AnkhFor those who prefer a bit of a mind-bender over an action oriented game, Ankh follows in the same footsteps as not pr0n, God Tower, and various other password puzzles. In fact, this game was created by the very same person who created not pr0n. With Ankh, the author used nicely rendered scenes from an upcoming 3D adventure game set in ancient Egypt as backdrops for the game.

The object of Ankh is to decipher the riddle provided in the game window's title to figure out what is required to make it to the next level. Most of the time you will be manually changing the URL in the address bar of your browser, however there is at least one level in which you click a hotspot in the image that takes you to the next. Note: this is not a point-and-click game. Click.

The game was commissioned by bhv-Software, of Germany, no doubt as an advergame to raise awareness of their 3D adventure game of the same name to be released in January, 2006.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)


1: click the door

2: URL: /level3.htm

3: URL: /positive/index.htm

4: URL: /long/journey.htm

5: URL: /long/desert.htm

6: URL: /nose/bellybutton.htm

7: URL: /nose/acid.htm

8: URL: /nose/story.htm

9: URL: /nose/nobin.htm

10: URL: /nose/secretmsg.htm

11: URL: /nose/bach.htm

12: URL: /nose/bedead/

13: URL: /nose/egyptx/

14: URL: /nose/egyptx/theendisnear

15: URL: /end/really.htm Username: strange Password: keyword


stuck a level 5 for now..
any hints to get to level 6

Am I the only one stuck on level 5?

Never mind, moved on to being stuck on level 6. :)

I just breezed through the first five and am currently stuck at 6 as well.

And as a suggestion to jay: Make the image link pull up a full window for this game. What with needing to type in URLs, the pop-up doesn't work (at least not with Firefox 1.0.6 unless I've done something wrong).

Thanks, Tiralmo. My bad. Had I been thinking when I posted the entry I might have done that. Of course a complete browser window is required for this game. doh.


...has anyone found a forum that's in english...? In the meantime, I'm stuck on five.

Jay- I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a site like yours; your game aesthetic is perfect, your reviews are articulate and interesting... amazing work. Thank you.

The clue for five is "Have a look into the future."

So what would you be looking at if it were the future?

You're looking at right now, aren't you?

Meanwhile, I'm stuck on level 11.

Any hints for level 6?

Level 6 was really tough. It's in the source code, and believe it or not, everything you need to know is in the source code, although none of the words of the next url are actually there.

Cheers, Eli! =)

And about level 6, I imagine "next folder" is referring to the current "long" directory, and "next htm" refers to the current "desert.htm".

So what is the logical "next" of "long" and of "desert"?

I'm definitely stuck on this one.

I saw that in the source code. Unfortunately, everything I've tried so far using that info hasn't worked.

I feel better since you're stuck there too, Jay. :)

I FEEL REALLY STUPID!! I'm Stuck on level 2!!??? i cant figure it out

Bryan - the clue for level 2 says "address change"

so change the address to get to level 3

Just figured out 6.

I realized I was ignoring the fact that the next folder was wrapped by center and head tags, and the similar situation with the next htm.
So what's in the center of the head? What's in the center of the body.
And not the head tag but your head. :)

I was definitely going down the wrong path, thanks for the hint Tim.

Unfortunately, I still can't get it(!)

tried: nose, eyes, brain, heart, chest, navel... ack!

Jay - you need a colloquial version of one of the above.

Brucker - I'm stuck on level 10. Can you give me a clue?

Jay, for level 6:

You have the correct folder in your list, and a synonym for the htm. Just stop trying such fruity guesses.

Level 7 is a little tricky, but once you figure out what you're looking for it's fairly straightforward.

8 and 9 were more time consuming than anything else for me...

Now to work on level 10...

Okay, got 10, here's a hint:

"...and what a delicious type of cookie it is! I mean, just look at it!"

I'm stuck on lvl 7...I looked at the source and found those times, but dont see where to go from there...:(

I feel really dumb, but I'm still stuck on five even after Brucker's hint.

I've tried in order to "look into the future" but that didn't work.

ARG! Nevermind. Why is it right when you ask for help you figure it out?

stuck on 4. what's the source?

Anyone know how to get off of level 4? it says to find the source code, and i forget how.

Got it, finally!

On level 7, you need to look at those times in a different way.

Draw a line of old-fashioned analogue clocks... the answer will be right in front of you. :)

Level 8 has me stumped, however... a bit of googling over the page title has me wondering if I need to be a javascript programmer to find the answers. Anyone have any hints?

Ahhhhhhh, what time is it??? (number seven) I don't get what those times mean :-/

For 8:

Notice how there's a map tag followed by a whole bunch of numbers. Figure out what they mean. After that, I just used the standard paint program on my computer to find out the answer.

I'm currently stuck on 12. Anyone able to give any hints on that yet?

I started looking at them as analog times before the hint, but I really don't see any sort of pattern...they don't seem to be pointing in any specific direction, they're not forming any letters, I even tried it on a 24 hour analog clock :-/

dontknow - I'm stuck on 7, too. Here's what I do know...

The analog times do indeed form a pattern [image], I'm just not sure yet how to answer the question "What time is it" with it yet.

I've 2 hints for 7. The first relates this puzzle to a similar puzzle in another of these games. The second relates to something already said (behind a spoiler tag) in this thread.

Ankh #7 is the same sort of puzzle as God Tower #3 (You have solved that, right? There's a metalink in Jay's description of this game)

As Karmen said, "Draw a line of old-fashioned analogue clocks..." there's nothing about putting the clocks atop each other...

Thanks, Tiralmo. So I've modified my [image], and I still don't know what time it is. lol

(I guess I don't need to tell you I'm terrible at these games, though I did figure out #3 of God Tower)

It's the 4th letter that doesn't make sense to me.

Nevermind. I just got it. =)

Jay, I finally figured it out. o_O

the answer really has nothing to do with time, it spells out the word...


Yeah, I really don't get it either. :/

Level 8 is killig me. I know it's not talking about latitude and longitude because the real measuments don't go about 180. >:/

Grace - it says polymap, so maybe those numbers are x,y coordinates of a shape?

i need help on 11
i dont see anything unusual in the source code and all the clue at the top says is "useless"
any hints would be greatly appreciated

if you think you have lvl 8 figured out, then you know it involves a little bit of tedious work. use the following to speed up your work:

if you're a webmaster, you may have used this utility to create image maps:
choose "polygon" and a copy/paste job should reveal the answer. No need to spend half an hour in Paint =)

lvl 9 shouldn't be too hard

lvl 10:

what else can cookie mean? now do you remember where the folder is?

lvl 11: help!

ok lvl 11 can be tough if you're completely unfamiliar with html.

look out for "useless" html tags. once you have the answer, it'll be music to your ears.
hehe sry, that was kinda corny. =P

Really stuck on 5 - have a look into the future? What does this mean?

I'm really stuck on 6.
What's in the middle of your body, if it's not the heart or navel or chest? I don't know any other words for it. These puzzles sucks if you're foreign. A little help someone? Please?

alright, i'm still stuck on 6... the most logical one i can come up with after reading all your comments and still playing with the address change is


could someone just tell me if i'm close or if i should go on a totally different track?
thanks still stuck on level 4, whats this source code?

still stuck on 6
could someone tell me if i'm atleast close?



Level 11 help -

Look closer at the source, some of it is indeed useless.

Some of the html tags aren't mated, collect the first letter from each of these words into a new word, the name of a rather famous man.

eliz, you are close:

Instead of "head", I think it should actually say "face" ...but that doesn't fit as well with the html code.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck on level 11...

Btw, as for level 8, the paint program was no help for me, but excel worked fine. ;)

Alright, I'm pretty sure I understand number 10, but I'm not putting it in right, any more clearer cut hints?

For anyone who wants to experiment with SVG as a means to solve Level 8, try editing this file.

If you can see a polygon at the above link, then your browser has SVG support. If not, you can try downloading the Adobe SVG viewer.

Later versions of IE have native support for SVG, as do later builds of Firefox—although Firefox's implementation of SVG is improving, it's still not yet complete. SVG is an emerging standard for Web-based vector graphics adopted by the W3C, and based on XML. Pretty cool stuff. =)

Lost - Level 10 spoiler:

Try viewing cookies stored for the domain.

Need more help than that?

It's easy if you're using Firefox: preferences-> privacy-> cookies-> view cookies->

That's exactly what I did, and I found the cookie, but I put it in the address and it doesn't seem to like it :-/

You didn't change the subdirectory, did you?

Nope (warning level 10 spoiler ahead)

Lost - "3D" is ACSII for "=" and should not be included in the URL.


I am soooo stuck on 12

/nose/2/ is good, but it needs a .htm.

Help please

Stuck on level 11:

There are four tags that are useless: <a>, <kebab>, </kebab>, and </center>

But it is not clear to me how to use that information to form a URL.

Any hints?

lvl 12:

First notice the image name and try what's next logically.
"jay pack" is a reference to the notpron game and = jpeg. So give it something other than .jpg
I'm stuck after that though, tried nose/./2/, nose/two/, etc

hey jay,

There's also the body and html tags. And ignore the kebab tag.

hey christine,

nose/2/ doesn't work if you notice that after entering that, the url reverts back to nose. This is the same as that level where u had to come up w/ nose/bellybutton.htm.
This is since "2" is not a valid directory name on the server under "nose" so it defaults to the default.htm page under /nose/ which is the page asking for the .htm.
not sure if i made any sense

Hi Enorich, yes, I've played notpron and am at the blue numbers -- I'm exactly where you are. The dot simply refers to the current directory and essentially means nothing.

Thanks, Enorich54. Unfortunately, I still have no idea how to form a URL out of...

<body>, <a>, </center>, and </html>

I've tried "bodya/center.html" as well as "bodya/center/html.htm"

What else am I missing?

wahoooo got 12 onto 13

Can some one please tell me how to get source code?

Jay, a hint: try the initials.

never mind, i learned it from my 2nd best game website. Youre the first:-)

Jace - choose view source. How to view source depends on what browser you are using. Generally, you can right-click and select view source from the pop-up menu.

Christine - the initials of what?! argh. so frustrated on this one.

nevermind. finally got it. boy that was sooo not intuitive, nor very logical. psssh.

I don't get 12...

past the blue numbers means nothing to me :-/

It's good to know someone got 12, christine. i was beginning to give up on the level.


I *think* it may have something to do w/ the blue colors. trying to add their hex values in photoshop right now...

One step ahead of you... = AF10B7

...except no help. =(

be sure you "web safe colors" is turned off

Jay, thank you so much for showing me the SVG viewer. That rules.

Things I've tried for number 12 (and failed)

2.htm, 11.htm, two.htm, eleven.htm, bluetwo.htm, bluetooth.htm, blueones.htm, blues.htm

These are getting a bit unlogical :-/

Hmm... those were not the colors that my Mac came up with in Fireworks. psssh. Thanks! =)

Lost - Level 12 spoiler:

Both 1s are not of the same color. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Grace - glad you find it useful! =)

Thanks for the hint/spoiler with twelve, I would've never gotten that.


13 brings back the google search bar, but I haven't a clue as to what I'm searching for, I think it has something to do with the name of the picture being "asskee"...

I tried carriagereturn.htm (#13 in decimal ascii), devicecontrol3.htm (#13 in hex ascii), and verticaltab3.htm (#13 in octal ascii), got nothing on em...

Level 13:

So we're definitely looking for something in ASCII, but what? If the image contains clues, then what is to be made of those 5 rectangles?

Hmmmmm.....they don't form any pattern that I can see....I have to say though, I love the twenty second music clips. Just as I get ideas about what the clue could be, the music starts to tense up in horror, like " that! That can't be it! Anything but that!! AHHHH, RUNNN!!!"

Kay fine. 'S just me. Shut up :-p

Lvl 14:

anyone know a good barcode application? or are we supposed to do this by hand...

ogg files don't play on my Mac. I wonder if a plug-in is available for the Mac that would play them automatically?

Lost - have you ever tried signing into TypeKey? Your comments would show up immediately and not require me to approve each and every one. =)

Aww, but I liked all the special attention you were giving me :)

Still no luck with the 13th guy.

Hey! you're not lost anymore =p

Yeah, no luck on 13 here either. I'm thinking I should get away from it for a while. Besides, the ball game starts soon. =)

I was playing around at like level 5 and typed in in a guess, and a password prompt popped up. My guess that is the end of the game, now we "just" need a name and password ^_^.

help with 5, anyone??

need help with 4

ok i've looked at all the hints and have tried everything but can't seem to find an answer for level 8! Can someone please help, it's driving me insane!

Gah, I can't take this game anymore. I'm obviously too damn stupid for it. <:(

Jay, I agree that was not very intuitive. I don't recall a clue about that word in the sourcecode.

Stuck on 14 now. Barcode decodes to

the end is near

which is true, but I've tried all sorts of combinations and can't figger it.
13: if you've played notpron, you've seen this before. This guy really is clever.

The dimensions of the rectangles are numbers...

on level 14:

christine, you got the answer, just use it without spaces

Lvl 15: the last level!?

this is kinda a cheap trick but look in the white corner. And tried the login/password on the /end page someone found from before.
Seems like that's all. Fun game I guess.

I've given up at level 12.

Damn it! To anyone who gets to level 14 and starts working on it and gets numbers in their answer....

spin it 180 degrees.

Damn it :)

I can't do level 13...

I'm putting this in spoiler because of the "dimensions of the rectangles" part and ascii part. I took the dimensions of the rectangles (from inside the rectangle), put it into ascii and came out with 9-d.sow.xf . I know this can't be right, and if I took the outside dimensions I'd come up with a ; among other things. What am I screwing up?

No idea Role, here's how I did it...

Open the picture up in paint. Using the line tool, click on the left most pixel of the rectangle, and drag to the right most pixel of the rectangle. Look down in the bottom right corner and next to the coordinates should be some dimensions. Obviously, if you made a straight line across, you'll get something like 128 x 1. Don't forget to do the heights as well!

Don Huando, I bow to you. I'd swear I tried that, but I must have done everything but that.


There's something wrong with the way you're measuring, because one of the rectangles is a perfect square. You should get the same character twice.

Did it all! Woot!

stuck on 5 any help?

Ok, thanks for the help, I'll try it again.

anyone can help me with level 4 pleaaaassseee??

right, im still on level 4, i found the source code, but its just a bunch of random numbers and stuff, i dont know which part im supposed to type in.

wow level 8 is too hard for me :I anybody could help with that?

help with level 5 please!

I'm so lost on 12! All the other messages talk about colors and numbers, but all I see is a picture of a girl, and no hint in the source or title! Am I looking in the wrong place?

Woohoo! I finally did it! (I had to finish a few overdue papers before I could really focus.) But now that I'm done, here's a bit of help for those who have been stuck today:

For level 4:

It's been described how you can look at the source code in various browsers. Once you're looking at it, you should see something out of place, a fragment of what you are looking for. If you aren't familiar enough with .html to find it, this hunt will only become more difficult.

For level 5:

This one stumped me for awhile... I was looking for something obvious to click, like a crystal ball. The real answer is more obvious... look at the name of the image... if you were already on the next level (as you will be in the future) what would the title of the image be?

Level 8 is just a pain:

In a previous comment, Jay links to a helpful SVG tool... just view the source, save it, and enter in the coordinates as given. I entered the coordinates into Excel and used the chart wizard to make mine... however you do it, the answer will become clear after some tedious work, at the very least, some c&p.

For Level 12:

This shows the futility of looking for hints before searching for the answer yourself. You'll understand the blue nubers and whatnot when you get there... but they aren't on the original screen for 12. Think simple... look at the name of the picture. Extrapolate and experiment a little, and you'll be puzzling over those blue numbers before you know it. :)

Good luck!

on level 9, i keep reading it as:

ncoin, nurin

which is obviously wrong.
are the words vertical or horizontal?


You must be close, as you have 3 out of 5 letters right... What are you using to translate? When I did it on this site:
the letters appeared vertically.

i'm on lvl 9... doesn't work...i just get this gibberish-like mulch of symbols...

am i missing some sort of software or am i just doing it wrong?

Ok, I've been finding a lot of your comments helpful so far, but I'm stuck because internet explorer isn't playing the sound files, what do I need to get those to work?

karmen... i know that but i still cant get the answer i tried destiny arrival end short journey :S but no one makes sense

TrickNeal: I got through the whole game without ever turning up the volume to see if there even was sound. There's probably a way to fix it, but it isn't necessary.

On level 9:

When I pasted the numbers into the site, I didn't even need to hit 'translate' ...the letters appeared in the bianary box... getting you to translate at all is sort of misleading...this game is good like that.


you're looking for the picture name, not the page name... which is: level5.jpg ... so try something else before clicking this:

try /long/level6.jpg and then long/level6.gif ;)

Could someone PLEASE give the answer for level 4? Please.

thx a lot Karmen

hey can anyone help me out with lv 15? Some hints or maybe =/ I tried both really.htm and really.gif but they don't work.


1: click the door

2: URL: /level3.htm

3: URL: /positive/index.htm

4: URL: /long/journey.htm

5: URL: /long/desert.htm

6: URL: /nose/bellybutton.htm

7: URL: /nose/acid.htm

8: URL: /nose/story.htm

9: URL: /nose/nobin.htm

10: URL: /nose/secretmsg.htm

11: URL: /nose/bach.htm

12: URL: /nose/bedead/

13: URL: /nose/egyptx/

14: URL: /nose/egyptx/theendisnear

15: URL: /end/really.htm Username: strange Password: keyword

I'm really stuck on level 8.. please can someone help?

hey is there supposed to be sound in this?

...well yeah, but the author made ogg vorbis files instead of mp3, making it hard to hear. It is really nice music anyway, worth converting.

cheers, Doc.

(ps, forgot to sign in. Sorry for possible double entry..)

Although this isn't really related, don't be fooled by the toughness of this version of Ankh(internet version). The real version of Ankh(computer version)is totally different, its more along the lines of Escape From Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, intead of like Notpron.

I'm STILL stuck on level 12 despite the info that you have given here!! Please help!!

any hints for level 5?????

Solution for level 6:


im on 8 any hints?

someone posted a spoiler for level 5.. that made the game even worse and didn't help one bit lmao.. can someone just tell what it is.

how do you know its nose.bellybutton for level 6???

This game sucks. I used IE like it said, and on level two I change the URL from


And it just tells me I'm a cheater for using the mouse.

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