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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Red Warrior One brave little warrior has a unique power on his side in this colourful and creative puzzle platformer... he can literally flip the world like a mirror, allowing him to save the captured villagers! [Read Review]

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This game is rated :o for content, click through for an explanation
The Earl Octopusor A sea captain and a mermaid find their love turn apart, and a frantic last ditch message finds its way to one of the world's best adventurers, Miss Libellule, who sets off to rescue them, AND get some sweet treasure, in this point-and-click adventure. [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Mummies Escape These tombs are dangerous... and roly poly! Deal with the mummified monsters by dropping heroes to knock them into their sarcophagi in this adorable physics puzzle game. [Read Review]

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This game is rated :S for content, click through for an explanation
Dead Zed 2 Hold the line against waves of the undead in this tense and realistic zombie shooter, balancing action with management as you work to keep the morale of your encampment high, and your security higher! [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Where is my Beard? Come on... who doesn't want a face full of impeccably styled flowing locks? In this cute physics puzzle, spread your beardliness around by dropping shapes on top of other shapes to share that magnificent facial hair like a fabulous virus. [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Fishy Waters When her father is swallowed by a giant kraken, one young girl takes matters into her own hands! Fish, sell, and upgrade in this simple yet addictive game as you work your way up towards revenge! [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Picross Madness Do you like Picross puzzles? I mean... a LOT of Picross puzzles? Then this whopping stack of 620 Picross levels, simple in presentation yet all of varying sizes and challenge, is going to be right up your alley! [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Please Remain Calm There's nothing to really be concerned about in this breakneck platformer... just an all consuming shadow that's on your heels. Run, leap, and drive it back, but be warned... almost everything you do will cost you, literally, so nab coins to make every shot count! [Read Review]

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This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Sphear The best wars are fought in space. With... billiards? Hmmm. Though simple in concept, this addictive blend of strategy and physics will keep you playing throughout its 45 levels to defend your planet! [Read Review]

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Super Planet Crash

drstrosyUse gravity to crash planets and suns into each other in the name of science? Yes, please! Welcome to Super Planet Crash, a webtoy by science blogger Stefano Meschiari, which serves as a kind of digital orrery (a device which shows the relative size, position and motion of planets in a solar system). In this addicting little app, you have a 2AU area, that is, an area only twice the distance of our Earth from the sun, in which to place planets and/or stellar companions, and attempt to keep them stable for up to 500 years of elapsed time. With small, earth-type bodies, it's a cinch, but add a dwarf star and you up the difficulty. Fortunately, you also increase the points you earn for each year of stability.

Red Warrior

DoraPeople are pretty split on what ninjas can do, or even if they existed at all. If you listen to gamers, however, ninjas can do basically anything and everything, including breaking the laws of the universe, which is way more entertaining than the History Channel, and way less traumatizing than Ninja Scroll. Red Warrior is a colourful puzzle platformer is an aggressively adorable little game where you play a red ninja out to rescue caged villagers from a group of bad ninjas. Using [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to move and jump, the goal is to first get to and then bash open the cage in each level, picking up any stars and gems along the way. You can even climb walls, and stick to most indefinitely. You'll quickly discover the path is often blocked by what seem to be impassable obstacles, but you have a trick up your sleeve... uh, if you wore sleeves, which you don't since you're a square, but stay with me. Pressing [Z] or [X] will flip the world around you, so while your position on the screen stays the same, you can flip the scenery back and forth to get around. A transparent copy of yourself will mimic your actions and serve as a marker for where you'll end up when you flip the world, though if your copy is crossed out, it's in a location that you can't flip to, such as inside a wall.

The Earl Octopusor

DoraMiss Libellule's been enjoying a bit of well-earned rest and relaxation after dealing with The Queen of Snakes, but in jo99's latest point-and-click adventure, she's not staying still for long when a letter literally falls in her lap, begging her to come rescue two star crossed lovers... and be rewarded with a lot of treasure, but that's if she can deal with The Earl Octopusor. All you have to do to play is click to move and interact, and keep your eyes open for clues, since spotting and deciphering codes for locks is a big part of playing. This time around, the game comes with two difficulty options, and if you're playing on "easy", the cursor will not only change when it crosses over interactive zones, it'll highlight important clues in when you place your cursor over them. Place your cursor over the four dots at the right side of the screen to open options for saving, loading, and sound, and use the arrows to either side of your inventory at the bottom of the screen to scroll through it, since some items will be placed on different "pages". If you want to combine items you're carrying, just click on one, and then the object you're trying to combine it with, but be aware that some items with more than one component need to be used in a specific order!


Lori.hWho knew that curing a mummy curse would be to simply nudge them back into their sarcophagus? Tom Jones did of course! Mummies Escape (also available free for iOS!) is a physics game where you play Tom Jones, one of the greatest explores who was only just a head, as well as his rag tag group of friends to help undo the curse you released. Dodge blow darts, spikes, and more to collect the jewels before pushing the mummies back into eternal rest.

Weekday Escape

elleIt's spring cleaning time in some parts of the world. Shaking out the dust and sweeping away the cobwebs isn't the most fun way to spend your week, but the resulting fresh, pretty rooms are so worth the effort. Speaking of rooms that are worth the effort, if you're feeling it's time your home got a new look, check out these three distinctly different design styles from Hottategoya, FunkyLand and Kamokichi. They might be all the inspiration you need, whether you're going for an interior overhaul or just need to escape-the-room you're in for a few moments.

Escape from the Room with Public PhonesEscape from the Room with Public Phones - Hottategoya has this minimalism thing in the bag, and they know it. The mantra being: if you have a style that works for you, then work it for all it's worth. In the same vein as other Hottategoya games, such as Escape from the Room with 10 Safes, Escape from the Room with Public Phones is quite clever, even if rather austere looking. Using little to go on, you must solve a series of codes before you can find freedom, making this quite appealing to those who want some mental challenge without a lot of extraneous fluff. Colors, scenery, birds in top hats? Bah! Who needs 'em?

Candy Rooms No.7: Carmine PopCandy Rooms No.7: Carmine Pop - There was once a time in my life that, when I heard someone say "FunkyLand," I thought of cruising on my roller skates under the disco lights. Now FunkyLand is synonymous with whimsical mini-escapes and a very sweet motif. The bummer is, it's more eye candy than gameplay, somehow managing more puzzle-solving simplicity than the scrumptious scenes and smoothly-designed interface promise—whether there are plump green apples or pieces of candy involved. Even so, it remains immensely gratifying while it lasts. So, if you're looking for a speedy fun fix, why don'cha groove to these snazzy tunes while finding five yum bombs?

Yana EscapeYana Escape - by Kamokichi is a delightfully puzzle-y escape that is perfectly pleasant in all regards. Until you hit a pixel hunt that is anything but. In a symbiotic contrast to Hottategoya's minimalism, Yana Escape's clean design is certainly eye-catching, such a beautiful setting it's almost a shame to leave it. But as you casually poke around, browsing the pretty decorations and stylish furniture with as much bemused regard as on a trip through IKEA, you'll discover clues and hints, guiding you toward open locks and, eventually freedom. Hmm. Makes me crave some Kanelbullar and elderflower juice.


drstrosyNEW VERSION UPLOADED 2014-04-15
What do you do when evil space villains come to YOUR planet and try to take over? Why, you engage their ships in a billiards-style battle, that's what! At least, that's what you'll do in Sphear by Potato on the Table, a math-pool mashup with some tower defense elements thrown in for good measure. You start with only one type of unit to place on the field, but each level you beat provides you with reinforcements, each with their own abilities from extra health points to color-specific attacks. The enemy troops just keep coming, and they have their own abilities, attack points, health points and movement speed. Your strategy is to place your units in such a way that, as your enemies move around the board, you are able to intercept them for hits. You don't know which direction any one of them will move, so thoughtful unit selection and placement is key. Keep in mind, they are hitting you back.

Escape from the Round Room

DoraAwwwwwww yisssss, ain't no escape like a Tesshi-e escape, 'cause Tesshi-e escapes don't stop 'til you've enjoyed a finely crafted series of puzzles! In Escape from the Round Room, you're enjoying a nice extended vacation in a quaint little lodge, but when it comes time to leave, you find yourself locked in. That, besides the fact that there's no stove, bathroom, or refrigerator, or basic amenities whatsoever beyond that fabulous bedazzled toaster would make me think they owe you a refund, but the incredibly swanky smooth jazz they're piping in makes me willing to forgive a lot. Making sure you select "English" from the title screen unless you speak Japanese, to play, click to interact and navigate, and view items you gather by clicking once to highlight them, then again on the About Item button. If you want to see if something you're holding can be used in the environment, click to highlight, and then again where you're trying to use it. True to Tesshi-e fashion, there are clues hidden everywhere to help you solve the locks and codes barring your way, so click every cranny and ponder every puzzle!

Dead Zed 2

Johnny123This isn't getting easier. You're alone on a rooftop, staring out at the trees. Your gun is loaded, your vision is clear. The field before you is dotted with the decaying bodies of yesterday's kills. Day and night you clear houses, make repairs, and do your best to keep morale high. You lost a search party yesterday. The loss weighs heavy on your mind but there's no time to ponder. They're coming, lurching out of the treeline like drunks, slobbering and bleeding across the grass. There's more of them today. A lot more. This isn't getting easier. This isn't getting easier at all... It's the unbearable tension that makes 3KG Games' Dead Zed 2 stand out from the deluge of lesser zombie titles. As a shooter it's rock solid, featuring steady aiming that's easy to learn but difficult to master.

Where is My Beard?

KimberlyYou know you've thought of it. Maybe even dreamed of it. I mean, doesn't everyone secretly want a beard? Where is My Beard, a humorous physics puzzle game from Keenblaze doesn't let you grow a beard of your own, but you can help blocks of all shapes and sizes realize the dream by dropping, rolling, or otherwise getting them to touch a block that already has some facial hair. Click to place items from the top of the screen onto the playing field, rotating them as necessary. Hit the play button when you think you've got it figured out to see what happens. Watch out for the crabs as they'll cut your precious hair away.

North Wind: Trill of Consciousness

JohnBNorth Wind: Trill of Consciousness by Henry Gosuen is a creative take on the platform exploration genre. You control the tiny hero named Dir who moves through a blocky world of spikes and obstacles and maze-like puzzles. Instead of scrolling levels that keep pace with the protagonist, though, you do all the swiping yourself from a stationary point of view. It's a bit like Office Rush, Rooms or Continuity, only with a decidedly sweeter metroidvania feel.

Fishy Waters

DoraFabian Van Dommelen, Joris Van Leeuwen, and Ivo Van Dijk are the ones responsible for the simple yet infectiously cheery fishing sim Fishy Waters, which actually has a mildly depressing premise despite its gorgeous storybook presentation. Our heroine loves nothing better than fishing with her father... right up until a monstrous fanged kraken swallows him and his ship whole. Vowing vengeance, she sets out to fish and sell her way to the best equipment in the land so she can take down the kraken herself. Use [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to steer your boat, and hit [spacebar] when prompted above the shadow of a fish to try to reel it in. Follow the directional prompts to tire it out, then sell it at the market to upgrade your equipment and gain access to other areas of the map!

Together Alone: Love in Limbo

elleBen and Isabelle are on the outs, in more ways than one, but that's the least of their problems. Stuck in limbo, battling dark forces that threaten their very existence, each are alone yet must find a way to work together to, um, "survive" their predicament. Via the [arrow] keys or clicking adjacent tiles, help Ben and Isabelle navigate their paths, breaking the tiles behind them until they reach their exits. This tile-removing puzzle game begins rather easily but quickly gains momentum; each of the 75 levels pose their challenges even with special abilities from power orbs and the aid of Ben's dog, Marley. If Together Alone: Love in Limbo sounds familiar, that's because it is...

Picross Madness

Starchild "Picross" and "madness" aren't exactly terms you'd put in the same sentence too often. After all, picross is the endearingly childlike game of painting by numbers and not caring you aren't seven any more. But when such a game has 620 levels, three grid sizes and the ability to keep you entertained for hours, it transcends the realm of the casual and becomes... Picross Madness! (cue ominous music) Your job is to fill out tiles based on the number pattern next to the rows and columns, making sure there is at least one blank tile between two groups of coloured tiles. The finished picture will resemble a highly pixellated version of a familiar object, and it's always satisfying to take a step back from the grid and find that your mass of unruly tiles has formed a cute little boat. Or a lovely little house. Or a charming little skull. Because metalheads play picross too.

Can You Escape - Tower

JohnBCan You Escape - Tower is a short point-and-click mobile room escape game similar to Escape the Office created by MobiGrow. In what should be a familiar set-up, you find yourself trapped in a series of rooms with exits that are locked, barred, concealed or otherwise inaccessible. Your job is to get out, or throw your phone across the room trying! What sets Can You Escape - Tower apart is its striking sense of adventure. You're not just escaping, you're making an epic dash to freedom through a rendered fantasy world!

Pink Hour

JohnBThere are only two words you need to see before downloading this game: Studio Pixel. The creator of Cave Story has been hard at work on the upcoming sidescrolling platformer Kero Blaster, but in the meantime, we get a free game! Pink Hour serves as a small taster for next month's big release, stuffing plenty of shooting, pixel-perfect jumps, and painfully high level of difficulty into its cute little package.

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