Ball Revamped: Metaphysik

Ball Revamped MetaphysikDigital media artist and UC Davis student, John Cooney, has produced this highly addictive Flash action arcade game, and he has made it available for the world to play on his website,

Ball Revamped: Metaphysik is a game of dexterity and timing, requiring the player to guide a multi-colored ball to the goal to complete each level. Score is tallied in seconds, with the lowest score being best.

The starting point for each level is the top left corner of the play field, which is represented in 2D and viewed from the side. The vertical orientation of the game suggests a bit of gravity physics influencing the ball, and this fact can be seen as the ball accelerates down as it is released.

Using just the arrow keys for movement, you will need to press the up arrow just enough to suspend the ball's rate of fall and balance it in mid-air. Some levels are maddeningly difficult, requiring you to make complex horizontal movement whilst balancing the ball's vertical position. And if that weren't enough, there are a variety of devices, timers, switches, and other objects that exist to thwart your advancement through the levels.

In Metaphysik, there is no concept of a 'life'. If the ball hits a wall, or most any object except the goal itself, you simply restart the level again. You may try as many times as you wish, although your score will continue to increase as the seconds tick away. The game features 125 different levels and a final boss. And if you need to see how any of the levels is completed, John has a video on his site of someone completing the game in 346 seconds—which would be unbelievable if it weren't for the video.

As I mentioned before, the game is difficult, and yet it is built upon a simple and basic core gameplay mechanic. The ball physics make the ball behave as if it were super light, and the lightest touch on the keys will affect it slightly. As it is, I had to use both hands on the arrow keys to be able to get up to level 40. There is no way to save your progress, so if you get tired and want to come back to it later, you will have to start from the beginning all over again. A little effort with Flash's local shared object could have avoided this one significant flaw.

All things considered, the game features nice visuals paired with excellent level design that together forms an addictive little Flash game that's hard to put down.

Play Ball Revamped: Metaphysik

Thanks to Capuchin for suggesting this game.


You're very welcome for the game, could you change my name to Capuchin? Kind of my online alias, was'nt expecting a mention, I can email you to confirm it's me if you want. Thanks again for this great site you keep.

Wow. The idea is very simple, but it's both challenging and highly addictive. Finally beat it after an hour of playing. The very end of the boss fight seemed almost impossible.

Capuchin - done. =)

this game is great!!! I cant get to the finish, though.

Hey, this is a great review about my game! I really appreciate it made it on to your blog... this is a great thing you have going here, keep it up!

John Cooney

Thanks, John! And I appreciate the visit and leaving a comment. Glad you like the place. More games please. =)

woo hoo! 627 seconds!
that was fun!

OK maybe I'm completely inept, but how do you start the game? All I get is the ball with a line and . I feel like an idiot asking how to get by the very first screen, which isn't even in the video.

Wow. that was really complicated. It was very frustrating how the level would reset automatically, and it'd take a while for me to register that. : )

I finished it in an amazing 1400 somthing seconds,
and over 700 deaths. >

Michael - simply click the word , it's a button that starts the game. =)

Awesome game, but really hard!!! So addictive... must... stop... playing!!!

Oh man, that was bad. I guess the problem was it told me to use the arrow keys so my hand wasn't on the mouse, plus it doesn't look like a button.

I just beat the game!!!!!!!!!

So what was your score, Steve?

1602 seconds
92 deaths

456 seconds after lots of play, 49 deaths

This game is super fun, but not nearly as hard as everyone says. Ive beat it in 366 seconds, 40 deaths

Wow. Its a fun game, after about 5 tries i got 637 seconds, and 120 deaths, 100% grae.

It has come to my attention that the game runs faster (gravity) on some computers than other. It doesnt relate to the actual computer speed (CPU, RAM, Hard Drive RPM or anything) but on some other factor.
At my house I can get 553 seconds beat, 62 deaths.
Friends house: 354 seconds, 39 deaths.

36 minuts. 1400 deaths (hey, so i got frustrated and killed myself alot)

0% grade. uhhh 8)

Yea, I am just kinda sorta bad at it takes time to get used to I guess!

Afer the 5-4-3-2-1 level around level 100 my screen just went black. Did my thing just crash or is this just a different level thats just black and i hope somehow i find the square?

Hi - What a wonderful site, what a fantastic game!
... But seconds????? Looks more like a lifetime achievement so far ... :-).

gahhhhh I only got to lvl 58 when I went crazy

125 levels
869 seconds
351 deaths
grade: 100%

hey Max, after the 5,4,3,2,1 thing, your computer must have crashed, because a huge square thing comes out and you have to kill it. I did and I beat the game!!

the game was probably a good 9/10!!

but the ball revamped 4.5....? I got to like level 28 or something, the level is called "impossible?" and I guess it really is. but this game is da bomb!

The game was fun until I got to "master square". then it took me 2 minutes to figure out what's going on and it was just annoying... but i finished it anywhoo

WOW! that was hard. my fantastic score was...


beat that! o.j. XD

Guess what?

125 levels
18348 seconds
22485 deaths
0% grade

I played a few diferent games because I got mad on level 94 and there was no pause button... at least I don't think... I had way too many deaths. XD

Guess what?

125 levels
18348 seconds
22485 deaths
0% grade

I played a few diferent games because I got mad on level 94 and there was no pause button... at least I don't think... I had way too many deaths. XD

125 deaths
1062 sec
543 death (took a while to get the hang of instant restart...)
100% grade

Fun game, but the "boss" was rather easy...

ive now officaily beaten all the ball revampeds. keep them coming.

Realms in order of level:
Gravitus(inverse gravity)
Maxgravitus(double gravity)
Fanus(normal gravity from NOW ON.)

That is NOT Master Square. That's Mistress Square (as denoted by Master Triangle in Andromeda "You may have deafeated my sister, but you will never get past me." or something like that.

My score is:
690 seconds

226 deaths
Grade 100%
beat that!

hmmm it doesnt load for me it just is a blank white box i am on a mac using firefox and everything else works fine

638 seconds/190 deaths

Ball Revamped 2 Walkthrough

Level 1: Go straight to the exit.
Level 2: Go around the wall to the exit.
Level 3: Go around the wall to the exit.
Level 4: Go around the walls into the exit.
Level 5: The exit below you is fake; go around the wall to the other exit.
Level 6: Roll over the mechanical wall button to open the machinery and head to the exit.
Level 7: Roll over the button, go around the wall to the exit.
Level 8: Swerve through the walls into the exit.
Level 9: Take it carefully entering Tentalus.
Level 10: Sometimes, there will be a moving wall, sometimes there isn't. Go to the exit either way.
Level 11: There are now two moving walls. Use correct timing methods to enter the exit.
Level 12: Roll over the button if you wish, then head over to the exit.
Level 13: Roll over the button, then head over to the exit.
Level 14: Head over to the middle right exit (the others are scams), while avoiding a moving wall.
Level 15: Roll over the button, then venture to the real exit (on the left).
Level 16: Go right, then go through the opening down to the exit with a left turn.
Level 17: Wait for an opening, then go right to the exit.
Level 18: Wait for an opening, then go down to the exit.
Level 19: Roll over the button, then swiftly but carefully go through the labryrinth into Maux.
Level 20: Go around the blue block, as rolling over it triggers the laser.
Level 21: Go anywhere except where the lasers are stronger. Head to the exit.
Level 22: Carefully maneuver the labyrinth while avoiding the laser targets.
Level 23: Carefully open the machinery, then go around to the left avoiding laser targets into the exit.
Level 24: Open the machinery, then go around to the left or the right dodging the target into the exit.
Level 25: Aim a little bit to the left of the center into the exit.
Level 26: Sit and relax. The exit below you is the real one, and the button will be pressed, opening the machinery.
Level 27: Go around the huge target into the exit.
Level 28: Hit the button to open the machinery, as well as the exit.
Level 29: Go through the middle of the target to move on to Fenci.
Level 30: Go through the hole and into the exit.
Level 31: Go through both holes and go into the exit.
Level 32: Go low and head right into the exit.
Level 33: Swerve around the walls and into the exit.
Level 34: Go around the blocks and head on over to the exit.
Level 35: Head down and then choose the exit on the left, it's real, compared to the one on the right.
Level 36: Swerve around the walls into the exit.
Level 37: Head for the center exit, the other two are phonies.
Level 38: Twist your way through the labyrinth and into the exit.
Level 39: Find your way around the stairs, and then enter Atalius.
Level 40: Avoid the coconuts and enter the exit.
Level 41: Stay above the coconuts, and enter the exit.
Level 42: Avoid the coconuts. The second exit from the top is the true exit.
Level 43: Quickly head for the exit before the coconuts bombard you.
Level 44: Taunt the first coconut, then hit the button and stay on the left half of the hall leading to the exit.
Level 45: You can hardly see the exit. Dodge the coconuts and seek out the exit.
Level 46: Head for the exit while avoiding coconuts.
Level 47: Push the button, avoid the coconuts, and head for the exit.
Level 48: Avoid the coconuts and the target, and head for the exit.
Level 49: Go through the opening, avoiding coconuts and entering Gravitus, which flips gravity.
Level 50: You'll be warned about the flipped gravity. Just go to the exit,
Level 51: Go around the wall and into the exit.
Level 52: Go around the walls into the exit.
Level 53: Carefully go around every obstacle and head for the exit.
Level 54: Be careful with the laser, then hit the exit.
Level 55: Wait for the moving walls to pass, then exit.
Level 56: Go around the wall into the exit, now being distracted by the illusional tree.
Level 57: The 4th lowest exit is the real one, the other eight are fakers.
Level 58: Hit the button, then enter the exit.
Level 59: Go around the walls and enter MaxGravitus, which has twice as much gravity.
Level 60: You'll be warned that there is now 2X more gravity, though it's not flipped. Exit onwards.
Level 61: Go around the wall and enter the exit.
Level 62: Avoid the target and go in the exit.
Level 63: Hit the button, avoid the target, and go through to the exit.
Level 64: Go around the plusses and enter the exit.
Level 65: Find an opening among the moving walls, and exit.
Level 66: Hit the button, then go around to the exit.
Level 67: Go around the walls and reach the exit.
Level 68: Go through the center of the target, hit the button, then hit the button.
Level 69: Go around the wall and enter Fanus.
Level 70: You'll be reminded that gravity is back to normal. Just go to the exit.
Level 71: Two fans will blow you to the right. Make sure you drop down to the exit.
Level 72: Go around the wall, ignoring the fan, and work your way to the exit.
Level 73: Go around the wall while the fan blows you, and drop to the exit.
Level 74: FIVE fans blow you to the right! Ignore them, then drop to the exit.
Level 75: Level 1 or a few occasions of Level 10, except being blown by a hidden fan.
Level 76: Go around the wall, ignoring the 3 big fans, and run for the exit.
Level 77: The exit below you isn't real. Go over the target, ignore the fan, and hit the exit.
Level 78: Carefully go through, avoid being blown into the wall, and hit the exit.
Level 79: Go around the walls, press against the fan, and enter Doxinark.
Level 80: Go through the center, then hit the exit.
Level 81: Go around the walls into the exit.
Level 82: Go around the walls up into the exit.
Level 83: Go around the little rectangles and enter the exit.
Level 84: The exit is actually blocked in. Hit the button in order to proceed.
Level 85: Go around the walls, then enter the TOP exit. Only hit the bottom one to die more.
Level 86: Go through the target PROPERLY, then go around the walls and into the walls.
Level 87: Carefully go around the HUGE wall and go into the exit.
Level 88: Avoid the rectangles and enter the exit.
Level 89: Avoid ALL the walls, then enter Totalaria.
Level 90: Wait for an opening on the moving wall, then hit the exit while avoiding coconuts,
Level 91: Hit the button, go around the walls, and hit the exit while not hitting the target.
Level 92: Open the button, and reveal the exit while not hitting the target.
Level 93: Push the button, carefully ignore the walls, coconuts, and targets into the exit.
Level 94: Very carefully go through the labyrinth and into the exit, dodging the targets.
Level 95: Hit the exit.
Level 96: Hit the exit.
Level 97: Hit the exit.
Level 98: Hit the exit.
Level 99: Hit the exit.
Level 100: Enter Squaria. Prepare for the final boss.
Level 101: After 4 hits, rectangles appears. After 9, targets. After 19, a button must be hit. 24 hits, and she's done.

I beat it in 996 secs, 173 deaths.

But what about level 36? I can never attempt it. My game goes straight to 37 when I beat 35.

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