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FlowFor all those who love point-and-click adventures, I think you will find these next two entries quite fascinating, and yet they are not games.

The first is called Flow, a unique and creative, interactive Flash multimedia piece from Han Hoogerbrugge. Seamlessly blending animation, music and sound effects, Han brings his images to life with style in an engaging form of artistic expression.

There is nothing more I can explain or describe about it, like any work of art... it just is. See for yourself, and thus be entertained for a spell. Click.


Ahh, hoogebrugge! The crazy Hotel guy. It's sickly compelling stuff this. I think this guy is the most talented person working with Flash there is at the moment. Awesome. And thanks jay- I didnt know about this one. It's real funky!


I absolutely LOVED IT.

glommie May 1, 2007 7:41 AM

Hey Jay,

I know this "game" was posted a long time ago, but do you think you could add a content warning to it?

You currently have it marked as "kidsafe" but some of the material in it is not. In particular the interactive parts with the


and the


. I don't think those are appropriate for younger players.



no offence but aren't you being a little over the top? Panadol comes in pill form, are you going to not let your kids take panadol because they resemble some drugs?
As for the gun, just seeing one isnt going to make you into a mass murderer.
I'm not trying to insult you or say your wrong, you may well be correct, I just think you're being a little over protective of "younger players". Ever been to newgrounds.com?

nick b May 9, 2007 9:48 PM

dude..... i saw jesus eating a bowl of cornflakes!

cool web toy/game/thing


wow, glommie................ are you scared of taking a pill, and what if a burglar is in your house and you dont have a gun, or you are a police officer?


I agree with those who say that glommie is overreacting.

They aren't pills - they are capsules, rather like cold remedies come in. Who says they are meant to represent misuse of drugs?

The gun fires at the wall. No one is killed or injured.

Many kids have toy guns, and play games in funfairs and arcades where you have to shoot at things.

I would be much more concerned about the rapid flashing in one of the earlier scenes, which could trigger a fit in epileptics, than references to drug use and violence that only an adult will notice.


What the heck?I thought this had to do with music!It looked a lot better on the side bar thingy.And what does it have to do with aFLOW anyways.


it won't load! and i have nightmares about guns so keep the warning glommie!


I don't mind guns, but I'm still having nightmares. I found that disturbing.


hey, magibubs, when the message says "when done loading, click the globe" just click on the globe. simple as that, but took me awhile to figure out.


hey, magibubs, when the message says "when done loading, click the globe" just click on the globe. simple as that, but took me awhile to figure out.


No, I don't think it's kidsafe either. Or at least, Christian kidsafe. I think some religious parents might object to the opening sequence with 'God'.

2headedturtle March 20, 2008 5:17 PM

it's from that messed up hotel guy. he's sorta...messed in the head?

lazorbeams June 26, 2008 11:29 AM

the gun hits the wall and makes the letter A on impact. an edumacational gun! so calm down, glommie!


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