ending! Thank you guys so much for the help!

Thanks Jay for the backwards writing solution... And the pentagram solution... And the circuit solution...

Thanks to Binks for telling me what to say to the clerk!

i cant do the wire for the circuit can you help me

omy! a good ending:D

okay, so i did everything, talked with the clerk and got the bad ending, now where do i get that train everyone's talking about?

nevermind, i found it

Im stuck where the guy is speaking backwards and i've told him fishing backwards once already then i dont know what to say next

It scared me!!...

i might possibly be having the same problem as olivia. i can't get my answer to the first of the three questions to be accepted. is there something i'm missing or could it be a technical problem?

I ended up getting the bad ending. but then i

right clicked on the screen and clicked back and i got the good ending.

so yeah. thought i might tell. dunno if its meant to be a spoiler or what. but just in case.

Is there a walk through for this game, it's so hard and it's doing my brain in!

please help! im having trouble entering answers in...i type it in and then what? i press enter, but nothing happens! i tried pushing the button again but it just re-asks so confused

hey... i can't even figure out how to enter the text for the phone call to brian. i can type in a response, but when i hit enter nothing happens. i had the same problem entering in the answer to the questions, as well. what am i doing wrong???

stupid parental controls!; I can't play, but it looks really good!so frustrating.

this game made me feel like i was in purgatory, which i guess was the point. poor interface made it difficult to figure anything out.

I can't seem to input anything. I can type the responses to the questions, but I can't get the game to respond to them. Is there a button to click, or does everyone else just press enter (which doesn't seem to work for me)?

Black words on a dark gray background? Forget it! Not worth the eye strain. At least have the lettering in white.

I was having trouble inputting any answers in the text fields. I was using Mozilla and switched to Internet Explorer and that fixed the problem. Maybe this can help you too.

Yes! That's it! It's working now. Thanks a lot. :)

i'm looking for the contract, anyone?

i thought the game was really fun once i got the hang of how to play..reallly bad endings for me

I cant seem to find the money and the contract where can I find it

I don't see why questions continue. Almost everything is given away in the game. The circuit breaker problem, how to get a good ending, where to find everything, and the daemon puzzle (which is where I got stuck). The only question not answered is how to solve the pentagram puzzle (I got the solution for that problem from here as well). They give the solution but not how to figure it out. So, anyone know how to figure it out?

i may get A's and all in class but this is killing me
anyone can help me out here?
no walk through either
so far i only

found out the watchumacalit number to put in the phone found in the bathroom tagged onto the drugs or w/e and i only found the contract near that exit sign i also replied to the client or w/e it's name is and found out dat da baby and the mother are in heaven it wasnt easy trying to spell backwards i also found out some other things which i cant describe for some reason

now all i need is the rest
anyone can help me????

I don't know what to say to the daemon! Could somebody PLEASE post a walkthrough for both endings?

How on earth did I miss this game?! From the comments I see it has been around since 2005, shame on me. I'll bet it's a good one. We'll see.....

i need help with the pentagram thing i put in fishing backward but i dont know what to do next HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it says decribe memories and i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

this is a walkthrough for penance. Enjoy!!

where do i find the thing to fix the circuit puzzle?

Complete walkthrough:

  1. Grab chewed FINGER from room 2.

  2. Grab PORN from the mens bathroom trashcan.

  3. Grab TROPHY from room 3 at the top of the screen.

  4. Grab COINS from room 1 under the bench.

  5. In the hallway by rooms 1 and 2 click on the vent in the ceiling a head

  6. will fall. Grab KNIFE from head.

  7. Go to room 1 click on right button on board and answer questions as

  8. follows. "gnihsif" , "sey" , "efiw eht si erehw"

  9. Go to room 4 and tell the man "heaven" and "no" -- He gives you MONEY

  10. Grab CONTRACT from the ceiling, next to the exit sign, in the hallway

  11. with the information poster.

  12. Go forward one screen and reverse direction to be looking at a garbage

  13. bin.

  14. Click on the garbage bin and enter '3941" into the cell phone.

  15. Search from "brian" in the cell phone copy the number "0429783521"

  16. Reverse screen again and click on the telephone receiver.

  17. Insert CHANGE and enter the telephone number.

  18. Type "no" and "im sorry"

  19. Grab PHOTOS beside the phone.

  20. Go to room 1 and click on the pentagon.

  21. Put items in this order, clockwise starting from the bottom. Money,

  22. Porn, Fingers, Porno, Contract- -Middle Top Trophy, Middle Bottom Knife.

  23. Receive SATAN'S HAIR

  24. Go to main hallway switch board.

  25. Insert SATAN'S HAIR between the top and bottom fuse box to complete the

  26. circuit.

  27. Complete the circuit puzzle by getting all white and all black on

  28. opposite sides.

  29. Pull switch on the top box.

  30. Go to the information desk and tell the man "hello", "purgatory", and

  31. "envy and wrath".

  32. Go through gates. Done

how do i talk to the man on the bench

Gave up straight away I hate the controls! It's a game for a person with patience

Okay, I am trying to put the coins into the pay phone, but when I click on the slot nothing happens. Is there a way to access the inventory, because I don't really know how. How do you put the coins in???

Never mind

I completed the good ending, with a little help from you guys and the walkthrough

how do you grab stuff?

this game would've been sweet if there wasn't that huge link at the bottom that i kept accidentally clicking on. i restarted three times before i quit. :|

hey guys!i always get stuck so i can finish the game

i have two questions please answer: can you get a good ending?

2.what is the good ending/bad ending look like?

The several spelling errors make the atmosphere kind of... disintegrate.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but beside the pentagram puzzle, on the left, you van read something that sort of explains where to put stuff. Although I'm sure you all saw.

The game was a bit creepy, but I was fine with that. It's too bad the items couldn't stand out more, in particular

the chewed finger and coins

in my case. I also dislike how, when telling the husband about his wife,

his second question is phrased in such a way that 'yes' or 'no' could be taken to mean 'yes/no, she did not kill the baby' yet only 'no' will give you the good ending. If the question was 'Did she kill the baby?' as opposed to 'So she didn't kill the baby?' (or something along those lines), the answer 'no' would clearly be correct.

Well, that's my beef. Otherwise, interesting game.

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