Mario64 DS

Mario 64 DSI'm in love with a video game all over again. For the last few days I've been playing one of the greatest video games of all-time: Mario64. Only this time it's on yet another innovative new game console, the Nintendo DS. What I am finding is that I am rediscovering the game in the same manner in which it captured my imagination back in December, 1996.

From the opening screen's familiar "kaBling!" to the "whoooshing" of the star and its trail of magical particle effects zooming around the two screens, until finally breaking into the steel band sound of the familiar Mario64 theme, goosebumps is the only way to describe the sensation I get.

There are four (4) playable characters in the updated DS version: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario. You start out playing as Yoshi, and then later find keys to unlock the others. Beginning in the courtyard of Princess Peach's castle, Yoshi (actually it's Mario, Luigi and Wario—Yoshi is asleep on the roof of the castle where he was at the end of Super Mario 64) comes flying out of the green warp pipe exactly as Mario did 8 years ago, that is, if playing the main adventure mode. There is also a multiplayer VS. mode for playing against others using the built-in wireless communications, and a Rec Room filled with charming little mini-games that are pure gaming goodness.

Mario 64 DSSo far the touch screen of the DS has taken only a short time to get used to, and many aspects of Mario64 DS take advantage of it well. It seemed awkward at first to move Yoshi around with the stylus while pressing the buttons to control his actions. Fortunately, Nintendo offers several different control configurations that you can choose from depending on how you are handling the handheld. I like the dual-hand mode.

I am especially fond of the two-screen design and find it very easy to get used to. I am very excited about what the future has in store for this little console if this first outing from Nintendo is an indication of where its games are headed. Familiar and yet refreshing and new, Mario64 DS offers a bit of nostalgia packaged in a brand new offering that has rekindled my love affair with one of my favorite video games ever. Bravo.


I sooooo want that game (although first I'd need a DS).
It's one of the first games I ever played. Although when I first played it, the only levels I ever went to were the very first level and the snowy one (with the slide). When I later played it I was so surprised at how many other levels there were.
Heh, sorta like my experience with Zelda (Ocarina). ("What! There's more than three dungeons?!!)

Hehe, that's the magic Nintendo brings to their games. What is really nice about this game is they have added all new levels and 30 more stars to collect. Add to that all the mini-games to unlock, plus the multiplayer games, and you have something much more than the original game ever was.

Even with playing as the different characters you experience differences in the game. For example, the first boss fight against Big Bob-omb while playing as Yoshi, Bob-omb throws little bob-ombs at you that you eat, lay eggs, and then throw back at him.

There is something new every where you turn in this game.

dude!! I knew you'd get one! that rocks. I got your note - am doing ok. will send proper e-mail soon. My (not quite so new now) single has been contracted and paid for (advance at least) and am hoping it will be out BEFORE the Miami Dance Conference. One of these days we'll finally meet... and perhaps play SSBM/MetroidPrime2/SoulCal2/SMB??. Hoping this finds you well and happy, and ooooh... right... hopefully we'll both have DS systems by the time we meet. at this rate, no worries I suppose. ; ) all the best and more,


The Nintendo DS rox, and so does this game! I love the mini games, especially the one where u draw little trampolines to catch the falling marios, it's kewl.

how do u find luigi

The key for Luigi can be found in the attic of Big Boo's haunted house. To get there, there is a room that has a ledge you must hop up on before you can see the attic door. The ledge is visible, but easy to miss. Leave no ledge unhopped on. =)

the internet showed me where all the rabbits are to unlock the mini games but when i play they arn't there. is there something i have to do before the rabbits appear?

I believe they are triggered by the number of stars that you earn. As I have progressed through the game, every once in a while a new rabbit shows up.

there are no bunnies and i haven't been able to unlock the mini games. I have 32 stars right now and ZERO bunnies thus ZERO minigames. Anything that someone has realized that i haven't please post it here. Thank You.

A.J. - have you ventured outside the castle at all? I believe the first few rabbits showed up for me outside. A few more showed up in the basement, in the corridors to the Shifting Sands and Lethal Lava lands. Another one out in the courtyard to Big Boo's Haunt.

There is an excellent Guide and walkthrough for the game over at

hey i was wonderin what the cannon outside of the castle does that is closed, i think it opens once you have all 150 stars, is this correct? and what does it do? if someone could post on here or email me that would be helpful thanks

alright, for whoever is wondering about the rabbits, i know what to do. If they arent showing up yet, go inside the castle and up the stairs. Then turn right and go into that room. Talk the Toad (the character with a mushroom head) inside the room and then the rabbbits are sure to show up.

where do u find wario, i mean i havelooked every where, and please give exact directions. Also i cant find luigi either, i'm looking for him in the ghost courtyard and tryind to jump on to the cstle, can u give me directions of how to jump on the castle and find luigi?

how do u get wario

Turn to Luigi, go into the mirror room, turn invisible, and jump into Wario's painting on the other side of the mirror.

To get Luigi, go outside as mario as kill the big ghost by punching or kicking him. step up to the thing that appears when he is dead. Go into the big ghost house and killl all the ghosts you can find. Look up in some rooms and do a wall jump ( run and jump twoard the wall as mario then jump again as you hit it) to go to the upper floors. WHen you get to the room with a mirror go up to it and stare into the miroor. THe BIg boo ghost will appear, kill him and you have the key for luigi's door

Umm is that one the real one or is the other way to get luigi real?

Um Wait, you get Luigi by going in to the Haunted House by beating the Big Boo in the Castle CourtYard. Then you triple jump on to the top floors. Go in to the door on your far back left when you face north. You walk in and then you can eaither use the ? box to float up or wall jump or what ever you find most productive. You walk through the door and you see a picture of Luigi, finish that get the key. All you get from the Big Boo on the ledge is a Power Star.

I played on a Ds and Mario 64 ds is simply amazing the touch is really responsive and all the new features makes it seem like a fresh new game well done Ninty youve don it agai!

where is the mirror room that you get wario at, will someone please tell me?

Is there any way to beat the big purple bomb that moves really fast to pick you up and toss you?

Yes, go behind him and pick him up. Then, throw him and he blows up and coins fly out.

You get wario once you unlock the castle's second floor (after you defeat bowser in the fire sea).
With Luigi, get the power flower to become invisible and go through the mirror and jump into the wario painting. Defeat chief chilly.

In this guide I found out how to do everything

uhh. ya. ive never played this. i don even have it. but i was curious if anyone knows how i can get yoshi on it. and on emore thing. can u do the real thinkg in multiplayer?

alright, I've beat the game and if anyone has any questions ask me:
yoshi comes standard on the game, you don't have to win him.
yes, the muliplayer does work and it's really fun.
The mirror room is on the 2nd floor, and its the door with a star on it and a rug in front of it.

Im still confused at how you get luigi some one wanna help

its great i love mario 64 ds whats the best is when u blow into the mic and put out the candle

Hey Jay, in Shifting Sand Land, how do you get the star for Stand Tall on the Four Pillars? Please and thank you.

Hi Frank, there's a very good guide for the game over at Click.

Here's how they say to do it...

Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
The first goal of the level isn't an easy oneóyou've got to go to the top of each of the four pillars that surround the pyramid and stand at the very tip top. You can run up the sides of three of them, though the fourth pillar is surrounding by instant-death quicksand. To get to it, you can use Mario and grab the feather from the red box that spawns on the first level of the pyramidóonce you've got the feather, triple jump and fly towards the pillar. The easier way is to triple jump on top of the first structure you run into to get the koopa shell from the yellow box. With it, you can jump over the pit of quicksand and ride to the top of the pillar (though you'll have to hit the crouch button just as you reach the top of the pillar to get rid of the shell and touch the top with your feet).

Once you've stepped on all four pillars the tip of the pyramid breaks off, revealing a hole that drops into the top of the pyramid. Run up to the front entrance and turn rightóyou can spiral around the pyramid, going up levels to reach the top. Drop into the top of the pyramid and ride the elevator platform down until it stops.

When you reach the bottom, jump up to the platform that's now touching your elevator and punch the brick inside to smash it open. Drop through the tunnel to land in a room belowóas you move forward, two hands will form out of the bricks and pose a quick challenge. Each hand has an eye in the center of the palmóyou have to hit each eye three times to defeat the hands. Wait for one hand to attack you while the other hand sits back and opens up, and quickly run in for a strike. Watch the shadow on the ground as a hand hovers overhead to avoid its slam attack, and don't let it push you off the platform. When you've defeated both hands the power star appears nearby.

how to beat:mysterios mountanside

use the owl 2 get 2 the top. go down the hill untill u find flat ground. head across the thin rock bridge. keep going till u find a place covered with...i don't know but it's green. hop in and destroy the goombas so they won't annoy you while you try to get 2 the other side. keep going untill u find a cloud toward the end of the black path. do not go close to the cloud. u will c a line of coins going in the wall.hop in the wall and u wiil find a secret slide. find the end and there. Hint:go in the direction of the arrows

i beat bowser for the third time. but i'm stuck at shifting sands land in pyramid puzzle.

i now have 134 stars but i am stuck on somewhere over the rainbow

on "whomp's forest", what do u do on the star that says, "blast away the wall"?

Bob - use Mario as a human cannonball, and aim for 'the wall'

Of course you're all probably American and I just have to wait here in Australia till it comes!

i have 147 stars i dont know where to get all the castle secret stars...can someone PLEAASEE help me out??!!! hah thanx

a site i went to for help on stars was

also try and entering 'super mario 64 ds' + 'castle secret stars'

at the last bowser level,(red coins) it says one is off of the course. How do u get that?

I have most nintendo systems. all of them past n64. I never found things that were close to as good as Shigeru Miyamoto games. Well, Kirby's alright.

go to and go to super mario 64 ds and hit walkthrough go to the very bottom and hit the link that says castle secret stras and it wil tell you all of the secrets

Well kakey, u might want to go to the bowser places and get the red coins and switch star.

i have 145 stars but the 100 stars in five levels and they are the five hardest. What should I do? I know I won't be able to get them

I mean the 100 coins in the five hardest levels

Im goin back to get the rest of the 150 stars and i need help on "mario's super wall kick" (lol) and shifting sand land's "ttox box" thing...thx!


king of nintendo, go to and go to super mario 64ds and hit walkthrough and it will tell you where all the stars are

Dude, I can only get online ant school and all the afore mentioned sites are blocked by the internet administrator. I have 147 stars, and the other three are a pain. I know thay are secret stars and that the last one is on top of the castle. Please help or i will have to take my "Mallet of Power" to my DS, and I would rather not do so.
-Angry Kenn.

Don't get angry, Kenn. Here's a snippet from the IGN guide...

Star Twenty-Seven ó 8 Glowing Rabbits
You may or may not have noticed, but after collecting 8 power stars the various rabbits around the castle will randomly be glowing. If you catch eight of these glowing rabbits you'll be rewarded with a key that unlocks the last door in the room with the Mario, Luigi, and Wario character doors. Open that door and you'll instantly earn a power star.

Star Twenty-Eight + Twenty-Nine + Thirty ó Mushroom People Stars
Throughout the castle you'll notice little mushroom dudes scattered about. Talk to them and they'll often give you some inane tip, though a few of them will actually give you a power star just for talking to them! Here we'll have listed the locations of all the mushroom people that give you free power stars.

  • Near the entrance to the Hazy Maze Cave course.

  • On the castle's second floor, near the painting that leads to the Tall, Tall Mountain course.

  • On the castle's third floor, just right of the big clock that leads to Tick Tock Clock.

I have 149 stars, but I don't find one stupid castle secret star! I'm desesperated, cause I'm trying and trying. Someone can HELP ME??

Jay, I appreciate the tips, but i already got those ones. Thanx anyways tho. I am very angry at myself still, 'cause i know that those last tree last stars are casle secret stars. Luckily, tho, i have decided to spare my DS the horror that is my "Mallet Of Power," as i realized it is my own inadequacies that taunt me me, saying "YOU PATHETIC MITE! YOU'LL NEVER BEAT THIS GAME! BWA HA HA HA..." and so on. Oh well. This happens to me every once in a while, and, as always, I shall overcome the snickering voices and I shall save, then conquer, the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peace Out!
-Not Angry But Slightly Disgruntled Kenn.

some of you might be missing the second secret star in the big-boo battle. what you need to do is get luigi hat, go into the room with the unstable platform, get the power flower, and in the room with moving platforms, back jump to the left edge, go through the door, run down the path and jump through the boo painting to claim the star.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!! I have finnaly beat the game, and am going to play again to see how quickly I can beat it this time around. Well, anyways, I may have beat the game, but i will still come here to assist those who were struggling as I was. So long for now happy-go-lucky marshmallow peeps of the cyber world!
"Live Long And Prosper!"
-The One Killed By Those Bastards
AKA Kenn.;P

Can anyone plz tell me how to beat metal-head wario can move? ive gotte to the part where u push down the button underwater. I can't figure out how u jump that far though after that part? Does anyone have an aol or aim email adress that i can talk to. I have gotten Lugui mario and yoshi so far. Please help me.


Once you come down on the lift to the lake area there is a ? box. Use it to obtain a power flower and then run metal wario down the slope, across the lake bed and onto the switch.

I bet you haven't triggered the ? boxes? Just look into the light and all will be revealed!

i cant figure out how to beat chief chilly i keep on wacking him but he wont die

how do i make the ? blocks soild. some ppl said that u should goto the star thing in the middle of the castle when u first go in and look up. but i tried that on mario and yoshi and it doesnt work???!!!??!

how do i beat chief chilly


You have to get like 10 or so stars in the avaliable levels first. After doing so, a ray of light uusualy appears in the main hall, and you look into the source of that light to get warped into the Red Switch level. After the first time, the light disapears but you can still get in.

"Everyone lies at least once!"
Kenn-fucius ;D

how du u beat the boss once u jump into the Luigi picture, there are no exits!!! Can anyone help me??? PLEASE!!!! Thanks! I appreciate it.

how do i get into the mirror room wheres the key?

where are all the rabits you catch?

Hey for you's guy's that completed the game, go to the Canon outside the castl and aim for the roof.
Tf_o o_fT

Kirby left nintendo?!! i guess i'm back to mario.
Anyway i heard that mariokart DS was coming out.
i thought u might want 2 know

uhh hi im a big noob and i dont know how to get the ? boxes solid... any help for the one in need

i cant find luigis last rabbit i need help!!!!!!!!!

i got mario yesterday and i have 52 stars but i cant find the ? switch

its on top of the castle, but u need to have all 150 stars to unlock the cannon to shoot urself up there

if you go into the castle in the hall with the sun on the floor stand on the picture of a sun on the floor look up into the light and youre on the red switch level

I need help!!! I got 148 stars, but, I can't find the least two. can some one help me

ive got 25 stars the light in main hall but i don't know what to do

I have all 150 stars and im on the roof, but what do I do now?

iS there supossed to be a person up there like in the 64 version?

yo how do you get to the roof?

Hi by the way where are the 8 glowing rabbits and when you get them all dose the room only give you one power star? please reply anyone !

you need all 150 stars and then you go to the shore and go in the canon and blast to the roof

i can't get on big boos balcony will one of you cool dudes tell me how you do it please

oh and where is the ? switch please may anybody tell me

you get the ! blocks solid when u look up to the roof when theres a shining light

Thank you

how do i beat the guy who locked up wario

what happens when your on the roof exactly?

i hav done the red switch and can be inflated but i cant get up 2 the third floor where luigi is could u pleaz help me?

Super mario bros is the dogs bollocks
(its wicked)

how do i get luigi?

can you please walk me through on how toget luigi i dont get it?

Ok ..... how to i get the ? boxes solid. I have 34 stars and the beam of light is showing in the main castle, so then I press the B button on the DS and it says: A voice from above is saying " Hey... Mario...". and I mario when im doing this

Zach - you need to stand on the sun on the floor, and then look up into the sky.

OK if you have 150 stars you cna get up the roof of the castle with the cannon and get THE LAST RABBIT FROM LUIGI
ok and to get luigi SIMPLE
you just go into the big boos house this is possible by killing the big boo in the backyard and jump into the pot then beat the first level stars and get up the stairs when you done this then go to the left where a ? block will be on a sort of table then look up and you see a ledge try wall jumping with mario and get onto the ledge (just keep tryng)when you are there jump in luigis painting and defeat the big boo too get luigi!!! DONE :D

but uhm i cant get the ? switch because nothing happens if i get in with mario and look up nothing happens i have 60 stars and i go in the ray of light but just nothing happens! HELP plz help help help help

SORRY jay but it doesnt work
really i have 62 stars and i stand in the middle of the sun look up and nothing happens (and im mario)

Wow this game is amazing.
I have all the stars in all levels including the 100 coins stars, along with the about 20 secret stars i got that puts me at 140 stars at the mo!
This game here is excellent!!!!
How to get luigi:
Go into peaches castle,
Go into the wooden door on the right of the stairs infront of you,
follow the big ghost that you will see to the wooden door at the end of the corridor, now there will be alot of boos around here so find the biggest one you can who has something different than a coin (red or normal) inside him, kill this boo like you would do all others then run into what he drops, you can complete the first level of "big boo's huant" to activate the stairs or you can just triple jump upto the ledge you see infront of you when you enter big boo's house.
Once on the second level go to the door on your far right if you were facing away from the door you came into the house from, go into this door, you should see a small bookshelf on your left and a small ledge infront of you.
If you are mario get the [?] box (must have had them activated) and float up to the ledge which is above the door you come in from, or if you havent activated the [?] box try and tripple jump up there (this is difficult just try and make the first towo jumps as small as possible).
When up there go through the wooden door and then on the right as you come in is luigis painting!!!
(the rest of this guide will explain how to get luigi after you've gone in the painting, you might want to do this yourself so look away!!!)
Ok once in turn your sound RIGHT UP!
Now if you are wearing headphones (i was) i think it is easier but you don't have to.
Now with the sound up listen to where that evil cakle is coming from.
then follow it to the door.(helps if you face the sign in the middle of the round about as then you are completely striaghit).
Now keep on following the evil cackle untill you get to a roomwith the blocks that won't hold your weight for long and a picture of a hiding boo infront of you,
Run along the blocks untill you are right up to the boo,
then jump on the checkered green and left platforms that move (you saw them earlier)
Until you get right up to the top, then jump into the hole.
(don't just ask someone for what directions they took as it changes each time you try but i am pretty sure that after i did it 4 times i noticed that i never went to the door infront just to left or right. except for the last one which i think is always left)
Once down the hole you will be in a big room with a mirror in at the end of it.
Run up to your reflection and wait awhile untill big boo comes (I call her queen boo as she wears a crown but cackles like a girl)
fight queen boo just like you would any big boo except some times she only apperas in the mirror and as a shadow on the floor and other times not in the mirror but right in front of you.
(for tackling any boo big or small get around to the back of them and punch them up! another way is to go right infront of them and look at them untill the turn semi in visible then do a double jump, on the second jump going over her head and doing a ground pound above the back of her body so she is visable again while you pound)
beat this gueen boo and she will say how you cannot kill a ghost bla bla bla then will drop the luigi key and run away.
With this key go back to where you entered the castle, go up the stairs and take a right into the character select room.
Then open up luigis door and he will be happy to see you!!!!
I hope this makes everyone be able to use this supreme character whom is my favourite for his amazing jumps!!!
His backflip goes higher then any others and helicopters back to the ground making it easy to get into hard places!!!

I'm thrteen years old and I got nintebdo 64 and Mario 64 the same day it showed up, and i finished it just yesterday :S (120 stars + beating bowser). I'm sooooo excited about Mario 64 DS and I just have to buy it and Nintendo DS.

does any one know where i can use the mic on mario ds please tell me

I have had my DS for 2 weeks and i have 47 stars ive got luigi and ive beaten the second bowser and now have the key to the door for the third floor.
But i don't have a clue where Wario is at all?

Please Help me!

hi i have 22 start and i cant unlock the ? boxes...i have looked up to the sky whilst standing in the centre of the sun but i just enter a secret place surrounded by pillars and i fall staright away :S any ideas???

Osian - instead of falling, try flying. =)

You have to fly around the level with the direction thing, then you gotta free fall REALLY low, not too low that it goes too much under the middle platform, but low enough just so you can accel quickly. Rise back up by pressing up immedietaly near that part, and then you excel speeds upwards and can get red coins. I can't finish that one though, I've just gotten 112 stars but not that one.
By the way Jay, how do you get through "the wall" as Mario on Whomp's Fortress? I been trying to find out what they mean.

Volt - to blast through the wall on Womp's Fortress, get inside the canon near the ledge that rotates around in a circle. Aim for the top corner of the brick wall that sticks out slightly from the rest, and fire. If done correctly, Mario will hit the wall and break it apart revealing a star.

I have only two stars to go, and I know where to go but I can,t find them. First are there more than 80 coins in secret slide, and if so where? Then I'm told I have to go to a flame like picture (Lethal Lava land right)? then go to the left until you hit a dead end. Is that right, and if so how do I access it?

but it doesnt let me! i just fall staright away as soon as i get in and yoshi cries and i cant press anything.

HEY GUYS IS BEEN CONFIRMED, MarioKart WILL be released for DS and there are some pretty sweet screenies here so if not much information but a few nice screenshots :D:D:D

>but it doesnt let me! i just fall staright away as soon as i get in and yoshi cries and i cant press anything.

Try it with Mario.

Does anyone here know how to hit the 2D black I keep trying but I just can't seem to hit it?

Hey ninja go to website to find what secret star your missing

yo guys if you want wario be luigi and go to the mirror room get the power flower (you didnt need to hit the ?switch) and go through the door in the mirror (to get a star) and go back out of the damn door and dont go out of the mirror and go in warios painting and battle cheif chilly and he will give you the key.

i cannot find the black box help

This is the Super Mario 64 Team. There has been a lot of commotion about "Walugi in the game". This is NOT true. Walugi was once actually mixed into the game in the first make of the game on N64 (not telling) but we got rid of Waluigi for sure in the DS version.


Thank you.

p.s. there is also NO black box.

How do we know that you are the real super mario 64 team

1. to the SM64DS team- What do you mean he was "Mixed In"?
2. How do we know you are the real team?

It has been said that Waluigi was in SM64DS, but everyone has tried it, and none has sucseeded. Even the SM64 Team (I love you guys, you have changed my life forever! I wish you would thuroughly explain how he was supposed to be in there, though.) has confirmed this is "Waluigi Scandle" is false. Can someone (preferably SM64 Team) please confirm this to me? If it is false, I just want whoever did this to know that I had my deep hopes up, and this is crushing to me.(Whew!)
P.S.-Doe"L is Real" mean the release date of Paper Mario 1? It makes sence, but it is just such a let-down that I found this out about 8 years late

Hey folks. I completed this game a long time ago. And if any of you need help from me, I can certainly give it to you. But, if you start asking me about how to unlock Waluigi, Princess Peach, or Princess Daisy, I can't help you there. I don't think you can. I've seen some convincing things on the web, but they were either jokes, or they weren't confirmed. I've even seen fake pics, those are there as jokes as well. But, if those characters are in the game, well, I don't think they are very possible to unlock. You win some, you lose some. And about that Super Mario 64 team, I want to know if they are for real.

I'm back again. I have a few curious speculations about the game. For one thing, why is there a "?" box on the outside of the castle? It doesn't make sense on why they would put it there. For another thing, why are there two pictures of peach in the room with all the character selecting doors? Those are just my speculations, but I wish I could really find out from Nintendo about their secrets. That might be too much though, but a lot of us are confused. So it might help...

Hey,Y'all.I've been searching for Waluigi for..., since January, but nada. I know this dude who says Waluigi is real and he's got him, but I have to check.I'm not saying waste your time on him, but I'm also not saying give up. Anything can happen,especially with Will power, the strongest power of them all.I will keep Y'all on my updates.

P.S.-Peach,Toad,and Bowser are playable only by Action Replay,but it's really glitchy.I think there is a code to fix the glitch,though(I THINK).Just look around.

I've found many methods to unlock Waluigi, Some call for 2401 coins. Some are the exact thing, but don't call for the coins. I really want someone to answer my question is there any reason for getting the coins. I don't Want to Waste my time on nothing. Also someone really needs to make a video or take a pic of actual game play with Waluigi. Oh and I can't figure out how to beat koopa the quick in under 30 seconds without him saying i cheat. Someone plz has to make a youtube video of that.


I really dont think we want to know if he is real or not because that would ruin the mystery. Don't you agree Jay?

Don`t you think that after collecting 150 stars you would get a reward? What I`m saying is you need 80 stars to rescue peach, then you get 150 and you blast in the cannon to the top of the castle. So after all that work all you get is a ? block and three 1-up mushrooms! I think that Waluigi is your reward after all that hard work. I know a few places in the game where there are a few clues towards Waluigi: Instruction booklet page 30 purple rabbit. File selection screen 2D black box. Rec room spots on floor red Mario green Luigi yellow Wario and purple Waluigi. If Waluigi is in the game then good luck finding him! Those people who said they were the sm64DS team give us some proof that you are the real team. P.S Anyone who is struggling on missions or unlocking any characters e-mail me. (Don`t ask me about Daisy or Waluigi though I can give you advice!)

Ask the Nintendo people if Waluigi is real

Thats a good idea Adude.But how do you get their number or e-mail adress?If you know will you please tell me?

yiu might be able to get Waluigi using action replay using moonjump. P.S if the castle is blocking the way one th action replay screen when choosing the sizes choose 2D and then go though the castle door and
insead you will stay behind the door and you might hit the box if you jump around

I have got 130 power stars and got 100 coins on each level what do i do now i am only 8 years old please help me.P.S Waluigi might no be real but good luck. P.S.S i have to try and i dont know if you can get 151 stars good luck out there.

Hey liviu, what missions are you struggling on? If its the castles secret stars your struggling on then I`ll tell you a few of the hard ones. If its a mission or a secret star then tell me and I`ll help you.
P.S good luck on Waluigi

Even though you probaly know this I thought I might post it anyway.To get Mario you need 8 stars and then go behind the 8 star door (behind the room where Toad is worried about the keys) and jump in the Mario painting.When you are there keep on going untill you see a big green pole.Climb up the pole go across the brige untill you see a big hole, jump in the hole.Simply then deafeat the goomboss by eating the goombas that are following him and spit them at the
goomboss do this 3 times and theres the Mario key!!!

To get Luigi go to big boos haunt and complete mission 1 then on mission 2 go up the steps and go through the door on the far right you should see a ? block hit it float up and you should see a door on a small legde go through the door and jump in the Luigi painting.Now then there are 4 doors in each room first choose the door on the right then the door on the left then right then left.Go across the bridge jump up the platforms and jump down the hole.Run around in circles a few times and then go up to the mirror and your reflection as Mario should of turned into Luigi.To deafeat king boo punch him 3 times and BOOM! Luigi is yours.

To get Wario play as Luigi and go in the mirror room grab a flower and go through the mirror and jump in the
Wario painting.Once in the Wario painting go down the slide past the bullies and on to an icy platform where there are even more bullies.Then you should see some moving platforms go across them and jump up the platforms and jump in the hole.To deafeat chief chilly keep punching him untill he falls of the stage.Do this 3 times and the man in yellow is now yours!!!!!!

I have heard many methods towards Waluigi and I will tell you some now.The most common one I know is breaking
the 2-D black box which creates a vortex in the picture of peach blah blah you already know that story.
Another one is racing Koopa the quick in under 30 seconds WITHOUT THE CANNON, when you get the star you will see a purple switch stomp on it and you will fight the rabbit king.Kill him and you will get the Waluigi key.Put the key in the white door and it will turn purple and guess who comes out. Also the 2401 coins where you all lose your hats and as yoshi go the star statue and it will be replaced with a ? block.There is another method where you play as Luigi and explore the castle (it means go in every room) and you should see a purple switch,but I tried this and it did NOT work.
If anyone knows the REAL way to get Waluigi then please tell me. We all want to know!

Can someone just say how to unlock him already! It's driving everyone nuts.

There seems to be more than one AJ in JiG. Hehehe.

As for Waluigi, it's only a rumor. It's not true. IT'S NOT TRUE. NOT TRUE NOT TRUE NOT TRUE! You know like the "Luigi is in Super Mario 64" rumor. Except it's the "Waluigi is in Super Mario 64 DS". Besides, it would be announced, or placed into "cheats and tips" section in sites such as IGN or Gamefaqs. And as for the screenshots, ever heard of Photoshop?

As for Peach, Action replay might do the trick, if you could withstand the tons of frustration the glitches do.

for the last time waluigi does NOT exist on SM64DS sorry to disappoint you all the methods are fakes including the 2D Black Box cheat. But you might be able to unlock him using Action Replay
you can unlock Daisy by beating the secret slide in 15 seconds or under ( it can be done)

ok people, i found evidence that waluigi exsists!!

If you go outside the castle, and go to the grass maze, you'll see that the grass walls are shaped like upside down "L's". and if you go to the rec room, you'll see in the floor colored circles. red for mario, green for luigi and yoshi, yellow for wario, and purple FOR... you know who. And besides they wouldn't put a black box in the tittle screen for nothing, it is there for a reason. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!

hey AJ and guys...
There's a secret world in this game, i don't know how to unlock it yet, i saw a t youtube, it was really cool, the floor was writen in chinese(it was the english version. If you want to see it go to youtube, and type "secret world in super mario 64 DS" not sm64DS, post me back if you saw it

i heard that there's an action replay for DS, is like a game shark. Maybe that's the way you unlock waluigi and the test level(secret world)

that rumor that u have to search around and find the purple switch with luigi, have u tried wario? I mean wario is waluigi's brother or cousin, or whatever.

you guys know that there is a teleporter in whomp's fortress? is right on the edge of the question mark box, that has a bomb

The real way to get waluigi is to do the following in any order First beat koopa the quick
in under 30 seconds. You dont need action replay. just use all the teleports. Then get
wario. go to the chain chomp must have 150 stars. Run around wood post and chainchomp will
stand still for a while. Ground pound and release him. He will break the cage. DONT GET
STAR. Race koopa again but LOSE. chain chomp will come up to you and will drop the key.
when you go to get it he picks it up and laughs. YOU WILL TURN MEDAL IF YOU WERE WARIO.
Hit him and he drops the key and hat. Go back to white room in mirror and luigi will freak
out and scream HE"S BACK GOTTA HIDE. Mario will come in and wario. they all go to the
charecterpick room. the letter above the empty room will be blury. Go in and fight
waluigi. then you have him to use. couldn't put pics because AJ doesn't permit.

hey guys , i tried every method none of them worked purple waluigi, i do not think he is real

how doyou get waluigi!

the daisy unlock is fake

Hey you lot!I have something which may have proof of Waluigi.Now this may sound like it has nothing to do with sm64DS,BUT IT DOES.On Mario Kart Double Dash (which is on the GameCube) when you complete All-Cup tour,there is a picture that has all the characters and a picture of Peach's castle.On the side of the castle you can see the BLACK BOX.So does this prove that there is evidence of Waluigi in other games?Or is this another joke that Nintendo seem to find funny?I've had enough of this Waluigi stuff and I just want the answer to one question.IS WALUIGI IN SM64DS?

you might b right purple walugi beacause i have the game to .i also found out that if you keep going to the top of the castle youcan get three lives then go into the castle and back till you get 99 lives,I have tried this myself.

Hey guys im going to see what youtub has.

i think waluigi is an april fools joke :-(

I am going to check that secret room out on youtube right now.....

Why can't any website just give us a simple answer?All we want to know is if a guy with a purple hat is in a DS game.Surely the answer must be somewhere!I'm sure a lot of you would agree with me when I say JUST TELL US HOW TO GET WALUIGI!There has been too much evidence of Waluigi to prove he's in the game.So with all these pic's why don't they tell you how to get him?

waluigi has been a rumor, BUT (i dont think anyone knows) what about...S.D.Y. from super mario world? (super DRAGON yoshi) HE DOES EXIST!! if u have this game beat every level (find every exit goal includeing secret ones) and beat bowser, then go back to yoshis house and hit the block. it will reveal a messege from him.

this may be PROOF there can be hidden carecters in nintendo games. WE CAN FIND WALUIGI!!!!!

thank u.

Do you realy believe this starius guy?Im starting to mot think waluigi isnt here ,even though my friend showed me 15 pictures of him.

Is anyone answering?And mabye i can send those waluigi pictures to you guys.But I think the're fake.go to youtube to see my video about kyle

kyle, Waluigi is not in this game and the pictures of him are fakes. Sorry you had to wait so long to get a straight answer--I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any questions on older games like this.

Well you got my hopes down Griff. but you ended my search for wauigi and anger.Just kidding i have action replay.thats the nly possible way to get waluigi

This is how to get waluigi on super mario 64{need action replay}get the 2D code and go inside the 2D box then go'll find out the rest inside the box.I think

Please answer.I want to know if it worked.I don't want to try it

hello. i have 146 stars only 4 more stars to go . i have become a master at the came i have 28 secrete stars if anyone needs help ask me . i wil be glad to help . thank you for reading.

hello . i just completed mario 64 ds . i am now a master at it. if you need any help just ask me .i will be glad to help .

There are no red coins in the boos in the court yard and I've checked and NO toad will give you the star/ Where is it???

I think u have to get wario to get Waluigi, here's how. Yoshi unlocks mario, Mario unlocks luigi, luigi unlocks wario, and wario unlocks purple freak.

people you can unlock: Peach, Toad, waluigi, Daisy, the rabbits, and Boshi.

to get Boshi
you must only use yoshi to unlock Boshi
first go to bomb-om-battle field
get mario cap and beet the koopa at the time of 48 secs
then go to the the white door and then go to the boos court yard kill all the boos
then go back to the white door beat all the minigames with the score 2638
then go to the white door, the white door is now black go inside and beat the dark koopas,
goombas, and stingers. Defeat the big boss Dark king Koopa. then the white door is white
again. go to wario or waluigi's door while being yoshi and Boshi comes out he is just like
Yoshi but black and his fire is black!

to unlock Daisy you must beat Peaches slide in 15 secs with luigi
then go in the white door and have 153 stars to get her then it's done, you unlocked dasiy
go into peaches door with luigi to be her.

how to unlock Peach,beat the game 10 times in a row and go in toads door and then be mario and go outside and
go uder the castle brige and a mansion door will apear!
its the 2nd basment under the castle and there are 4 doors B-Boshi D-Daisy Upside down
L-Waluigi and P-Peach. the doors are moved so you dont have to do it in complocated order

Thanks Nicholas for that walk through only got waluigi by unlocking Peach, it's funny when u fight the 1st bowser with waluigi, bowser screams and runs away lol. thx again

people you can unlock: Peach, Toad, waluigi, Daisy, the rabbits, and Boshi.

to get Boshi
you must only use yoshi to unlock Boshi
first go to bomb-om-battle field
get mario cap and beet the koopa at the time of 48 secs
then go to the the white door and then go to the boos court yard kill all the boos
then go back to the white door beat all the mini games with the score 2638
then go to the white door, the white door is now black go inside and beat the dark koopas,
goombas, and stingers. Defeat the big boss Dark king Koopa. then the white door is white
again. go to wario or waluigi's door while being Yoshi and Boshi comes out he is just like
Yoshi but black and his fire is black!

to unlock Daisy you must beat Peaches slide in 15 secs with Luigi
then go in the white door and have 153 stars to get her then it's done, you unlocked daisy
go into peaches door with Luigi to be her.

how to unlock Peach,beat the game 10 times in a row and go in toads door and then be Mario and go outside and
go under the castle bridge and a mansion door will appear!
its the 2nd basement under the castle and there are 4 doors B-Boshi D-Daisy Upside down
L-Waluigi and P-Peach. the doors are moved so you don't have to do it in complicated order
Posted by: Nicholas | June 30, 2008 2:51 PM
its fake Yoshi cant kill the ghosts and the score in mini games is fake too in bingo ball loves me and so on cant get a score with the last digit being 8 and loves me has NO score tracker.

It's me., Sorry I haven't commented for a while,
There is a really big mystery in this game. I
mean when I first got the game, there was none
of this Waluigi stuff. Then all of a sudden,
I'm looking for cheats, and there's a comment
from someone about Waluigi. After that, all I
heard was things about Waluigi. So maybe, just
maybe, either this person had found a super
secret place in the black box? Or it's just
some scam to make people think there's a
popular character in a game so they can waste
their time? I think that Waluigi is in the game, and I will try that walkthrough above,
but if the walkthrough is false, then I`m giving up because I`m getting bored of looking! Plus I don't play on this anymore.

Guys, seriously all of this is fake. My cousin let me read the guide and anyways do you really want to keep searching? I'm with Purple Waluigi's idea.

Guys I finally got a action replay and there is a waluigi cheat!{very glitchy}. SO stop trying to get waluigi without the ACTION REPLAY!

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