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Matchstick Memories

ArtbegottiMatchstick Memories is a curious text adventure-esque game by CH Buckingham where you gather fragments of memories while wandering around a strange and forgotten land. However, instead of typing "N" to go north, you've got to reassemble the proper fragments to perform actions in your search for elusive matches and matchboxes. The combination of an intriguing (if ambiguous) story and samegame and other puzzle elements makes for some surprisingly compelling and tactile gameplay.

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TrickySnakes are such fascinating creatures. They smell with their tongues! Their ears are internal! And, as any Nokia owner could tell you, as soon as they eat something, they instantly gain another segment of an ever lengthening body. Okay, that last one may only apply to virtual conductive snakes, the kind that stars in Coil, the tiny puzzle platformer that's the latest in Nitrome's initially-icon-sized-but-enlargeable series of games. And, like Flue, Turnament, Ice Beak, and J-J-Jump before it, Coil is sure to have you wrapped around its little finger. You know. If virtual conductive snakes had fingers. And good thing they don't, because we probably wouldn't have the pixels for 'em here. Coil takes the concept rules of Snake and gives them an electric side-scrolling twist. Move your snake wire with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, attempting to get to each level's goal.

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Twelve a Dozen

DoraThere are a lot of "educational games" on the iTunes App Store aimed at kids, and the lion's share of them make the mistake of assuming kids are simple. I don't even like kids and I'll tell you kids are only simple if you don't challenge them, because they will rise to their occasion, even if they make weird annoying sounds and their hands are all sticky. So it gives me great pleasure to say that Bossa Studios' iOS puzzle platformer Twelve a Dozen, which bills itself as designed "to support the curriculum of 10-14 year olds", is not just a good educational game for kids... it's a good game for just about anybody. And it's about math, and I'm supposed to hate math! Twelve a Dozen stars, appropriately enough, Twelve, a number who lives in the city of Dozenopolis up until it's destroyed by a bizarre calamity that leaves numbers and strange machines and debris strewn everywhere. Together with Dot, a sentient decimal point who will be Twelve's guide and narration, Twelve sets off to uncover the source of destruction and set things right. With beautiful, fluid visuals, just the right amount of whimsy, and clever math-based platforming puzzles that introduce new elements and challenges the farther you go, Twelve a Dozen isn't just an unexpected gem for all ages... it's an absolute diamond.

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Escape Eternity

Ally It's one thing to find yourself locked in a pleasant little tea room or bakery shop, with cookies and coffee on hand and a refreshing breeze wafting through the window. It's another to suddenly awaken in the depths of an ancient temple, your mind muddled by time, the stench of decay thick in the air. The only clues to your identity are a series of hastily-scrawled notes strewn about your cell; your only chance of escape is through an impenetrable stone door. Welcome to the world of Psionic Games, masters of the horror-themed point-and-click game. Escape Eternity is their latest escape game for browsers and Android devices, but this time, there's a three-dimensional twist: Your murky, claustrophobic tomb is rendered in glorious 3D in Unity. You'll still navigate using your mouse, clicking on objects and arrows to move around the room. The orange, "i"-shaped button in the upper right corner holds your inventory, where you can click on items to either use them or examine them. Peer deep into every nook and cranny of your grim surroundings, even when hideous things hide within, and keep a close watch for even the tiniest scrap of paper. Someone might have wanted to trap you here, but someone else seems to want you to run free...

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Little Phobia

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Deqaf Studios' short horror platformer Little Phobia may seem cute at first when a little boy awakens in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but things take a turn for the freaky when he finds his hallway overtaken by all manner of things that go bump (and bite, and grab, and boo) in the night. Use [WAD] or the left, right, and up [arrow] keys to move and jump, with [E] to interact. Other keys will be revealed to you when you need them, but you'll need to think and move fast in order to run and jump safely from the creatures in the dark, knowing when to cower, close your eyes, or make stacks of furniture.

Play Little Phobia

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Scales Escape

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Rose Key's Scales Escape may not have a lot of weight (hurr hurr), but you'll still need to use your brain if you want to escape. Hidden around the room you're trapped in you'll not only find items to use, but clues and ciphers for puzzles as well. The cursor will change when you can interact, so all you have to do to play is click to look around, and remember to view any items you pick up with the "about item" function, since it can not only tell you what an item is (helpful) but perhaps even reveal secrets or more clues when you interact with it (helpful-er).

Play Scales Escape

Weekday Escape

elleSo much about life is uncertain, each day so new and full of possibilities, it's impossible to imagine what could be next. If you're the anxious sort of individual, you might be a little rattled by how little time is actually under our control. But not today, my friend. Today you have Weekday Escape; here you are the master of your domain—the room in which you are captive. And the three free escape games we have for you this week are as comforting in their predictability while still being just fresh enough and creative enough to whisk you away from all your other worries. If you have a few minutes to spare, then indulge in the sweet goodness awaiting in FunkyLand's fruit kitchen, pause for halftime in Hottategoya's strange locker room, then finish by puzzling over Yomino Kagura's three pictures...

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Gemini Strike

DoraGemini Strike is one of those games you sort of feel missed its calling in an arcade cabinet, because everything about this gorgeous free-to-play iOS sci-fi shooter from Armor Games brings back fond memories of my days spent losing the entirety of my allowance (and begging for more) to the machines in the convenience store and the laundromat. In it, you pilot a ship against a fleet of dandy space robots. And I don't mean that they're awesome, although they sort of are apart from the whole "genocide" thing, I mean that they're literally dandies, or at least lead by them, with waistcoats, roses, and bad poetry. Your job is to survive each level, taking down as many of the enemy's ships (and any huge bosses!) in the process, and controlling couldn't be simpler. Hold your finger on the screen, and your ship will fire automatically and follow your digit where'er it doth go. Double-tap to unleash any power-ups, and nab blue credits when you see them to spend on unlocking cargo containers of new equipment for your ship... though some cargo containers can only be unlocked with credits. You get one credit per day, and one credit for clearing a sector, as well as any more you pick up for completing successful bonus missions. If you fail a mission by, y'know, exploding, you can either spend a credit to keep playing, or choose to retreat and lose a heart, of which you have four that replenish at one per every fifteen minutes.

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DoraWhen you hear about a wizard leaving behind some vague "secret" in an ancient dungeon filled with giant spiders and zombies, do you go after it? When you find a recipe for an undefined "elixir", do you set out to find a stranger to mix it for you so you can quaff it down? If so, then congratulations, you're the protagonist in Fire Victory Games' action RPG Vilesteel. To play, just click to move around, and click on enemies to attack. Click and hold on them to keep attacking, hold [shift] to attack without moving, and either click the icons at the bottom of the screen to use your special abilities, or hit the corresponding hotkeys. You'll gain points in your attributes like vigor and so on as you fight depending on how you play, and when you level up, you'll gain even more points (automatically distributed), with the option to choose an extra ability every four levels. As you slay enemies and loot chests, you'll find randomly distributed treasure and equipment of varying rarities. Equipment can be upgraded from certain NPCs for a fee as long as you have the potions to do so. The story? Well, uh... you're a powerful hero, and you travel from place to place kicking evil's butt, Minsc-and-Boo-style, and that's about it. If you're looking for depth and strategy, Vilesteel ain't it, but if you want hack-and-slash style dungeoncrawling distilled down to a fine soup, you might find it a light and tasty lunch indeed.

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DoraOne... get a hold of a box. Two... put a cat in that box. Three... don't ever open that box, because you never know if it might be dead. Created for Ludum Dare 30 themed around "Connected Worlds in just 72 hours, point-and-click puzzle game Schrödinghost, by looPing and Valmont de Ragondas with graphics by Carduus, stars you as Maru, Schrödinger's long-suffering cat, who is really sick of all these experiments. Maru wants to seek revenge on his master, but that's a problem since he's stuck in a box, and if Schrödinger sees him moving around, he's dead. Your job, then, is to click to move Maru around whenever Schrödinger isn't looking, avoiding the sphere of light around Schrödinger that denotes his field of vision and make it to the opposite side of the screen. (Don't worry, if you mess up, you just restart the stage.) Being sneaky will only get you so far, however, so by clicking on Maru, you can release his spirit as a ghost which allows you to manipulate switches and travel through electrical sockets while Schrödinger is none the wiser.

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Snoring Before Time

Ally Got a significant other who snores? How about a parent, or a little brother? Now imagine if that person was an elephant. Yikes. I think the neighbors might start calling in about disturbances of the peace at that point. It's no wonder, then, that the jungle denizens of Alma Games' Snoring Before Time are eager to do something, anything, to wake the local elephant from his nap and make the jungle quiet again. This adorable, animal-themed puzzle game has a similar premise to the Wake up the Box series of games, but instead of drawing shapes, you'll be interacting with the local fauna and making use of all their animal superpowers; just click on them to make them do their thing! With the help of yaks that roll, zebras that jump, bouncy owls, and many more, knock over Mr. Elephant and give a rude awakening! And yes, we did just say "bouncy owls." It's "push or be pushed" in the heart of the cartoon jungle, and what gives Snoring Before Time its appeal is the ways in which every animal reacts differently to being clicked, shoved, or otherwise activated.

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On the Edge of Earth: 5000

TrickyYou are the sole operator assigned to a spaceship carrying out a mission as part of the New Earth Federation Connected Worlds Project. You are assigned to search for viable dead planets and revitalize them for future Federation colonization operations. Unfortunately, you've forgotten a lot from your instruction manuals. But you have a whole spaceship filled with science stuff to play with, so hey, you might as well give it a shot! On the Edge of Earth: 5000 is a sci-fi adventure game by Roope Tamminen of Lakeview Cabin fame. It was originally developed for the Ludum Dare 48 game jam under the theme of "Connected Worlds". Use the [arrow] keys to move around the ship, with the down [arrow] used to interact with its machinery. You can also hold down while moving to run, speeding up the process. Figure out how all these machines work together, and you just may make NEF proud after all!

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Hero and Daughter

DoraIn Tachi's funky free indie RPG adventure Hero and Daughter, translated by vgperson, Ralph may be an all-powerful hero, but he's also pretty smartmouthed and big-headed, which is why he winds up being busted all the way back down to level one as punishment when he decides defeating the dark lord would be beneath him. Now he's got to grind his way back up to proper legendary status to take the Big Bad down if he ever wants to be restored to his former glory, but how's a punk like him supposed to do that when he can't even handle a lowly slime... especially when he discovers can't actually level up? Well, it so happens that a kindly Summoner takes pity on Ralph and decides to help out... by summoning pretty girls. Pretty girls who are a lot more powerful and pack a bigger punch than Ralph himself. By finding other Summoning Stones, you can unlock new ladies to add to your party, each of whom not only has her own unique abilities, but her own story and personality as well. Packed with replay content and getting updated all the time with even more, Hero and Daughter is a strange but unique and addictive dungeon crawler worth checking out... with a few caveats about some troubling scenes and themes.

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Aries Escape: Episode No.14

elleIt's sort of pointless to go through the efforts of getting your clothes spiffy and fresh-smelling if you don't have anywhere to go once you've cleaned up. Why not treat yourself to a day of sophistication and refinement, enriching your senses as well as your cultural aptitude? Spend an afternoon browsing an art museum. This is exactly the plan for the day in Aries Escape: Episode No.14—except as this is an escape game, the day takes a turn when you're trapped inside a strange exhibit. Here, a new type of medium is on display: the puzzle as art. It's all quite interesting but...where is the door? If you're ever going to leave these two rooms, rather than turning into a new mummified display, Pas de Fuite, you need to look beyond the surface and hone your art interpretation skills. Following the arrows to navigate, and pointing-and-clicking on active zones, explore everything around you, keeping eyes peeled for hints and items to guide your way. Both the clean, clear design and changing cursor aid your progress, while a "save" button will let you discover both endings without having to play through twice.

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Button Escape 24

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Short and sweet with just the right amount of challenge, Tototo Room's Button Escape 24 is as strange an escape game as you could wish for without getting Detarou involved. To get out, not only will you need to crack some codes and solve some puzzles (all without an inventory!) but you'll need to find and click eleven gray buttons as well. The cursor doesn't change to show what you can interact with, but as long as you keep your eyes open and your brain working, you'll be out in no time... right?

Play Button Escape 24

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