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Just finished the first take home quiz in Data Communications and Computer Networks over the weekend, comprised of six essays on various topics studied thus far. Together the six essays totaled almost 4000 words, and is the reason I've been burned out from writing for a while. I also have another writing assignment for the class due on Thursday this week (7/24), and a term paper (~1500 words) due next week on Thursday (7/31)... along with two more writing assignments due next week as well.

Relentless is a good word to describe how I feel about the writing in this class.

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While doing some research for my Data Communications and Computer Networks class today, I came across some of the most beautiful images created with photomicrography (photography with a microscope). There are literally thousands of images to view on the Florida State University site with numerous links to other reknown microscopists from around the world.

The image above is the widely used copper salt Cupric Sulfate, and was taken by microscopist Loes Modderman. A gallery of Loes' work can be found here.

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Just finished the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker today and I have to say the Zelda series continues to be the most awe-inspiring video games I've ever played. The Wind Waker is a stroke of creative brilliance, and its cel-shaded graphics make some of the most beautiful graphics I've ever witnessed. If there is ever to be a "Disney" counterpart in the video game industry, Nintendo is definitely it.

A game everyone should experience, bar none. A+++.

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A wonderful lecture from Tokyo University by one of the games industry's most influential game designers: Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. Thanks to fenegi over at Video-fenky for posting the transcript.

A must read for anyone interested in games design!

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As long as there is Open Source and Mozilla, it will be my browser. I just installed it today and I love it. Having used Netscape since literally the beginning of the Web, and since it's based on Mozilla, I didn't think there was any reason to change. Well, Mozilla made the transition so smooth that I am impressed indeed.

Especially of interest is the ease at which all my pages are rendered... and perfectly! Also, the ease of use in disabling pop-ups: the first one I came across, Mozilla popped up a dialog asking me if I'd like to disable all pop-ups except for the sites I specify. Very nice. I'd like to see all you Internet Explorers try that with your browser.

Anyone who doesn't give Mozilla a try is just plain missing out. And why would anyone want to use Microsoft's product when there is a free, safe, and superior alternative?

Go ahead then, click the logo... I dare you.

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This week I just finished up 2 of the 4 courses I'm taking this quarter: American Sign Language I and OS Scripting. RIT's 10-week quarters are short enough, but 5-week condensed courses are insane, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Online courses are insane too, merely due to the communication challenges they present: in one of 2 online courses I'm taking this quarter I am having trouble with my Intro: Database & Data Modeling instructor who seems to drag his feet to help his students learn the material in the course. He is under the impression that he is not allowed to meet with on-campus students during the online course since it would defeat the purpose of his so-called "anytime, anywhere learning" and would be unfair to the other students who cannot come to campus.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the students of the college are the customers purchasing a service that RIT is providing to them through the instructors. Not the other way around.

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