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Lori.hYou've been thrown out of your home and on your birthday too! You're going to have to go through Hell to get back. And I mean that as literally as possible, seeing as you're a demon and you sort of live there. Escape to Hell is from both Rob Donkin and Jay Armstrong, the latter of whom did Bearbarians so you know you're in for an action packed, dungeon-crawl brawl as you cross over the dimensional planes trying to get home. Traveling through, apparently, cost money but thankfully you can get jobs along the way. Smashing important statues, collecting magical items, saving little demons who were taken by the larger demons, or just the good old slaughter rewards you stars you can then use to cross onto the next area where new monsters await. This game makes use of both the keyboard and the mouse, and while doable with a track pad, its probably best if you have the real thing for the later levels.

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Nautilus Escape

AllySomething has gone horribly wrong aboard the Nautilus. All the power on the submarine is out. The great Captain Nemo is deceased. And you've come to a dead stop on the sea floor. It seems like a nearly impossible situation to escape from. But where there's a will, and ingenuity, there's a way. In Nautilus Escape, from Just Pine Games, you will not go down with this ship, as you endeavor to get the sub back in working order and find your way back to dry land. You'll have to make use of both the items in your surroundings and unravel the puzzle-like mechanical workings of the ship to get back to the surface. Just click around your environment to investigate; the cursor changes to indicate clickable objects, and the game even helpfully explains what you're hovering your mouse cursor over before you even click on it. When you've built up an inventory, just click on the items you're carrying to use them; although you can't zoom in on them, you can still combine them by clicking in succession on the two items you want to put together. Stay strong, sailor... Even if there is something kind of creepily atmospheric and fun about being trapped 20,000 leagues under the sea!

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Space Trading Profiteer

kyhEver wanted to live in the world of Joss Whedon's Firefly but in bright colors and the lording government replaced by a loan shark? Well RokSoft has you covered in their new, Android game, Space Trading Profiteer. A turn-based strategy game of trading and hauling cargo, you'll get the vague feeling that you're playing Pocket Planes in space. With a single goal of rising to domination over the eight other traders, who will be the first to garner 1 million Chings and corner the transportation of black market goods? Or the less exciting legal stuffs, if you don't like the excitement of running from the cops.

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Johnny123 Chilled out, smart, and difficult without being frustrating, TacTicTos Studios' Quebrix is everything a puzzle game should be. The game offers you thirty levels of picture sliding puzzles set to a smooth jazz soundtrack that could play in only the classiest of elevators. Simply slide each segment of the picture to try and assemble a recognizable image. Take your time. There are more points for fewer tries, and you get rewarded with a deep inspirational quote from one of history's great thinkers when you succeed. It's like an interactive motivational poster, perfect for any mid-workday break. Also, the hint system won't solve the puzzle for you. You have a limited number of hints you can play that only move the puzzle one move towards completion, so if you run out and remain stuck, you're stuck for good until you earn more by solving puzzles with the minimum moves.

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elleFrom the very first time 58Works placed us in front of a door and said, "Go ahead, go on through... if you can figure out how," we were charmed. Straightening our shoulders, grinning widely, we sauntered over to it and it opened. The next one wasn't as simple as that: a key was to be found before any door was to be got past. After that, the machinations involved in door opening continued to evolve. "Alright," we thought, "so we're playing games here, are we?" But from that moment on, the fixation was irrevocably set. Which is why we're so happy to see DOOORS 4, a surprisingly inventive endless escape escape game available to play on your iOS or Android mobile device. As usual in these matters, your goal in DOOORS 4 boils down to finding what needs doing to unlock and exit the door. This can mean a lot of things, though—tapping to move obstacles or using helpful tools, swiping to push things out of the way or operating a dial, tilting and shaking your device for... well, various reasons in puzzle purposes.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

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Kick the Critter

AllyYou know, I wouldn't exactly call myself a Biblical scholar, but I really don't remember the part in the story of Noah where God called down fleets of giant robots along with the rains. But if Berzerk Studios' Kick the Critter is to be believed, this is but one of the many trials faced by poor Noah in addition to his sudden acquisition of beachfront property. Or rather, faced by one small, unassuming beastie whom the perhaps not-so-poor Noah unceremoniously voted off the boat. Since he's kind of into the whole "perpetuation of his species" thing, you'll have to help launch him to get him onto the ark. Just click to set the angle and power of your kick, and watch him fly! You can click again when he's airborne to send him dashing forward, and if the type of kicker you're using has any "Smash" shots, you can press the [spacebar] when he gets close to the ground for additional kicks. Oh, did we mention that you can buy a wide range range of alternate kicking machines with different stats, so you can tailor your critter-kicking experience to your liking? Because you can totally do that. You can also upgrade your critter, and even the various obstacles and objects scattered around the field have their own power levels. And did we mention that you can even play a variety of amusing minigames in-between your punting sessions? While it starts off with the simple arcade formula that makes launch games so addictive, Kick the Critter brings with it a wealth of extra content.

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Lori.hThey say an artist puts their soul into their works of art. Apparently, it also happens when restoring paintings too; quite literally in the case of Painted Hearts, a free indie RPG. A young acolyte named Corbin, who is training to be a Pictomancer, is called in to restore a very historical painting, but it's not the paint cracking or fading on this piece that's the problem. Pestilence, a strange mysterious monster, is actively destroying the grand image and Corbin must stop it before the prominent picture is lost forever. It is not an easy journey to take, especially for such a young boy still in training, but with the help of his own creations they will fight through till the end and destroy the Pestilence before it conquers them. With stunning artwork, fantastic vocals, and a unique fighting system that is a puzzle in itself, this is one game you're going to want to see through to the end. And did I mention it's free? Because it's totally free.

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Rating: 4.8/5 (114 votes)
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Matryoshka (New Edition)

elleNOTE: the online Flash version of the new edition of Matryoshka is available to play from July 19 - July 27 only.

You're in a room that appears to be round; this is confirmed as you tap the arrows at the sides or swipe left and right on the screen, inspecting your surroundings. It's a pleasant enough room, painted in a pastel palate of blues and whites, a fashionably modern yet comfortable looking sofa, plant, desk, picture... but no door! As pretty as this room may be, eventually one has to eat, breath the fresh air, go to work. But how? To do that, investigate your surroundings, look for hints to help you solve the visual riddles nestled all about the room. Maybe then you can peel back the layers of this deceptively congenial trap and make your way out of Matryoshka (New Edition), available for iOS and Android, as well as on your browser for a limited time. The appeal of this cleverly inventive escape game by Kotorinosu, like the Russian nesting dolls it's named after, is in its many layers and surprises held within. Besides the satisfaction that comes from having your mental prowess challenged—and succeeding—there is much to enjoy in Matryoshka's design with very cool visuals and fun animations to reward your progress.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

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Lori.hFree indie horror adventure Somnium is the kind of game Salvador Dali would frame on his wall and Freud would weep with giddiness to play, so you know you're in for a mind melting experience. Play as a boy named Thomas who is too scared to venture outside of his room and thereby does what we all wish we could do every time our alarm goes off. He lays around all day in bed and dreams. But if you had the dreams Thomas has you'd probably never want to lay down again. Each dream is more surreal than the last and the deeper you venture in the dream and the longer you play, the creepier they can become. In the dreams, however, are memories for Thomas to collect and while each dream has four of them, you can only gain one from each. Your choice is take a quick way out to find your assumed safe and peaceful harbor of reality, or dig deeper, treading the darkness to find the memories that really matter.

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Divinity: Original Sin

DoraLet's get one thing straight early on... Larian Studios' turn-based RPG Divinity: Original Sin is not cheap, but it is huge, clever, entertaining, challenging, and packed with replay value. Set well before the events in Divine Divinity, you control two characters you'll create from scratch who are Source Hunters. Typically tasked with tracking down people who use magic for evil, you find yourselves sent to a remote seaside town to solve a murder, but quickly realize something big is happening. It's up to you and a group of rag-tag companions to save the world... but you'll have to do a lot to get there. Like join a pyramid scheme. Dig up graves. Unlock a portal dimension. Settle a blood feud. Help a cat find true love. Decide the fate of a lovestruck orc. And that's just before you leave the town! Sporting a new turn-based battle system that makes use of the elements in creative (and devastating ways), stunning visuals, party members, and all the piles of sidequests, humour, and exploration fans of the series have come to expect, Divinity: Original Sin is both massive, and massively fun for fans of classic computer RPGs and newcomers alike.

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Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle

Starchild Step aside, Hercule Poirot, there's a new kid in town. And this one solves crimes without a fancy waxed moustache, so take that, you pompous Belgian snoop! (Disclaimer: the author of this article actually thinks Poirot is awesome) Now get your trench coat and your fedora, detective, we have a case to crack! In Eipix's newest hidden-object adventure, Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle, our victim du jour is Veronica West, your stereotypically perfect red-dress-blonde-hair Hollywood star. She was having herself a little birthday party on a secluded island when things took a sinister turn and the dame took a tumble from the top of the lighthouse. I guess birthdays just bring some people down. I'm terrible at puns. All the suspects are still on the island, and there is a huge mansion to be combed through. You've got your work cut out for you, detective. And put that swimsuit back, there ain't no time for sunbathing.

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Cut the Monster 2

Johnny123 We're not even sure what these monsters did that makes them so horrible. Poor fashion choices? Body odor? It's not our place to judge. What we do know is that it's fun chopping them to pieces with a laser gun and watching the bits fly hither and thither across quirky, creative maps. That's just what the team at Best Physics Games have given us in Cut the Monster 2, a physics-based puzzle game that marries Rube Goldberg contraptions with a hefty dose of schadenfreude. Simply aim the laser cannon with the [mouse] at various reflector plates, buttons, levers and ropes, and watch the monsters tumble and slide into firing range. Slicing them up is a joy, even if the path to get them there is fraught with trial and error.

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Rating: 4.2/5 (69 votes)
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elleSometimes you really have to carve into a thing to reach its essence, to see the hidden meanings just below the surface, to open up answers ready for the taking. This is even more true in Yonashi's whimsy-doused escape game, Cut!. Everything you need to open the cupboards and get the exit key is near at hand, as long as you have the correct tool and know just how to cut out the distracting excess. You begin the game with nothing at all, though, and you may feel at a loss for how to solve the wall of puzzles in front of you. So you must explore the room, following a changing cursor to zoom in on interactive areas, clicking the grey bars at the sides and bottom of the screen to navigate, until you find something to help you get started. Then, though, your next task is figuring out how to use that one inventory item to help you acquire others. As you investigate everything in sight and put together clues, you'll be able to decipher more codes and make more progress toward your eventual escape.

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Castle Doombad

DoraA collaboration between Adult Swim and the adorably monicker'd Grumpy Face Studios, strategic defense game Castle Doombad, available for iOS and Android, has been out for a while now. In it, under the not cute whatsoever direction of Dr Evilstein, you're in charge of placing all manner of foul traps to fend off and destroy the heroes assaulting his castle to try to rescue the Princess, whose screams you're harvesting to fund trap production. Completing levels earns you coins you can spend on purchasing new traps and equipment, or upgrading your existing ones, because if there's anything better than cute, puppy-like devouring minions, it's cute, puppy-like devouring minions that are also on fire. As of today, however, Castle Doombad: Free-to-Slay hits, and as the name implies, it's a free incarnation of the game, but don't start curling your lip in disgust just yet. Though supported with ads between some levels and the ability to remove them for a flat fee, what the free incarnation doesn't come with is a whole lot of aggressive rebalancing designed to lean on you hard and force you to cough up extra cash. Though challenging, it's never unfair, and with a fantastic vibrant design and oodles of fun traps to unlock, Castle Doombad might just show free-to-play doesn't need to be a bad thing if developers are this dedicated to working with their players rather than against them.

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Rating: 3.6/5 (31 votes)
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TrickyNote: Currently the game has a bug where selecting "Next Level" after finishing your current stage opens a tab to the sponsor's website, though you will still proceed to the next stage. We will update with a fix as soon as one is available, but in the meantime if you wish to avoid it, you can return to the level select screen between stages and advance manually.

No one could say why the cat decided to destroy humanity that day. One too many disrespectful YouTube videos? Revenge for the discontinuation of Tender Vittles? No one knew. Perhaps more importantly, no one seemed to know how the cat managed to obtain that gigantic mecha-warrior, filled with all sorts of lasers that go pew and bombs that go boom. Does humanity have any chance at defeating it? Probably not! Purrmageddon is a side-scrolling arcade rail-shooter with a unique aesthetic by Ice Fix Games that lets you play as as one grumpy kitty crushing the whole world under his iron paw. You'll use the mouse to aim your ever-firing weapon as you walk at the assortment of soldiers, tanks, blimps, rocket launchers and other human-driven craft in your way, attempting to blast them before they collide with you and chip into your health bar. Defeated enemies will release cash boxes that must be collected with your cursor to score points. Falling from the sky will also be various power-ups that, when shot down, will be applied automatically or kept in reserve to be used with a click. New upgrades are automatically applied to your Mecha between levels, some more useful than others, especially as the later levels start getting filled to the brim with enemies. Defeat all 20 waves of enemies and the world becomes your personal litter box.

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