Cry Wolf

Avoid suspicion. Lie to your friends. Eliminate your enemies.

Cry WolfCry Wolf is a multiplayer Web game created to promote a movie of the same name coming to theaters this September. And if the movie is executed as well as the game has been, it will likely be a hit at the box office.

"Cry Wolf, the game, pits two groups of unequally informed players against one another in a discussion-centered contest of survival."

The Flash-based game makes use of AOL Instant Messenger by logging you into the game using your AIM screen name, no other registration is required to play. The lobbies and in-game chat utilize the Flash Comm Server for multiplayer communication, and yet the game encourages the use of AIM to communicate privately with other players to form alliances and gather information. Hotlinks that open external AIM chat windows are included on every player's avatar.

Cry Wolf: the gameA new game is formed with a flock of between 7 and 15 players. The multiplayer game server secretly assigns most of the group to be sheep, and only a few to be wolves. The sheep do not know wolves from sheep, and yet the wolves know of each other. The exact number of wolves is dependent upon the number of people playing. In a 7-person game there is only one (1) wolf; whereas a 15-player game begins with three (3) wolves.

If you are a sheep, your job is to figure out who is a wolf, and vote them out out of the flock. If you are a wolf, you are trying to help your fellow wolves make it through the game undetected, devouring sheep in the process.

There are three (3) phases to the game: daytime, sudden death, and nighttime. In daytime, everyone chats together and tries to form alliances however they can to sleuth out and expose the wolves. During this time each person selects someone whom they believe to be suspicious. Sudden death ends the daytime phase with the two (2) most suspicious players being voted on by the remaining players as the one to be ousted from the flock. After one is ousted, nighttime takes over with all the sheep going to sleep, and the wolves free to decide who to eat, thus reducing the number of sheep by one (1).

The game ends when all the wolves are driven away, or when the number of wolves outnumber the sheep.

The game server is represented by a faceless character called the "Shepard", which is responsible for maintaining flow throughout the game. Periodically, the Shepard will provide clues to the group, and will sometimes whisper only to certain players about another player with whom to trust. At nighttime when the sheep are 'sleeping', some will be given 'dreams' about other players who can or cannot be trusted. These visions and clues must be discerned carefully however, since other sheep are often included in the visions.

Apparently the characters in the movie play a similar game, and the game itself is not a new concept. I have heard from more than a couple of people who have experienced something like it before played in groups (called Mafia or Werewolf). It works surprisingly well as an online multiplayer Flash game, so well in fact that I couldn't stop playing it for hours once I started. Terribly addictive. Excellent fun. Click.

The writer/director of the film, Jeff Wadlow, has been maintaining a blog about his experiences creating the movie, and the game.


Takes a few goes to get the hang of it, but it's great.

It could do with a bigger chat window, at the start of new rounds text shoots up far too quickly and it's a pain to scroll back.

After the first round though I love the subterfuge and accusations :)

reminds me of a card game called 'mafia'
this game sounds really fun and i've tried it for two rounds
not bad
a bit hard cuz its online
cant watch body language which often determines the results

also, i dont know if its bugs or what, but my IE keeps returning cannot find server halfway through the game
spoils the fun really

Yeah, it's almost just like the game Mafia, which can be played with about 10 to as many people as you think you'd like (I've played with 25).
Here is a site explaining the game with large amounts of additional rules:

Yay online Mafia! :)

I'm starting my first game.. feeling more than a little nervous!

I have a feeling I'll be eaten this time around..


This is so awesome, I love this thing....

This was a fun game, my only problem was that periodically I got logged out for no reason other than error. Very interesting dynamics, especially because you can't see the other people. Good game!

A great game, very adictive, also a very good idea.

A lot of people have asked me when the film will be out so it should do ok!

When's the UK release?

I will watch the movie for no reason other than that the game was awesome. Ten games in, I can only imagine how fun it will be to watch the movie- with the actual characters- guessing who is who!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. "Hey man, see that girl? In four games I played, she was the wolf."

"Oh, I always played the police officer, it's not him."


i keep getting sent back to the login page because of an "ERROR"
i dont know why this is happening...but i dont get to complete a game because mid game im sent back....annoying!

how long does a full game take? because if you have to leave or something, then what? it still looks enticing, i'll have to try it when i have more time...

Jayne - I played for hours last night (Saturday to early Sunday morning) and only encountered one problem, but I do know that others were being dropped, probably due to their connections timing out.

Today, however, I have not been able to play a complete game without a problem, so I'm hoping they iron out the issues soon.

Brandon - games consist of anywhere from 7 to 15 players. The more players, the longer the game. If your time is short, join a game that has a maximum of 7 players. It should last no longer than 10 minutes.

Switched back to my PC, which i was using last night, and it's MUCH smoother. My Mac is wireless, and so either may have been the problem. I suggest playing this game on a pc with broadband cabled connection.

Early this morning I had no problems but I've been getting a lotta errors lately (and i'm using a sexy mac)
I always feel bad when it cuts me out of the middle of a game, messes things up a bit. It's neat how it compensates for people "quitting" and slow connections.
I hope it stays alive after the movie is out :D

aaargh, it won't let me in. just loads, then goes back to the login page telling me I've done something wrong. harrumph

You were the wolf! Haha, I was pacman3313. Great game, thanks for posting it.

This game is really addictive. Thanks for recommending, and nice to play with you, Jay!

I'm having problems staying logged in as well. I make it through the countdown, but then I'm back to the login screen with an error message. Would love to try it out soon, looks like alot of fun.

It sounds like a fun game to have a go at, but I am also getting the problem that it starts loading and then goes back to the log in page with an unexplained error. How disspointing :(

haha jay i saw you in the game! good to see you there

I think I saw a game you were hosting, Jay, but got one of those errors before I could join. It really doesn't look like wireless works all that well. Maybe next time I'm at school...

Yeah, the game is definitely acting glitchy again tonight, now even on my PC.

It's a shame, cause when it's running smoothly, it's a pretty excellent game. Hopefully they will continue to work on it and get it in shape for when the movie opens on September 16th.

I saw a couple of people who shouted out during the games, it was great to see friends in there playing too! =)

This game is seriously addicting...

i've racked up almost 100 games so far. =p

Hi everybody!

Can you guys help me with a little strategy?

My current strategy of pleading, "I swear I'm a sheep!" doesn't seem to be working.

I get ousted almost every time whether I'm a wolf or not! Am I using a suspicious font or something???


lol Shastanna. =)

Remember the first piece of advice given at the beginning of every game: "avoid suspicion"

That was happening to me because I think I was too vocal. Tone it down a bit and blend in with the rest, and see if that gets you farther.

Also, key information is given in the beginning as whispers to a select few sheep of whom to trust. Generally it's given to more than one, but never all of the sheep. Make note of who received it.

Then just ask questions, but don't come across too strongly. Avoid suspicion. =)

OMG I'm going nuts...I so look forward to your reviews and playing the games you post but I have been trying for 45 minutes now and just can't seem to break into this game...the web page won't load at all...the anticipation of playing is too much to bear!! Oh well thank goodness I work graveyard shift and can continue to try throughout the night!!

Hi Wendy!

The game went down about this time last night for about an hour, and then was available again for the rest of the day. I'm hoping that's the case again tonight.

I'm waiting too. =)

some characters get ousted more than others. try and stay away from the hottie, townie, texan, and new guy, as people like to get rid of them first. from my exprience it doesn't matter how vocal they are, those four characters are always under suspision.

The game won't load for me :/
I wish it would, it looks like a very interesting game.

Hey! I'm new here!
I found your site about a week ago when I was looking for photo hunt, and now I'm hooked!
Anywho, do you _have_ to have an AOL account for this? I really want to play (although, it seems it won't load for me right now either) or can you play without one?

It is addictive, it might need a few improvements. Like there should be a away to stop people flooding the text windows.

Chances of being a wolf is quite low, but once you get the hang of what the dreams say (exactly one of the three people you're shown is a wolf) it can be a very logical and exciting game, the hardest thing is getting people to see your resoning with everyone else talking.

Talps, it's not getting a cinematic release over here. going straight to video

Kokuou - yes, you need an AIM screen name and AIM to be able to talk to individual players. It's worth it, and when you get bored, uninstall AIM. Go to, and lie about your age if you're under 13. It may plant a cookie saying "this computer's owner is under 13" and never let you sign up again. Until you delete the cookie. Anyway, it's a sort of weird game, but quite addictive.

If jay is writer and owner, and Capuchin is apprentice/assistant reviewer, then I can be. . . . .technical support. LOL, I sent the first of over 500 comments about not pron. And ever since that fateful January I still get two or three e-mails a week asking for help. I enjoy tormenting people who's e-mail looks like this:

SUBJECT: aaaaha help!!!1!!!!111!!

help! icant get 7! reply!!1!1!!!

the foo-mastah yo !111!!111177!!!1!1 haxxor!


Reply: Hmm, 7? What 7? I didn't know anything about 7?

Reply: yo, level 7!11!!!!1!

Reply: Level 7 what?

Reply: dat pr000n game!

Reply: Oh, I see. And you want. . .hints? For. . .level. . .7?

etc. etc. That was one long comment.

I was just thinking, and realizing, I don't know how to whisper, I can do the outside IM but that is inconvenient, you know?

Lessons, please? : )

It was fun, I helped Jay test out and play the game for a little while on Saturday. Too bad he stabbed me in the back one time and voted for me as the wolf. HAHAH.. Oh well, that's just how the game is played. I had a lot of fun. I had to leave though cuz it was dinner time, and I had to go make me some taco's and homemade blackberry pie. OH YEAH!

Multiplup - Click the AIM icon next to a player's name.

Hey Labyrinth! - sorry I didn't mention your help in the review. Truth is I played so long that night and saw so many people that I had forgotten who I had seen. =/

So, thanks for your help! It was a blast, and I'm glad you didn't hold it against me when I had to vote you out. =)

Great game, me and mate had fun playing it while being in a teamspeak chat, trying to fool each other while being sheep.

However, not a fault of the game but the racist nature of many of hte people almost made me have to stop playing this game. Constant racist comments and voting off black people annoyed me, although it is probably just kids trying to get attention.

This game is really really dull, I thoguht. I was there for the first day, and firstly there were too many people for me to be able to tell them apart really, and also the conversations tended to be just "I'm a sheep, honest!". The fact that there aren't any real differences between how the sheep and wolves act, apart from that the wolves know who the other wolves are, Really made me think, well, who gives a sod who the wolves are?
Not as fun as eating.

Where you're a wolf, it's really fun to lie and say you had a dream, or at the beginning if someone gets a whipser, say you got it too...
whoopsie! there goes my secrets :D

I also recommend that people try out the "card game" version of this (Mafia) if you have 10-20 people in a room together :D it's really fun and even harder because then it gets really psychological i guess. People accusing each other, people trying to figure out who's lying, and people (as always) ousting/killing the quiet ones :D.
It's also cool because in Mafia, you may have an Angel/Doctor who can try to "save" someone (they guess who may be next victim) and many other characters which spice it up =D

Heh. Really cool. Second time on i meet you. The guy who led me there. Feels more like a game of luck. You sort of have an inkling, but it is more how often or not they say 'i am a sheep.' Looks like a good film though.

yea, it's like mafia.

great find jay. now that i've had time to play it. = )
you can also meet people there too. that's always fun, esp playing them again.

i always play the texan, which is logical for me, and they do seem to like to rat me out. though i've never been the wolf yet.

the best thing to do it say, " no, I'm not" and move on. dwelling on it makes you sound desperate.

Ugh, it won't let me load this thing for some reason. I type in my name and password and click login then, *bam*. The window is filled with black and nothing happens...Help? Pretty please?

Hopefully you remember me, Jay. I played a quick game with you. Thanks for your support. :D

This is the first time I've commented, but I visit your blog almost daily. You have awesome taste in games.

I still want to be the wolf, though.

Tim: When that happens, at least from my experience, it's because the server is running slowly. Waiting patiently should get you in. If that doesn't work, you can always try restarting your web browser.

Of course I remember, and you really *were* a sheep! lol. And thanks for the kind words, hopefully I'll get away from the game long enough to get another review up soon. =)


It asks for ZIP code
(what's that?)

Bas - I don't know where in the world you are, but I for one am in Canada. In America, though, everyone has a zip code which is part of their address. In Canada and many other countries this is called the "postal code." It goes after the address when you are mailing people and ever three to five houses has one. It helps the postal services if their are, for example, two or more "John Streets" in any given city and they're not sure which. But I seem to have digressed. Anyway, AOL stands for "America OnLine" and so it assumes, randomly, that you are American. Even if you tell them otherwise. So just type in 000000000000000 or something. It doesn't matter. Ignore it.

Tnx, didn't know that.
I'm from Holland, we DO have postal codes, but I never heard of the ZIP-thing...

Is there a reason why people keep voting the Texan and the NG out? And the police officer and the RA rarely get voted out.
Fun game though, very addicting. It's especially fun if you're a wolf. :D

If you like this, you'll love and
Both places have had mafia games running on them for a while. It's the real version though. You have roles, powers, abilities and the game takes a few weeks. Lots of fun though and just as addicting.

If you like this, you'll love and
Both places have had mafia games running on them for a while. It's the real version though. You have roles, powers, abilities and the game takes a few weeks. Lots of fun though and just as addicting.

If you like this, you'll love and
Both places have had mafia games running on them for a while. It's the real version though. You have roles, powers, abilities and the game takes a few weeks. Lots of fun though and just as addicting.

The players really are like sheep - if two people tell them someone is guilty, everyone flocks to them. That takes a lot out of the game. If the login screen had an intelligence filter it would be nice.

gave up trying to play tonight, kept getting logged out

Great game!!! I'm Sendraikken, look for me. =D

I tried it once yesterday but i closed the window, and when i tried to log in, it says i am still active in a lobby and it is still doing it today!

I closed the window because people were telling everybody what they were.

So much fun. I'm truth8handler, so look me up, too. The only problem is when people don't use logic to play the game, or even worse get mad at the wolves for actually, you know, trying to win. When people aren't poor sports, it's a great game! Definetly my fave!

P.S. Jay, I saw you in game but it didn't hit me who you were until you handed my butt to me (you were a Wolf). So, belated hi!

Oh, yeah - for anyone interested in the movie, they have a trailer for it at . They don't seem to be advertising for it a lot on TV and such, but I suppose the game does the trick. =) Comes out September 16th - I wanna see it so bad!

I just wanna play but i log in then get an error message

I just wanna play but i log in then get an error message

I decided to give this game a shot, but I had to play a few games before I got the hang of it. And then, once you find a good group, you try to stick with them, or at least that's what I did. It's horribly addicting, but again, the group depends on whether the game is fun or not. Great pick, Jay.

I love this game. Online mafia! I'm actressforGod on there. I'm going to play it some more now...

It's fun. The only thing I don't like about it is how misleading the dreams from the shepherd can be. That's pretty much the only solid info you get and half the time it's wrong. So I think that can be a somewhat arbitrary part of the game. Oh, and the wait times(round times, not load times) are a little long. Especially the first round that can basically be just a guessing game.

Dave - what may be misleading about dreams is that is says ONE of the people shown cannot be trusted, which means only ONE is a wolf, the other two are sheep. I have played the game enough to rely on that information as being correct, and once you narrow it down to where you know 2 of the 3 are sheep, then you can be 100% sure the 3rd is a wolf.

A word of caution: wolves may be announcing false dreams, which will certainly mislead you if you think it's coming from a sheep. So be careful who you trust.

And the length of each round is a parameter that is set by the creator of the game. If the rounds are too long, create your own "fast" game for a better experience. I prefer short rounds myself.

I love this!!! If you see me, (rktenoh) say hi!

Okay, I played this game for a long time last night, except now whenever I try to play it, it says I'm still in the room, but I'm definately not. It says the same thing with both my screen names, how'm I supposed to play now?

There are a few bugs, one of which is there seems to be an issue with the system rememberingv if you are logged in and where you are. The easiest way to fix it as near as I can tell is to close out all the windows and start over. Since logging in isn't a huge time sink like mmorpg's tend to be... you waste about a minute and the problem is gone. =)

I love this game. Online Mafia. YES!!!

This game is really fun and good to play!

i really like this game but the only problem is that every time i want to play i go on the site and when i try to login it says that i am still active in a lobby. the last time i played i clicked the "exit game" button so i know that i exited. i also tried to restart my computer. any hints as to what i should do? it gets really annoying to remake screen names every time just so i can play cry wolf.

omg lol i cant get in cos it ses that because of the child protection act im to young or sommit i accidently put in i was born in 1992 but im born in 1985 so does any1 no how i can get in? cos the sign gets put on the age wen i click ok it ses error

Abby - you shouldn't have to create a new screen name every time that happens, just wait 30-seconds to a minute and it should let you in. That has happened to me numerous times, but a little patiences did the trick.

Karan - um, you "put in" that you were born in 1992, where did you put that in? When you created your screen name? You may have to create a new screen name, or edit your birthdate ...though I am unsure how to do that.

Playing in the morning give you less errors (like, morning Eastern Time)

If you have entered your name wrong try deleting your Cookies and Temperary Internet files to do this do the following:

Open IE (Internet Explorer)
Go to tools
Click Internet Options
Click the general Tab
Then Click Delete Cookies and Delete Tempary Internet Files

It may take a while to delete so be patient! your computer has not crashed!

it is not working when i open the page then i go into the room eg: the chapel it doesnt show any ppl in there or any games that are on at the moment, please please reply asap because i really want the play this game lol

i havent gotten to play the game, because it says error when i login, i tried many screennames but it wont work.... o well.. anyone know how to fix this?

does anyone know what the movie will be rated? it looks awesome!

This game is awesome! I could spend hours playing it but it just keeps kicking me off now and I can't even get to the site!

i want to play the game but when i sign in it lets me pick the place and then it puts me in the room the music plays but it shows no one in the room and then a sec later it kicks me out and it will do this every time anyone know y????

Hello, it wont load period no matter what i do, even if i try on different computer, so if anyone can figure out what is going on i would like to know.............

I keep having problems getting into this game at all. I have been trying on and off for 5 hours. I get to the login screen and it freezes up. Sometimes I can't even pull up the website for the game. What is going on?? They need to upgrade the server or what???

I just wanted to tell you that the game Cry Wolf is messing up. It will go the login screen and then freeze. Finally, it will say page cannot be displayed. There has been problems like this for the last several days. Does anyone know what is wrong. My screen name is oxoanglskrxox, so look me up some time. Just because there may be a few glitches in the system, it doesn't mean that I'm gonna abandon this game, I love it. Thanks

man the game doesnt even work it always says error can anyone help me?! sn is da1nchopstic it looks like a tyte game!!

I can't log into the game at all, it keeps giving me an error message. Is the server messed up or what. I have tried all day to get in. I love this game, and can't wait until the problem is resolved.

Its cool dont take it off

Well, at least after you login it goes somewhere, but this is the error I keep getting.

The server may have restarted or there was another type of error.
Please return to the game to play again.

....and when I do that, it just says the same thing over and over. I love this game, can you tell? Thanks

Maybe they're making the game mess up to encourage you to go see the movie. lol. =)

I saw the movie the day it came out (Friday) and it's excellent! Go see it!

Dude this game is so fun! (the peeps tend to get annoying tho) But when i try to play it says it can't find the server no matter wat i do. it bites

I am getting soo irritated. I log in and go into the lobby and pick a room and it shows up for like 3 secs then takes me back to the login screen saying error this may happen if you hit the back button use in game controls instead. but the thing is everytime i try to get in i make sure i don't hit anything but it still does it. if someone could tell me that would be great

is anyone else having trouble running this after installing flash player 8? It seems like it isn't compatible or as jay mentioned one time, the game's creators didnt allow for any updates to flash. Every time i tried to get into a game room the game crashes and i get a message saying flash8.ocx was running when the game crashed.

Hi Andrew - I have been able to play without difficulty, and I am running Flash Player 8 on a Mac running OS X (10.3.9).

I do know of others who have been having trouble with this game, and so my guess is that there is some incompatibility with the new Flash Player and something else that may be running on the system.

Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas about what to try, besides a different computer to play the game on. =(

I think theres some kinda bug cause it doesn't let me enter the room. It just goes back to the login screen

Hey I have played 16 games now after updating my Macromedia Flash player and I haven't had one problem. Maybe they have fixed the error message and crashing problem? I am not sure yet maybe I am just getting lucky. I also found out that sometimes if someone in the game has an old version of Macromedia Flash your IE will time out and you will crash because of the inablity to connect to their pc. so pay attention to the people in your room when you crash and see if you crash when playing with them all of the time or at least when there are a large group of ppl in the game.

hey....i have played like uhhhh 15 or 16 games and i havent had 1 problem with loading,playing, or like when he computer freezes you have to shut it down, i havent had to do any of that crap! lol. well bye for now

I keep getting an error saying theres a problem with the add-on's apparently others are getting this too, anyone know how to fix it????

I can't make my screenname! I fill ALL the fields and it doesn't accept it. The game looks sooooooo good but i CANT PLAY! Any advice?

hey, the game cry wolf is so messed up. i don't know if it's the server, but it really needs to be checked into and fixed. i love it. thanks


Grrr... I have yet to even still be there to start a game... Get kicked out by IE every single time. Sometimes instantly and sometimes it leaves me hoping for a few minutes and then gives me the boot.

I have been playing this game for months and I can't get enough of it. The people who created this game are pure genius!

I think this game is incompatible with Flash 8, or at least has a lot of problems running on flash 8. Everytime I try to play this game on my desktop it freezes up on me and says that there is a problem with the flash add-on.

Gah! MY browser keeps quitting for no reason about half a minute into the game! I tried 3 times!

I've tried two different computers.. I've tried logging in like literally 50 times and everytime I get to the page that shows who is in the room and the create game button.. right after the part where you pick which lobby to be in.. it sends me to a page that says Error.. this may have happened because you pressed the back button.. only use ingame controls blah blah wait 30 seconds... a friend of mine has no problem with the game... Is there something I need to download or what? I loved the movie and would really like to play!


This game is pretty awesome. It's a shame it's only worked maybe 2 out of the 50 times i've tried to play it.

this game is fun when it works but the people can do wierd when i was a wolf the other wolf tried to vote me out lol

I switched to Opera browser and the crash is occuring less often, very less often...

looks like flash 8 is really the cause as I have flash 7 running on my Opera.....

give it a try ppl and dont quit this game :)

Gahhhhh!! Just discovered the game on this site today and tried to play it, game freezes on me every time the actual game begins (RIGHT after the minimum required amount of ppl is met and the 30 second countdown finishes). I also suspect it has to do with incompatibility with the newest version of the Flash plugin, since I've experienced problems playing other games with the newest Shockwave plugin as well. Possibly that's why there were so few ppl playing the game. When I logged on the game only had a total of 10~15 people logged on, and even fewer actually playing. We had trouble finding enough ppl to even begin a game, and ppl kept leaving the room just before the countdown finishes, which I suspect also has to do with game/server glitchs more than anything else.

yeah this game is very frustating when it doesnt work but dont give up becaus when it works its alot of fun

It stopped working after 8am, EST time zone.

omg i saw the movie loved the game played it with my friends(drinks for prizes) but i cant log onto the online game it just wont let me i've tried everything i even got a new screen name but nothing anyone figure out why it doesnt work???

What the?! It gotta be kidding me... the game just does not wants to work... am i doing something wrong? :/ it seems to be a really nice game... and, i've just watched the movie, loved it..

too bad :(

*sorry if i wrote it wrong... i'm from brasil... ;)

For those who have read this far down and still cant overcome the glitchiness, there is a fairly reasonable fix for this (mentioned only once, above).

Find an old copy of flash 7, install it, and this game will run smoothly (though nothing else on the entire internet will, so keep the installers handy).

Hope that helps.

hi umm...i love the game and everything and when im bored and stuff i play it...but whenever i go to play it it keeps logging me out and it gets really annoying...right when the count down ends it loggs me out with this error report that pops up...can i stop that by downloading crywolf? idk please reply.

i know a lot of people have asked this.
but im having the exact same problem!
sometimes it works and other times i sign in, pick the place i want to go, it goes to the screen, and a second later it kicks me out and does the " please wait 30 seconds" thing.
it used to work most of the time.
and now it wont work at all.
i looked for a flash 7, and they only had 5 and under, so i got 5, but it still does the same thing.
could someone PLEASE tell me what to do so i can play this game again, its really addicting! lol.


The wierd thing is that I used to play this day and night on IE as well as AOL. But now that our AOL is screwing up, Whenever I click "Click To Play", it just says "error on page"...It makes me sad...I've almost gotten to 1,000, I'm a real addict..:(

Anyone know all of the commands?
/w (username) to whisper
/me for an action

I know there were others, just can't remember, used to know them all when this came out.

I need some tips:

when you're wolf who should you kill first?

the safe ones
the unsafe ones
or whatever your tips are i want to hear them


Alright so it lets me pull up the game and log in but like 20 seconds after I get in it will go back and say error please log in again, or something and then it says that it could have happened from using my back button and that I should use the in-game do I fix this cause I never hit the back button...

Kelsie- If you're a wolf, *ALWAYS* kill off the safe ones first. Then no one knows who is and isn't a wolf, and it's that easier to mislead people with your wolf buddies.

I decided to come in here after i just found another tidbit even after playing this for over a year! But so far, what i've read up in this page, I already know.

Here's what I've gathered so far:

Tips for SHEEP:
- Keep ur eyes glued for the first Whisper! If you are late to shout a whisper, you'll be tagged for a Wolf. Normally, 3 sheep get a whisper at game start about a 4th safe sheep. Unfortunately, if you are the 3rd, you're in the gray area. So type fast! Even if it is the first 3letters of the nick.

- Keep an eye out for sheep being late. Or a lone sheep with a different whisper. A game of 10 or less gets 1 whisper. A game of 11 or more gets 2 whispers.

- Arrange your icons so you know your Safes vs Unsafes/Undetermined.

- VOTE VOTE VOTE! If no one votes or doesn't vote enough, the Shepherd MIGHT pick your Safes to go on the chopping block. If that happens, you end up Ousting one of your Sheep instead of the random possibility of Ousting a Wolf.

- If the Wolves don't kill too fast, the night will last long enough for some sheep to have dreams. If it's a "Believe this Sheep" dream, try to be the first to shout it when you wake up. Again, it is 3 sheep who dreams about a 4th. The other type of dream is "Don't Believe 1 of 3". More than 1 sheep dreams like this and is different from the next 1 of 3 dream. Compare the 2 together with your previous findings.

Tips for WOLVES:
- You can try to fake a whisper on the first round. Not always effective. Only when sheep are slow.

- /w [fellow wolf], but this also takes u away from being active in the chat and looks suspicious.

- if you have AIM, aim your fellow wolves.

- Coordinate with your wolves to kill Safes during the night. The faster the wolves vote on the same sheep, the faster the night ends and THE SHEEP DO NOT DREAM! Unfortunately, if a Wolf is ousted before night falls, the full night plays out.

- Coordinate on which Sheep to vote to be ousted so that Sheep with the most votes goes on the chopping block, not one of you.

Honestly, some people are GOOOOOD. I mean, you get the loud n00bs, and there are the sharks! Sheep have pegged wolves on first round and like my last game, us 3 wolves managed to win the game without getting any votes at all until last round! I agree that this game works well with players you can handle. Currently there are "bombers" for the past few nights (I don't know how long that has been going on). And then there are the obnoxious Yellers who curse up a storm just because you voted them and now have a personal vendetta against you. Or your fellow wolves who just won't get wit the program ^_^ But I find this game addicting. I can tolerate the immaturity because I can always leave if I have to.

The site isn't working anymore!
I'm terribly addicted to this game, and I'm hoping it's not over with =[

what is wrong with the site??

It can be fun, my main complaint is that so many people take the game WAY too seriously, and it's ridden with glitches, however it appears that the site's been shut down. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

WE need to send emails to aol to make them bring the game back. SEND THOSE EMAILS PEOPLE!

Sign the petition to bring the game back. After 50 signatures, I'll e-mail it to AOL.

So.... does anyone know why the game was closed down? I don't play for one day, then I come back to play, and it won't work.

I cannot believe this.

:( it won't load for me either.

...When I click on it, the page appears, but it says the usual message.

Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage

I tried the other links too, but I can't get the game to come out. It sounds very nice, and I did hear of Werewolf before, so I know how it works...

Can someone help?

There is another website! Only thing is that it requires a download. Its at

or you can type and search for it.

Please spread the word as thousands of players out there are eager to get their hands on this game again.

The game doesn't load at all for me. I just get a blank window for about 5 minutes, and then it says "the server stopped serving can't load page etc. etc." I'm on a Mac, and I've tried opening safari normally and in rosetta. Any help? Sort of disappointing because I've heard very good things about this game.

[Edit: This game was taken down many months ago, unfortunately. :( -Jay]

I like this game better then mafia or werewolf considering it is almost the same game. This game has less rules and is easy to learn, but hard to win if you are playing with smart players! My movie came up missing and the surrounding stores don't have it in stock!

they deleted the game because they were losing money

I think AOL should have a game related to this, such as the original mafia game (party game), and use it in a chat room or like a graphic user interface, like cry wolf the game.

They should definitely start Cry_Wolf back up again! that game was amazing!!

i really wish this game was still up, i loved it

omg.. til this day, i miss that game!! Can we please bring the game Cry Wolf back!!!

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