Grim Fandango tango

Grim Fandango soundtrackFor those who enjoyed playing the classic adventure game, Grim Fandango, and for those who simply enjoy listening to the timeless sound of big band instrumentals, do yourselves a favor and head on over to the Grim Fandango Network and download the excellent soundtrack to the game. Although neither the game nor the soundtrack is new, while on the topic of good music I wanted to share the link with anyone whom might be interested. Click.

This post is an effort to reel-in the current topic back to games. Just a day has gone by since my last review, and already the email is beginning to come in asking: "Where are the games?"

In case anyone is unaware, I emphasize quality over quantity here while highlighting and examining games from the perspective of a graduate student focusing on game design and development. There are already plenty of sites out there who offer gajillions of games to play, but you may be hard-pressed to find one worthy of the time you have to spare over your lunch-hour break.

I will do my best to get another review up soon. =)


I love Grim Fandango - that is one of my favorite all time adventure games! Thanks for the link!

Grim Fandango was an absolutely fantastic game. Though many games have been as funny or funnier, never have I seen its equal in sheer coolness. Thanks for the link, Jay.

Clicking on that first game site link reminded me of exactly why I tend to stick to your site. No pop ups, no seizure-inducing banners... I don't mind that you don't update every hour on the hour, at least your interface is flawless and insightful.

By the way... I'm leaving for RIT in about a month. Any advice? ;)

Hey, great Kendra! You are going to love RIT, it's a great school. The winters, however, are brutal. If you plan to live in the dorms, be sure to bring lots of warm clothing for the long walk to and from classes.

I'll be there for just one more school year, taking classes and assistant teaching, so if you find yourself around Bldg. 70—the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences—drop by my office on the 2nd floor and say "Hello". =)

The quality-over-quantity focus? Is extremely appreciated by your readers. Helps us to be more picky about how we procrastinate. If we're going to spend half an hour playing games, they should be GOOD games, dangit. Thanks again!

I always wish I could've played Grim Fandango. Hopefully I'll have the chance still.

Oh, and I've had this question for a while, but since the subject is in the air, what's going to happen to your blog when you graduate? Unless you become school faculty immediately (probably unlikely), will you move the blog to private hosting or will it disappear?

Yours is the only flash game site worth visiting, in my opinion. I don't like all the games but damn if the hit ratio isn't five times as high as any other junk site. I'd hate to ever see it ggo.

Thanks so much for that. I love Grim Fandango so much.

ACLS - you can play Grim Fandango by purchasing the game at the Lucas Arts online store. There's a link to the official site in the text of this entry.

And thank you for the kind words about the site. As for my future plans, I will say that I have every intention of continuing with the site beyond graduation. You can expect to see some changes with respect to hosting and domain names, though I have no plans of changing my affinity towards excellence in game design and gameplay. =)

It's times like this that I hate using a Mac.

ummm.... the game did not like my computer at all (I tried the demo version), lots of crashes, scrambled videos, error messages popping out... I blame the Microsoft for messing up directX and making fairly new game unplayable. I mean it is possible to play games way older then this. And of course LucasArts for not updating the game (while still selling it), they dont really want to do anything beside StarWars these days?

The music is still great :)

Oh my god, this rocks! I've been looking for the soundtrack forever!

Grim Fandango was amazing, but the music is what got me. Gotta love the mexican-noir! Pelicula negra?

Yep, it's times like these that having a Mac makes me angry. I think that it should be a necessity to port games as classic and fantastic as Grim Fandango to Mac.

And has anyone played Psychonauts yet? Proof that anything Tim Schafer is involved with turns to pure gold.

how do i play the game online please tell me

Alexandra - you cannot play the game online, it's available on CD-ROM for PC only.

I'm a high school teacher getting set to use Grim Fandango as a text for study with my Year 9 class next term. Any academic commentary or resources you could point me to with relevance to this game would be greatly appreciated.

Also, to those posting comments who've had the game (or demo) crash on you, there's a patch you can get...

For Kenn, last comment on this article: I was the lead programmer and one of the co-designers of Grim Fandango. I'm interested in how you're using GF in your class, and if there's anything I can help with. You can contact me as "bmogilefsky plus gf at gmail dot com".

I usually download all I need from
megaupload files

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