Street Fighter Flash

Street FighterI did a double-take when I first saw this on a French Flash games site. Fighters were the one genre that I had seen very little if anything done in Flash, yet now you can relive those arcade glory days by playing Street Fighter with your friends, on your computer.

Julien Philippe has created a version that allows you to play single player against the computer, or 2-player against a friend using the same keyboard. However, be sure to set your key configuration before you play as I was unable to get any key combination to respond using the default. The game allows you to set keys for light punch, high punch, light kick, high kick, move right, move left, and jump. It's all in there, all the characters and sound. There are a few minor aesthetic problems with it, but nothing that should affect gameplay. The author has available for download a version you can play in full screen, as well as an application that allows you to play with a gamepad controller. It's amazing what people are doing with Flash these days.

Play Street Fighter Flash

Update: Since the author's website is no longer available, we're hosting the game until we can locate where the author may have moved his site to. If there are trademark issues with this game and the original IP owner(s) wish the game taken down, please send an email to the contact address in this site's footer and it will be removed immediately.


Very buggy...but its pretty good for a flash remake nonetheless.

The flash version isn't good! It has wrong names e.g M.Bison is meant to be the Cadet who is wrongly Vega.
There are many free spots there, can't u put Blanka, E.Honda, Akuma etc.

Actually, Herbie, about Akuma/Gouki not being selectable in this game...

...there actually IS a way to play as Gouki, who I believe is this game's last boss.

Player 1:
Use the arrow keys. Move to Chun-Li's selection box by pressing the -> arrow key once. Press the 'Up' key, and, Gouki's portrait will appear on the left side of the screen, and he will be selectable.

Player 2:
Use the 'E' and 'F' keys. Move to Chun-Li's selection box by pressing the 'F' key once. Press the 'E' key, and, Gouki's portrait will appear on the right side of the screen, and he will be selectable (note: the code for Player 2 Gouki only works in versus mode).

Hope this helps, for anyone who's sweating themselves to death trying to find a way to play as the Dark Kung-Fu Master himself.

And, yeah, Herbie, you're right. I'm wishing there were more characters, too.

actually the names *are* (sort of) correct

vega is the name in the japanese versions of the games of the character known as m.bison in europe/US. likewise US vega is balrog in japan, and
US balrog is M.bison

can you please put in all of the charaters attacks in.

thank you from Guljar

Ya Herb, Japanese names street fighter names are a bit different, here's the list.



All of this because the US didn't want Balrog to be named Mike Bison. I don't see much of a problem do you? :-)

Didn't this used to be for the original sega? I used to have this game when i was really young!

this game is really cool to me. i just wish there was some kind of ending after you beat akuma. its also a little too easy, even in hard mode

This is one of the best sF flash game on the web.

Is it possible to unlock new characters once you beat Gouki/Akuma?

this game is too cool , but there`s lack of characters , the colour and such things ar good..
hey, ppl ..wot`s the best music of this streetfighter? ..the bison one is kl

THIS GAME IS AWSOME AND no, bison's music sucks
it's ryu's Go through the wind with voice

This game is nothing but a rip of SVC Chaos. The only difference is that they took out the SNK characters.

True that The Truth :D

Firstly, the names are correct. They are the Japanese versions. Gouki sounds just as cool as Akuma :P :D.

As for the music, the best is Ryu's and Guile's.

I have the entire soundtrack, if you wanna listen to something ask me.

And vegaø?ø?ø?ø? (the spanish)(balrog in the japan version, he is the best player and very fast.

put it

i beat akuma but when it came to the loading screen, it just stayed at 3 squares and never finished loading. is there something wrong with my comp, or is it the game?

Player graphics are good (ripped from arcade version?); background graphics are bad (at least the first background I saw); and yes, the game is very buggy. I tried to select Ryu, but the game selected Dhalsim and showed me the Guile's moves.

I like the music remixes of the game. (although only heard two of them)

whilst i was searching through google i found a gold miner special edition thast you do not yet have on your site please could you list this game onto your site

this is just a guess. but maybe mike bison is too close to mike tyson.

does anyone know if there are any midi files for this game? If so tell me because I'm looking for a midi of ryu's stage

I can't perform super attacks, my bar never fills up but the enemy does o.o

This game is very cool!

Hey What Version Of Street Fighter Is This?

someone said above that its SVC Chaos but looking at screenshots im not so sure - and i dont wanna go out and buy SVC Chaos to find its not...

Some things I've noticed about this game:

1. It seems that the "super attack" bar does half work. It doesn't let you know how much attack power you have, but it defintiely logs it somehwere. Note that If your power is kind of low (when the super attack bar should be high) it will let you perform super attack. So the logic seems to be there, but the UI element is not.

2. The game seems really frickin' easy. My guess is that the programmer wrote his own AI but ported everything else somehow.

actually, a much easier way to use super is to hold down the 2 kick buttons at the same time. it makes you power-up.

anyway the game does seem to freeze up after one beats akuma/gouki, which is okay since he's the last enemy anyway and when the game used to not freeze up there was no ending.

ryu's stage, m. bison's(the boxer), vega's, and ken's stage are the best. and dahlism has an interesting but creepy kinda stage.

this game is pretty cool. disappointed with the ending though, after you beat akuma. It just froze at 3 bars. overall a good version but very easy.

So how do you like power up cause thats like really important and geeze I don't know how

Hey Adeel. Can you help me with getting that music? I'd like all of them, sorry if i'm being picky

guys, the vega thing, the M. bison thing, In Japan these are the names you will see. It's hust they switched the names in america because of any law
suit for parodies.

hi this is dice and i just playyed the streetfighter flash and i beat tha whole intire game without losing not even one time

gouki is located above chun li if you like to know

yo! teeeheee hey guys and gals emmhmm i wanted to know on the street fighter flash what is the name of the song on ryu's level? i can't find it anywhere.... If sombody could help me out that be great ta ta for now

i can't do any of the moves on the game somebody give me some info!!!!!!

how can u not do the combos? just push p and read all the moves. try using the training and get better. The special attack are kinda hard to use but after awhile its all easy. (also push both the kick button to build up power, just telling you if you dont no)

The game is too easy and ending is dissapointing. It just says "The End." I picked Bison and all I had to do was repeatedly do low kick and throw a hard punch in now and then. Too easy.

I wanna download the entire soundtrack from this great game, if somebody could help me...
I will be greatly thanks.

Which version of street fighter 2 is the music in this game taken from? Console and country ect.

Where did you find the Street Fighter Flash soundtrack? If you didn't find it, how did you get it? Anyway, post it.

what is the name of ryu's stage soundtrack? thanks

No freaking way, Ahoyshiken =). This takes me back, Its not as great as the original, but still, it's loads of fun.

Whenever the opponent attacs, or i attack the opponent, their super combo guage goes up, but Mine doesn't.

Ive recently played the game and is awesome for being a flash one, sure its taken from SvsC Chaos. Anyway im impressed by the soundtrack, please where i can find it? some can share it or give a site to download it, ryu's theme is awesome. thanks

Just so you know, the link's changed.

Thanks pieguy, I've updated the links accordingly. :)

To charge the power bar, keep pressed the high kick+low kick keys til it's completely charged.
Then your special moves will be different and more powerful

This is a really fun game! When i first played it, Ken became my favorite character.

P.S. It is my guess that no matter what computer it's played on, this game will always freeze at 3 squares when you beet akuma. it must mean you weren't suupposed to be able to beat him.

Adios, Amigos. Sala~ino`fa!

I found a really funny video on about the street fighter warriors 10 years later. There are I think 5 videos in the series right now and it's really funny. If you like Street Fighter, you should check these out!

Oh, and the flash game is fun too. :)

hey does anyone actually know which version this is ripped of from??? I mean the actual graphics in the flash version seem arcadish and i cant figure it out.

akuma is there... rite above chum li

Jay, the link no longer works. They say that they found the site had stored data and was therefore destroyed. Could you find another source?

can some one tell me how to get the soundtrack for this game.... thanks for your help

As I understand it, Street Fighter flas has cheats and hints like most of the games. I remember I saw a video of someone play this game and performs Shungoku-Satsu with Akuma like it seems in the SSF2T/X:GMC versions. If there is a hint or code of doing it, I will be glad to get it from you.

i adore balrog. He looks so good and his fighting style is amazing. Can anyone help me out with the soundtrack. I really love the song from balrog (chosen as my player) and ken. it is so cool that song. please help me

*Sigh*, every song on SFF comes from the rare Street Fighter Tribute album.

its a great game but how do you do the shun goku sastu and theres a move where you can power up with akuma but i cant do it anymore buts its still a great game make a sequel with more characters

the reason the names are different is because it's the japan version of the names.
balrog as we know is supposed to be a remake of mike tyson hence the name m.bison. in japan they kept it like that but in america they wanted to avoid a lawsuit but keep the name so they swapped some of the names. so that is why there is so much confusion.

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